Read Your Website Is Your Castle by Desmond RivetDesmond Rivet
In which I zoom in slightly on the #indieweb

Some nice quotes on what the IndieWeb is about, from Desmond’s article Your Website Is Your Castle.

In a nutshell:

At the heart of the IndieWeb is an attempt to unify the ideas behind personal websites, blogs and social networks, but in a manner consistent with how the world wide web operates.

Your website acts much like your wall on Facebook or your timeline on Twitter – it’s your personal soapbox, your castle on the web.

[…]one recreates, in a decentralized manner, the kinds of online interactions one has come to expect from private social networks.

Online passports

IndieWeb authorship

RSVPed: Unable to Attend ONLINE: Homebrew Website Club Europe/London
Join us... on ✨The Internet!✨ Join the Zoom call: tbc 20 minutes before start We will provide a Zoom video conference link 20 minutes before the meetup here and in the IndieWeb chat. Homebrew Website Club is a meetup for anyone interested in personal websites and a distributed web. Whether you?...
I’ve ended up with an online meeting schedule clash this week, unfortunately.
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Liked Indigenous for Desktop by an author
New blog post: Introducing Indigenous for Desktop - - I also recorded a short video demonstrating the current features. #indieweb
Replied to How to Have a Conversation on the IndieWeb by Desmond RivetDesmond Rivet
In which I describe how to avoid solipsism on the #indieweb
Great writeup!

Separation of article concerns

Messaged you my friend code in the IndieWeb Slack!

… wishing I had a private posts story for my site right about now. 😅

Brilliant write up Neil, great stuff on getting it working! Nice to see that it was a case of connecting up various IndieWeb tools for a somewhat out-of-the-box feel

Indiewebifying events and RSVPs

Goes without saying that we won’t have an IndieWeb Meetup at Mozart’s this week. There are more online-only meetups popping up, though. Check out for upcoming events.

I’m doing alright most days; some increased anxiety and insomnia at times. How are you?

West coast organizers have been hosting indieweb meetups weekly now on Wednesdays. Drop in when you have a chance!

Hey Amit I meant to reach out - I think for this one I'll probably keep it as just for Nottingham, but I know the London event is open

@manton I actually moved off of Day One a few years ago and migrated all of the content to my site via micropub, with private entries. I now journal in Drafts, and publish to my site via micropub. I'd love to see a micropub client purpose built for journaling, or support added to Day One! Would be awesome if it were built on standards so I could use it for my journaling again :)

Reminder that it's #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham tomorrow - we're online only on Zoom, and I'll share the link in the Tech Nottingham Slack for Nottingham folks

Steve Ivy

Fixed a couple of little bugs in #goldfrog - made it so that the webmention code doesn’t barf on servers with non-verifiable SSL certs, and updated the permashortid code so that Twitter doesn’t always link to the site for Notes

83: Jeremy Cherfas, aka @jeremycherfas

There’s a new Micro Monday out! Jeremy Cherfas talks to Jean about podcasting, the IndieWeb, and more.

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