Week Notes 20#43

"Put it on your website" #Debates2020 #IndieWeb
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My kitty is guarding my workspace whenever I’m not sitting in my chair! #catsofindieweb

I agree with @manton’s comment. The only case I can see for more advanced responses would be if it was expecting it in some alternative format like ActivityStreams because a client could represent those posts inline more easily than Microformats2, for example.

Providing Hints for Autoconfiguring Micropub Clients

Enhancing my Micropub Server and autoconfiguring Micropub client with the support for hints.
#www.jvt.me #micropub

Week Notes 20#42

Creating an Auto-configuring Micropub Client

Announcing support for my Micropub Client configuring itself based on support in my server.
#www.jvt.me #micropub

Not much #Hacktoberfest at tonight's #HomebrewWebsiteClub but I did manage to almost get my auto-configuring #Micropub editor set up so it'll provide me a way to create content for any posts that are supported on my site! This uses q=post-types and works really nicely, from some limited local testing

#hacktoberfest #homebrew-website-club #micropub
Great tips! I’m a big fan of NextJS, and it’s lovely to see webmentions made so easy for that ecosystem.
#hacktoberfest #homebrew-website-club #free-software #open-source

Like, I want:

  • Lwa to have a solid Web (centralized and not) presence. I’d love for it to a fusion of something like Lighthouse, Superfeedr and itself with a native mobile app that can be used to experiment on additions to things like Micropub and Microsub in one spot. Initially, I wanted to make everything granular but it’s just generally easier to avoid heavy context switching if I just smash it together for now with a sense of concern separation.

  • Koype to get to micro.blog’s level. I made a random statement to Manton that I’ll have Koype Hub up and running as a “competitor” (I like testy comrade better, lol). That would be a combination of both Lwa working in tip top shape and Koype Hub so one can just “register” and it’ll provision them with some sane defaults.

The more I think about it, I want to make open and flexible forms of something like Wordpress and Tumblr in one place.

I really need to just focus on the things that ‘serve’ (interest) me and those around it. I feel like I was slacking this year regarding IndieWeb/fedi/p2p stuff and I’m just a bit grumpy about progress.

Micropublish v2.3.0

IndieAuth needs non-normative Privacy Threat Model documentation

Week Notes 20#41

oh my

The arcology is a web publishing system for org-roam written in the literate fashion in phoenix elixir and emacs lisp


org-roam and advanced IndieWeb features in one place. Coded literately. I am in love

Also on:


I think I figured out how to bridge something like SSB into the IndieWeb. In short, a n-count hub, one for each user, that handles the work of following and subscribing to people in the space as well as handling messages from the IndieWeb into the SSB space.

I have ideas on how this might work. I need to sit down and finish what I have built for the fusion of Lwa and Lighthouse so I can make this simple. The goal, by the way, with the new Lwa is to take all of the logic for Webmentions and fold it into that service. That way, people can get a in-built reader for their mentions. I might aim to handle authorization of feeds as well. Perhaps also a button to handle registration with things like Twitter and Mastodon via Bridgy.

Nils Binder’s Website

The “Adjust CSS” slider on this delightful homepage is an effective (and cute) illustration of progressive enhancement in action.

#progressive #enhancement #adjust #css #slider #homepage #styles #styling #indieweb #personality #frontend #development


Week Notes 20#40