It may not be ready by the #IndieWeb newsletter tomorrow, but I'm hoping my web-based Micropub media endpoint upload client will be live this weekend - exactly what would fit for

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OK so #KittyboxCompanion got #IndieAuth support on Android

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Steve Ivy

I know I’ve done a good job integrating my social media posting into my site when I want to reply to my own posts. #indieweb #posse

Hey Brian, hope you can make the next Homebrew Website Club San Diego meetup:

Replies on your blog with Conversation.js

Oh my gosh! It’s either or might be the source of truth!

Thanks everyone who attended IndieWebCamp! This was our best turnout in Austin and I personally got a lot out of the weekend. There are more IndieWeb events this year, including London next month and Portland in June.

on iOS Firefox scrolled to show the Recent Photos embed of a 3x4 grid of the twelve most recent photo posts)
Added a Recent Photos embed to my homepage sidebar (or bottom of the mobile view) @IndieWebCamp Austin projects day! Still tweaking, yet quite happy with how it looks, e.g. compared to an @Instagram profile. #indieweb #takebackyourweb #ownyourphotos
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My IndieWebCamp Austin 2020 Projects

IndieWebCamp Austin day 2 is winding down. I wrapped up my project to show replies on my blog posts and I’ll be demoing it to the group soon, with a blog post to follow later this week. Looking forward to seeing what other folks worked on!

Week Notes 20#08


I'd also recommend having a read of as there are also legal implications of sharing others' content

fixing reposts

@IndieWebCamp Austin, facilitating a session on All Things Photos.
Everything from taking photos, curating, editing, and posting.

My #indieweb #photo "workflow" involves many incremental steps.
* take photos in the moment, but not post, in order to stay present in whatever I’m actually doing
And then at "in between times" like standing in line, or on transit:
* curate photos, e.g. delete duplicates or non-HDR versions (or keep the non-HDR version if it was sharper, less blurry, or if the HDR versions had weird motion artifacts)
* favorite photos, in the iOS Photos app, that I want to actually consider posting publicly, or perhaps uploading e.g. to a wiki
* edit photos, e.g. rotate & crop, especially favorited photos, to align the horizon, crop out extraneous/distracting things, etc.
* choose a favorited photo from that day as my main photo to post
* write a narrative caption based on that photo
* include more favorited photos if they make sense as part of the narrative
* perhaps seek out more (non-favorited) photos to help illustrate the narrative
* post that photo or multiphoto post (its own process)
* unfavorite the photos I posted, except those I might want to view or show to friends later

I’m looking to simplify my process where I can, as it often takes me up to half an hour to actually get from curating my photos to posting a particular (multi)photo post!

Aaron Parecki at IndieWebCamp Austin 2020

Steve Ivy

Obviously I need to add media uploading to my syndication code #indieweb #goldfrog

As of yesterday:

I’m over halfway thru my 100 days projects:
* take a positive photo
* post something positive
sometimes posted the day after.

More #100days projects: inspired by
#IndieWebCamp Austin keynote by Pace from the future where:
- We never build the same thing twice
- Nobody gets betrayed
- No more sexual predators
- No more marketing
- No more bad science
- No more capitalism
& it’s all built on #IndieWeb technologies!
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