A companion to my recent entry to this month's IndieWeb Carnival (theme: "digital relationships"), here's a self-righteous and quite naîve post on how I just discovered the preposterous nature of YouTube influencers:


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I've been living under a rock and just discovered #SmallWeb and #indieweb So inspired to start refreshing the little html knowledge I have. Keep it simple, reduce overwhelm...

goog morning it is i, the evil male spectre of fediverse

i am on fedi since 2022 so i am not New to this space; decided to try out wafrn after the tumblr hammer car explosion and as a way to expand the spectre empire

if you never heard of me on the mastodon or anywhere else; i make digital art, i collect plushies (gaming merch), i have at least 2 consoles (wii and 3ds). i am a rookie webmaster rewriting his website right now.

feel free to follow me if we have similar interests and you arent a minor.

techbros (including AI bros), kids, ableists, classists, TMA/TME truthers and the like will be sacrificed at the nearest altar.

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**New Blog Post**: Perfume shopping and samples

I went through quite an unhealthy phase some years ago sampling any and every perfume I could get my hands on. On the good side, I learned a lot about what notes to look for or stay away from. On the bad side, a lot of it felt like a waste of money...

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How can we have decentralized social media if only three companies control the cloud?

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I've been spending the past month making the perfect the enemy of the shipped, but screw that. Blog launched. It's a static site FFS, it's not like I can't change the CSS later.

To kick off, here's a thing I wrote about seeing my deadname a bunch when moving old boxes.



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I don't blog much, but here's a short one for today...
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Today's experiment: recreate the #Indieweb logo with only #CSS gradients in a way that would be scalable both up and down but without using any native units. I decided to do it with percentage units and allowing a fully transparent background but WITHOUT any clip-path or mask and with a single div. Partial success, partial failure. Seams are visible at some browser sizes in some browser and radial-gradients with % units are FRAUGHT when using "at" positioning. https://codepen.io/artlung/full/OJqGwvO

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it's me again!
but if you forgot who i am, or don't know me at all: i'm onemuri and i make art. all digital and organic! (he or it) -- love doing character art

other than that; transgender disabled shiteposter that speaks before thinking which gets me into trouble often. at the time of writing i am trying to finish my website.

i collect plushies (precisely, gaming merch) and own at least 2 consoles. wii and 3ds, so feel free to hit me up for gaming!

minors are NOT welcome to follow this account. AI bros i hope a palm tree will fall on you.

i was an ex-admin of wavebird party but returned to the olde lands of this instance once again

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@ellane These are very good questions that I haven’t answered myself.

I have been bouncing around between #digitalgarden #pkm #fediverse #indieweb #SmallWeb trying to find my way and experimenting.

As an experiment I will probably start making notes and publishing them in my Obsidian digital garden to figure out my strategy in public.

Trying to get my custom feed to auto send to my instance here but it says it has no headers while it does :( Anyone can see if something is weird with my feed? I'm just copy pasted code and tweaked it. So I might be missing something. #rss #federating #POSSE #indieweb https://social.marisabel.nl/rss

I've been thinking about digital legacy features recently, and I'm wondering how I'm supposed to deal with that as the owner of a custom email domain. A bunch of accounts who knows where will not have 2FA, and mailbox ownership is the key.

When I die and stop paying for my domain, it's ripe for sniping. I guess I have to write on my will that a part of my assets is to be used to purchase 100 year's worth of that domain ownership?

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I love the concept of web feeds, but why is #RSS still the dominating format? Why not #Atom or even JSON Feed?

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I like what I'm seeing these days about "sticking it to the tech man" and forging your own path. I decided to join the crowd and carve out my own corner of the #indieweb


“Pluralistic is… an experiment in retaining control over my destiny—but not my work. Rather than hitching my ability to reach an audienceindieweb a platform that can be enshittified at the whim of a mercurial, infantile billionaire or their venal, callous shareholders, Pluralistic is published web-first, on a site I control, and then syndicated to every platform that matters to me.” @pluralistic 

https://pluralistic.net/2024/02/20/fore/#synthesis #indieweb #publishing #blogging #writing

@keithjgrant I waffled a lot on this one because I feel like they're different. To "bookmark" feels personal, whereas to "share" feels public. But "a bookmark" as a saved link can be distinct from sharing or not sharing.

I ended up implementing Bookmarks and sometimes I syndicate them and sometimes I don’t, depending on my intent.

I also labeled them as "Links" in my UI, because that felt more natural to me.


#indieweb folks, do you post both shares AND bookmarks, or just one? I'm curious how folks distinguish between the two

Pushing this post out finally got me to start implementing light mode on my website. So far, it's looking nice but now my #CSS variable names are all messed up because I used "darker" and "lighter" suffixes which are now reversed. Ah well, more refactoring! #WebDev #IndieWeb