Thinking about avoiding the big book selling platforms, indie bookstores and indie authors, I suddenly find myself spending time thinking about launching both a publishing company and an online book store, aimed only at the things E and I ourselves like reading / want to read. It seems surprisingly easy to do, and to connect it to the Dutch logistical nexus of the entire book industry (called the ‘central book house’). In recent years they’ve retooled to cater to tiny publishers and sellers, including printing on demand and order fulfillment for the Netherlands and Belgium.

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Well, tonight at #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham I managed to get my staging site using my new #indieauth server, and aside from a couple of hiccups, it works 🎉 now I just need to clean up a few bits and add some logging for debugging, then we're good to go 😱

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Replied to Adding Microformats to WordPress’s Twenty Twenty Theme by Jan BoddezJan Boddez (
I recently moved another blog of mine back to “plain” WordPress, and in the process added microformats2 support to its Twenty Twenty child theme. Some remarks: I’ve yet to add a u-photo class to featured images, I used a bit of a trick to get post metadata to show below short-form posts rather...

Thank you Jan, I will study this in some detail, as I’m trying my inexperienced hand at creating a theme from scratch in WP. So getting some clues how to add MF2 support this way is very useful!

Just did some bookkeeping for my company. I’m pretty proud of our team this year. We’ll end up with 10% growth in 2020 despite the pandemic (and not having growth targets). Meaning we could offer a fixed contract to a colleague, and could hire one new colleague last September. That pleases me no end.

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The Organic Web - Jim Nielsen’s Weblog

Growing—that’s a word I want to employ when talking about my personal sites online. Like a garden, I’m constantly puttering around in them. Sometimes I plow and sow a whole new feature for a site. Sometimes I just pick weeds.

I like this analogy. It reminds me of the the cooking analogy that others have made.

Most of my favorite websites out there are grown—homegrown in fact. They are corners of the web where some unique human has been nurturing, curating, and growing stuff for years. Their blog posts, their links, their thoughts, their aesthetic, their markup, their style, everything about their site—and themselves—shows growth and evolution and change through the years. It’s a beautiful thing, a kind of artifact that could never be replicated or manufactured on a deadline.

This part of the web, this organic part, stands in start contrast to the industrial web where websites are made and resources extracted.

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Week Notes 20#47

Watching a livestream by @jlengstorf and @waterproofheart trying to make Bridgy work on a Netlify app. Lot of debugging still, with unhelpful errors.

Edit: they just brought to solve the problem.

Zonelets Home

Zonelets is a simple HTML blogging engine with scrappy, DIY spirit! I made it because I really want everyone to blog, but I felt that the existing options were generally overcomplicated and commercially-focused in a way that made web creativity feel intimidating and arcane.

I love the philosophy behind this blogging tool, which actively encourages you to learn a little bit of HTML:

Plenty of services can help you to “create a professional-looking website without writing a single line of code.” Now, thanks to Zonelets, you can create an UNPROFESSIONAL-looking website by writing NUMEROUS lines of code!

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Bookmarked IndieWeb Dissertation available as PDF and HTML by an authoran author
I recently defended my dissertation and have completed my PhD. It’s titled Independent Together: Building and Maintaining Values in a Distributed Web Infrastructure, and investigates the role of values in the construction and maintenance of the IndieWeb.

Jack Jamieson did his PhD on the IndieWeb community, and he now made his dissertation available in HTML and PDF. Uploaded to my e-reader.

Didn’t wind up touching any code this weekend during #indiewebcamp. I did do a lot of writing that I hope to publish at some point. Which is kinda the point in having a blog. And as it often works out, the code issue I wasn’t seeing jumped right out tonight.

Week Note 20#46

I unit-tested a personal project and now I feel like I deserve a gold star or a cookie

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Hypertexts Reinvented as Roam Books and Roam Newsletters

Variable Fonts

IndieWebCamp East

At: IndieWebCamp East

From 2020-11-14T10:45 To 2020-11-15T18:00

Designing for Cognitive Bias

Saw a reference to Ushahidi in a demo @indiewebcamp that took me down a rabbit hole thinking about @blogorlando and the key note speaker. Which led me to this awesome photo by @markjaquith of @ringmaster

attending #IndieWebCamp East today & tomorrow!

Great first keynote by David Dylan Thomas (@movie_pundit)!

Up next, Sarah Hibner (@practicing_dsgn)

Grab a complimentary ticket at and join us in Zoom & online chat:

Personal Data Warehouses: Reclaiming Your Data

I like the way that Simon is liberating his data from silos and making it work for him.

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RSVPed Attending IndieWebCamp East
IndieWebCamp East 2020 is an online gathering for independent web creators of all kinds, from graphic artists, to designers, UX engineers, coders, hackers, to share ideas, actively work on creating for their own personal websites, and build upon each others creations.

I intend to take part in IndieWebCamp East this weekend. As it’s all remote, I hope to join part of the program at least late afternoon and evening here in my CET time zone. Thinking about using the time to either contine work on restyling this site as ‘no garden no stream but something in between‘, or going through my blog archive to see which presentation slide decks still need to be brought home, and ensuring the site where they reside ( for Dutch slides, for international slides) gets its own styling.