“The internet wasn’t designed to breach national boundaries” - Rest of World

Say you’re into the indie web without saying you’re into the indie web…

The internet wasn’t really convenient in 1994 or 1995, but it was a very collaborative space.

There was a moment where we replaced this idea of the internet being a medium that we can all write to and participate in to one that is mediated. That happened at some point after social networks started to arrive and when the smartphone started to arrive. It’s a combination of the nature of those platforms and the prevalence of the technologies, which meant the economic rewards of getting this right rose significantly.

And so there’s a really distinctly different feel in the 2013, or 2014, internet to the one that you might have had in 1997, or 1998. It’s not just that it’s easier and I’m yearning for a world of cars with manual choke and manual transmission and crank-up starter handles, but it’s that the programmability of the internet and its endpoints has turned into something that is increasingly permissioned by major platforms.

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I'm interested.

Seems like a fun way of catching up with some IndieWeb folks!

Feature request: Bridgy backfeed reacjis on POSSEd comments

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One Year Since The #IndieWeb Homebrew Website Club Met In Person And Other Last Times

Life Happens: Towards Community Support For Prioritizing Life Events And Mutual Care, Starting With The #IndieWeb

@toddbarnard indeed.

Also mentioned in #IndieWeb chat^:

“all you have to do is”

Still looking for a category for these words/phrases.

Maybe “trivializers”?

Minor #OwnYourLinks #IndieWeb trick I setup a while ago:

Top level /github redirect to my profile so I can link to:
https://tantek.com/github/cassis instead of linking to @Github directly.

Enables eventual moving/selfhosting repos/issues without breaking links.
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@stop I went to my own site to point it out ;) which is also what @aaronpk did.

What you’re seeing on Twitter is merely a syndicated copy, for those who use Twitter as their reader, AKA POSSE: https://indieweb.org/POSSE

This reply is also from my site.
you know what's *not* down right now?

my personal site & blog ⬇



(copied from @aaronpk https://aaronparecki.com/2021/10/04/9/my-blog https://twitter.com/aaronpk/status/1445072111098220551)
This is precisely what the microformats2 "u-" property prefix is for, to instruct the  parser to retrieve and parse for URL-like information from an element, from its URL-related attribute if any, and text content as a fallback, including relative URL resolution if applicable. E.g. in the example you gave, try u-tel instead of p-tel:

 <a class="u-tel" href="tel:13335553483">(333) 555 FIVE</a>

If that works as desired, go ahead and close this issue.
Hey #future #optimist #creatives, #artists, & #writers:
* #Solarpunk Art Contest https://medium.com/@yishan/solarpunk-art-contest-2021-da9474c9722e
* Submissions for Solarpunk Anthology https://justinenortonkertson.medium.com/submissions-for-solarpunk-anthology-e4015346c1de
cc @solarpunk_girl #indieweb

Also #DisneyPlus started streaming #TomorrowLand🔮 today!
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https://github.com/stpeter gave me a heads-up about this.

tl;dr: All the same reasons for not re-using WebID apply to Web Sign-in (and Sign-on is too similar), and thus we object to the proposed re-use.

There’s already an existing set of related specs[1][2][3], numerous deployed & in-use implementations[4][5], and an open standards community actively using (including numerous actual users using) the term / phrase / technology[6][7].

https://GitHub.com/BigBlueHat wrote in https://github.com/WICG/WebID/issues/41#issuecomment-742737907:
> Naming is hard and taking an existing name from an existing community doesn't win you any friends or collaborators.


To state it even more strongly, Google of all parties must not act in a bullying way (we must consider the outsized influence & power dynamics), even within the auspices / context of a CG (using a vote in a CG to justify squatting over an existing active spec and a community’s use thereof). Rallying more folks to tacitly or otherwise approve of bullying is still bullying, perhaps even a worse form of doing so.

I can sympathize with the naming challenges in the area of identity (seems fitting).

That noted, an exploration in a CG seems premature to worry so much about a "marketable" name, especially in an area where naming is hard.

Instead, make up a throwaway placeholder name (like WID2021), first get the technology right, working across at least a few different vendors relying/consuming each others identities interoperably, and then worry about an actual marketable name, perhaps at WD/CR time. We know this can work per the prior example of "Atom" which went through a few throwaway names like "Pie" before being standardized as Atom in RFC 4287 at IETF.

Thanks for your consideration,


[1] https://microformats.org/wiki/web-sign-in
[2] https://microformats.org/wiki/RelMeAuth
[3] https://indieauth.spec.indieweb.org/ (previously a W3C Note published by the Social Web Working group: https://www.w3.org/TR/2018/NOTE-indieauth-20180123/)
[4] https://indieweb.org/Web_sign-in#Implementations
[5] https://indieweb.org/IndieAuth#Implementations
[6] https://indieweb.org/Web_sign-in
[7] https://indieweb.org/chat-names
attending @IndieWebCamp Create Day (today!) and working on my personal #openweb site. This week’s @W3C #Instagram & #Facebook #outages were a good reminder to cook what we want, and eat what we cook.

#IndieWeb RSVP & Zoom: https://events.indieweb.org/2021/10/indieweb-create-day-ZKw5v2nFDu6f
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After @Facebook & @Instagram outages and today's @W3C #outage https://status.w3.org/incidents/lfwjx05yvldr, I’m wondering if there is a secret movement to get people to stop depending on any corp/org sites to get things done. #W3Cdown #redecentralize


(#indieweb is open, not secret)
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Week Notes 21#41

Implementing IndieAuth Server Metadata

Announcing support for OAuth Server Metadata on my IndieAuth Server.
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Announcing a Service for Creating an iCalendar feed for event RSVPs: rsvp-calendar.tanna.dev

Creating a shared service to allow creating iCalendar feeds for tracking what events you're attending.
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It’s nice when things can be frictionless, in this case thanks to Github and Respec.
For a client I’m keeping track of the coming EU legal framework on digitisation and data, and I do that within my markdown note taking system (using Obsidian.md as viewer on text files on my computer). With the client we are doing outreach to a wide range of government data holders, and for that purpose we’ve launched a public site with current factual information about the EU legal framework for them to re-use.
The site is hosted on Github, and we’re using Respec to incorporate markdown files as source for the web pages.

This way maintaining the site is a breeze: I am doing my regular work, keeping notes in my own preferred environment. The folder which has my notes on the EU framework is synced with a github repository and the Respec script uses it for the site. Whenever I change something in my notes in the regular flow of work, I don’t have to also think about changing the site, that will happen when it gets pushed to Github. ‘Living’ documentation is something I regularly aim for within client projects, and the current set-up for this client makes it very easy.

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Week Notes 21#40