· Making RSS more visible again with a /feeds page

Personal website owners – what do you think about collecting all of the feeds you are producing in one way or the other on a /feeds page?

Sounds like a good idea! I’ll get on that.

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Will My Next Laptop Be a Lenovo With Linux?

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Refactoring my static generator

A journey to the underworld that is RDF

Week Notes 20#22

Well, the IndieWeb doesn’t necessarily have like a devrel team to help build out things for each language / stack - it’s been mostly on what people are coming in with. Like I was lucky to find a microformats2 parsing library in Elixir but I’ve had to write everything else if I wanted it to be in Elixir as well.

If that does end up happening, let me know. I’m comfortable with C# and would love to help see a C#-adjacent library for IndieWeb stuff come to light.

This is fantastic! can now receive webmentions for you, and it'll show them to you in the timeline! This is probably the best option for static sites now!
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ThreadReader app via Micropub to blog

Going to go live in about 10 minutes at Focusing on working on code coverage for my IndieWeb library for Elixir so definitely going to be either looking to splunk on good Elixir practices and what the IndieWeb suggests for behavior! Pull up in 10!

Es ging nie um Matrix

Closing the microblogging Slack

I’m getting an odd joy by working more on indieweb stuff because I feel that I can help people divest from environments that extract from us (our pain, our joy, anything) with little given back. Like I can see how this can help.

A journey to the underworld that is RDF

Ten years ago today I started working with Mozilla on #webStandards.

Still @Mozilla (now @W3C AC Rep), still working for a more #OpenWeb, and for an #IndieWeb that puts users in control instead of #BigTech.
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I need to fix my Webmentions. And once I do, I’ll go back to; port the code over and move my site to lean on that instead of doing it internally so I can iterate faster, lol.


Egal, Matrix is eh doof!

Ah okay! This is something I was wondering for Lwa - having it look for a WebSub endpoint when it’s provided a feed and have it subscribe for changes so it can be more “push/pull”-y when it comes to this. That should give the feel of a whole complete “transaction” (though clients will need some way to be updated when a Microsub server is updated).