IndieWeb Challenge Day 6

Trying syndication to Twitter from my own #Micropub client. Now I don't even need Quill because my client can post anything!

Usually the IndieWeb Meetup in Austin is 1st Wednesday of the month. Next month, that’s New Year’s Day, so we’re bumping it a week to January 8th, 6:30pm at Mozart’s Coffee.

I'm trying to post from my own Micropub client.

Introducing Kittybox

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A Medium dilemma

How to Fix Social Media by Injecting A Chunk of the Blogosphere

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We are still looking for sponsors for IndieWebCamp Austin. Do you work for a web-friendly company that might be interested? See this blog post for details.

IndieWeb Challenge Day 5

After seeing my Spotify Wrapped playlist for the year, and some of the usage stats, I think I'm definitely going to be writing an application to get that data out for myself and my own usages

IndieWeb I love you. No seriously.

Our community is small but it’s cozy here.


Yesterday I’ve learned how to use Prometheus and Grafana to collect performance metrics and also sped up my asyncio-based WIP ver of my #Micropub endpoint by a factor of 7 by caching the token endpoint response. It was the slowest part because I use @RedisLabs’ #Redis for posts.

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If you’re coming to tonight’s IndieWeb Meetup at 6:30pm, Mozart’s Coffee also has a huge Christmas light show outside. It’s cool! But it means more of a crowd, so plan on arriving a bit early.

IndieWeb Challenge Day 4

So glad you can make it @andigalpern!

No Facebook event (recent experience shows they add zero* value).

Please share the official event/ticket URL with designers or others you’d send a FB invite to. It has user-friendly Tito-based ticketing!

*In practice we’ve found that Facebook events RSVPs do not add any new people that would otherwise have made it, and those that only RSVP on Facebook in practice are nearly all no-shows which is demoralizing to everyone. As a result we have stopped wasting time with creating Facebook events, and linking people to a source of negative social media distractions.

For @IndieWebCamp events in particular we need more accurate numbers for estimating food needs etc. A proper ticketing system helps with that.

I’m attending (remote)IndieWebCamp SF 2020!

The experience and a few thoughts on the open web (Beardy Guy Musings)
I write this and mull it over from the perspective of a creator and as a longer-term user of the “old web”. I have, at least, a basic grasp of the ideal (and importance of) the open web, ownership and access. I write it as someone frustrated with the nastiness of the business practices of the corporate entities that own the big social media as well as the lack of moderation on those sites making them potentially dangerous places. But even amongst the relatively tech fluent (and likely, financially affluent) community of tech/apple oriented users that I follow on Twitter, there is little impulse to move to alternatives such as or Mastodon. I’ve seen evidence of an almost complete lack of interest.

As one of those "old web" guys who has been blogging for almost two decades, I understand this anguish over the open web. I've seen the rise and fall of alternative like and despite what others may think,'s success isn't ensured. The lack of diversity, both cultural and economic, is perhaps why the "relatively tech fluent (and likely, financially affluent) community of tech/apple oriented users" ignore It's one of the reasons why, despite having backed the Kickstarter project, I chose to let my hosted lapse and use more like Twitter.

I've documented my issues in several blog posts.

I prefer the approach advocated by the IndieWeb and have also written about the issue of discovery for independent blogs who don't use social media.

Self-hosted site outranking Medium Publication

IndieWeb Challenge Day 3