Week Notes 21#23

PHPUnit’s HTML code coverage reports don’t play nicely with GitHub pages “main branch /docs folder” by default, as they store CSS, JS and icon assets in folders prefixed with underscores.

Here’s a little bash script to run tests with code coverage enabled, then move the assets around:

rm -rf docs/coverage/
XDEBUG_MODE=coverage  ./vendor/bin/phpunit tests --coverage-filter src --coverage-html docs/coverage
mv docs/coverage/_css docs/coverage/phpunit_css
mv docs/coverage/_icons docs/coverage/phpunit_icons
mv docs/coverage/_js docs/coverage/phpunit_js
grep -rl _css docs/coverage | xargs sed -i "" -e 's/_css/phpunit_css/g'
grep -rl _icons docs/coverage | xargs sed -i "" -e 's/_icons/phpunit_icons/g'
grep -rl _js docs/coverage | xargs sed -i "" -e 's/_js/phpunit_js/g'

That allows you to use GitHub pages to show code coverage reports as well as docs, as I’m doing for taproot/indieauth.

Reminder that it's #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham tomorrow! I hope to see you there at 1730 for some website stuff! https://events.indieweb.org/2021/06/homebrew-website-club-nottingham-pqX9qzmGWbHp


Week Notes 21#22

I think IndieWeb is an example of Nested-I and Ubuntu Rationality as per Free, Fair and Alive.

Not unrelatedly, Jack Jamieson’s dissertation on the IndieWeb is called Independent Together: Building and Maintaining Values in a Distributed Web Infrastructure.

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Dopplr in OPML

Replied to https://adhoc.systems/replies/indieforum (adhoc.systems)
Yea that looks like a cool site! I hope it catches on, but we also have IndieNews and Indieweb.xyz and those have never really had huge usage.
Yea I think showing the replies inline makes it more interesting than just an aggregator to me. I hope it might stimulate some blogchains (https://doubleloop.net/2020/04/05/blogchains-and-hyperconversations/)

I kicked one off, if you’re interested! – https://www.indieforums.net/threads/c1c36e81a755848c.html

Hometown says on its wiki: "Also, if Hometown is going to be a universal reader, you’re going to need better control over organizing your feeds." That’s really interesting – same as the social reader idea in IndieWeb presumably. (I’ve imagined before a social reader in the Mastodon/TweetDeck style.)


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Week Notes 21#21

When did you join the IndieWeb?

Using Tailwind CSS with Microformats 2

#tailwind #css #microformats

Ich wünsche mir Webmentions zu deinem Bloggeburtstag

Reminder that it's #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham tomorrow! I hope to see you there at 1730 for some website stuff! https://events.indieweb.org/2021/05/homebrew-website-club-nottingham-QbtrPT07Bwn5


I had some fun using the open standard #Microformats2 to update my CV to be machine-parseable - you can check it out at https://hire.jvt.me and there's a bit more info on https://www.jvt.me/posts/2021/05/25/microformats-resume/

Marking up my Curriculum Vitae with Microformats2

Creating a public, metadata-rich Curriculum Vitae / Resume for myself at https://hire.jvt.me.
#microformats #cv #interviewing #hire.jvt.me

Week Notes 21#20


The fact that so many people publish their thoughts and share knowledge, is something I’ve always loved about the web. Whether it is practical stuff about how to solve a coding issue or some kind of opinion… everyone’s brain is wired differently. It may resonate, it may not, that’s also fine.

#blogging #writing #sharing #blogs #indieweb #personal #publishing

Webmention and Twitter

Added an ‘I support’ Widget

Week Notes 21#19