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IndieAuth Popup 2 2021 - November 27, 2021

Just pushed a bug fix: During install it now adds the role "indieauth". Assign this role to any users that should be able to authenticate / authorize IndieAuth clients. The README has been updated accordingly.

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[[Thanksgiving]] [[Plan]]
1. Understand the [[indieweb]] to it's fullest
1.2. and how @loopdouble's doublescores theme connects to it
1.3. and then begin implementing it for myself
2. make a @lesswrong reading list
2.2. I swear I will do this

— Evan (@Scaledish) November 23, 2021
Happy to help with this! My theme mostly adds microformats (which other themes also do, I just wanted to customise my looknfeel a bit). Majority of the IndieWeb heavy lifting comes from the IndieWeb WordPress plugins. Also on:


Saving the Caturday with a video proxy

#site-update #imageproxy #video #proxy #cloudinary

Why I write and why I won’t

This is the best description of what my own website feels like to me:

A search engine for my mind

#blogging #writing #sharing #indieweb #blogs #personal #publishing

Nice to hear you are enjoying the series! (It turns out to be a series.) It also feels really good to have finally found a form again where I can cycle between writing code and writing blog posts about the code.

Looking forward to read your article && yaay it worked!

Edit: lol, next topic really is Webmentions: I had to manually send this one because I am certainly not parsing HTML with regex (I would never) and your rel has no quotes around it.

Next up must be Webmentions, I feel. I just posted this article with a lot of backlinks to old posts, but since I send all Webmentions in a synchronous way on first-post-visit, it took ages, and I actually got a 502 Bad Gateway out of my site. But I also need weekend, so we will see.

IndieAuth without



Showing incorrect IndieAuth redirect_uri to the user

Yak, strangling PHP with Phoenix and NGINX

Homebrew Website Club London

attending @IndieWebCamp #Düsseldorf!
🗓 11/11
📍 #Zentralbibliothek

On holiday in Germany, popped over to see friends @btconf & help with the #IndieWebCamp side-event!

More on the #IndieWeb wiki:
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Winnie Lim » this website as a learning and reflection tool

I love reading about how—and why—people tinker with their personal sites. This resonates a lot.

This website is essentially a repository of my memories, lessons I’ve learnt, insights I’ve discovered, a changelog of my previous selves. Most people build a map of things they have learnt, I am building a map of how I have come to be, in case I may get lost again. Maybe someone else interested in a similar lonely path will feel less alone with my documented footprints. Maybe that someone else would be me in the future.

Oh, and Winnie, I can testify that having an “on this day” page is well worth it!

#indieweb #personal #publishing #writing #sharing #notes #onthisday #history #archives #stories #learning #reflection
Gordon Brander’s article "Building a Second Subconscious" is nice.

His properties for what might make what you could call ‘convivial tools for thought’ are all pretty IndieWebby.

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Told my sister I was building a new website for a writing project and she asked me how anyone was supposed to find it if it was its own independent website instead of a bigger site and boy howdy I’ve been failing in my indieweb duties
My social media usage is something like this.

– Follow people wherever they are (including the big silos).
– Write locally, in my ‘digital garden’, first.
– Publish on my own site. I for sure own the data this way.
– Syndicate things elsewhere, wherever the community best fits for my post. But don’t feed the big tech beasts.
– Interact with people wherever they are.

At present, a combo of org-mode, IndieWeb, Fediverse, Agora make this possible for me.

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fluffy rambles: Some thoughts on comments and interaction

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