@joe Echoes the #IndieWeb, which in turn echoes the early #blogosphere. Neither in a good way 😕

@genehack @eric #Scrobble to https://Last.fm? It’s a bit of a silo (even IFTTT dropped them a number of years back) but maybe you could gin something up with their API if their site proves too onerous?

The #IndieWeb folks have collected thoughts on this over time, but so far there’s nothing that’s easy and universal for both recommenders and audience https://indieweb.org/scrobble

I've been using WordPress since the year it came out. Eventually all my website clients began requesting it. I am perfectly at home with it but now getting curious about Ghost. I just installed it on my web server, to see how it works....

#blogging #indieweb #wordpress #ghost #nocode #lowcode #webdesign #cms

Finally time to make an #introduction. Only a month late!

My name is Mike. I'm a web developer from Connecticut currently acting as a Senior Data Engineer for an insurance company. I was happy to learn about Mastodon, #activitypub and #indieweb since it fills that techie gap in my heart.

Outside tech, I like to #travel, and am always planning my next trip. In 2023, I'll be resuming international travel. Plans are in progress!

Still figuring out how to embrace the #indieweb properly... This linked post was an attempt (and failure) at syndicating automatically here, so uh, I'll do it manually today: https://www.troyv.dev/2022/12/04/embracing-the-indie-web/

I wrote a hard-to-classify article about the #fediverse, #indieweb and #yesterweb https://blog.coderspirit.xyz/blog/2022/12/04/fediverse-yesterweb/

There are so many things to talk about that I feel it's already too long, and that I'm missing 95% of what I want to say at the same time.

TLDR: Glad to be here.

Currently watching "Putting OrgMode on the indieweb" at EmacsConf22


#indieweb #emacs #orgmode

Really enjoyed @manton and @danielpunkass‘s discussion of #mastodon, #microblog, and #indieweb principles on the latest Core Intuition. Second half of the episode: https://coreint.org/2022/12/episode-539-frustrated-on-your-behalf/

¡Buenos días, buenas tardes y mejores noches a todos!

Después de darme un paseito por el servidor he decidido que estaría bien hacer mi #introducciones

Me llamo Marlo, soy de Andalucía (patria querida💚) y estudio #periodismo y realización audiovisual.

En mis ratos libres #dibujo monigotes, leo, sobreanalizo películas animadas o tengo debates filosóficos rarunos con la peña.

Ahora mismo tengo un gran interés en #anarquismo #permacultura #arte #cine #teatro #vultureculture #tarot #indieweb

It's been a long time I haven't posted a #microblogpub update, so here we go:

On the #ActivityPub side:

A blocked server entry now blocks all subdomains
New "GIF mode" for video without audio (as Mastodon converts GIF to video, we now autoplay them in a loop when "hovered")
The media proxy is more stable (bigger timeout + retries)
A bunch of bug fixes and improvements

On the #IndieWeb side:

Webmentions replies/likes/reposts are now being merged with ActivityPub interactions
Improved microformats2 markup in templates

Also, in case you're worried, microblogpub is not vulnerable to the activitypub-troll[.]cf "attacks", as we're not fetching all the profiles mentioned in a note.

And I also pushed a #YunoHost update.

Thanks to all the new contributors!

My self-hosted, #indieweb #Twitter archive is up. Thanks to @eleventy and the excellent work done on the Tweeback project: https://github.com/tweetback/tweetback

You can find mine here: https://twitter.marcozehe.de

Also, if you read German, my German language archive is here: https://twitter.marcos-leben.de

@pzingg @davew Oh yeah, Ryan, aka @snarfed.org has built some fantastic infrastructure for the #indieweb, including bridgy, bridgy-fed, and granary. He and @aaronpk (webmention.io, indieauth, quill) are basically the reason my blog functions...

@danielpunkass Support #IndieWeb posting via Micropub? https://www.w3.org/TR/micropub

I know MarsEdit supports Micro.blog, and Micropub is their main API (it’s what the iOS app uses) https://help.micro.blog/t/posting-api/96

It would also be nice to support Webmentions to write posts that are also replies to other posts. Again an IndieWeb thing (so it’s multi-platform) supported by Micro.blog https://help.micro.blog/t/webmention/103

Content warning: Re-introduction from new instance

I'm a software engineer, best known for #http4s and other #Typelevel #Scala. I also geek out over #Emacs and #Nix. I'm probably a #Bayesian.

Current passion is the #Indieweb. I had a lovely time on #IndiewebSocial before going #SelfHosted.

I have a #Dachshund, #Coonhound, #TuxedoCat, and an #Aquarium in multiple rooms. I live in #Indianapolis, where I coach #YouthSoccer, attend North #UMC, and cheer on my #Hoosiers.

Bridgy Fed updates

@IrieBrotha May the #IndieWeb be with you.

Near-term Plans for My Twitter



So Mastodon 4 went js;dr, which means it requires JavaScript to render content. That means that server-side fetches of Mastodon 4 user profiles and posts, eg indieweb.social/@snarfed, no longer return the actual contents in the response. They definitely no longer include microformats. 😐

JavaScript and SPAs are their own conversation, but regardless, this is a step backward for the open web and server-to-server communications like the IndieWeb uses. Fortunately, there’s a workaround: use granary! Plug any Mastodon 4 profile or post URL into granary’s ActivityStreams 2 converter and you’ll get the full contents in HTML, Atom, RSS, or any other format you want. Works via REST API and pip-installable Python package. Here’s an example. Happy hacking!

Did my first "hide boosts from" just now. Ironically it was from someone who is very heavy into #indieweb #fediverse.

I get your passionate, but if every fourth or fifth thing in my timeline is a bad fact about Twitter or repeat post on Mastodon growth, that i'll maybe hope to see in a list(?). #UnpopularToot

@chrisaldrich@boffosocko.com Dude!!! How did you manage to inject raw HTML into your mastodon posts?!? I want to wrap text in links like that!

Most people posting only get basic links by inserting URLs or #hashtag links. How does one do this?!? We have to know?
#IndieWeb #FTW