Democratising dev

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Comments are hard

Just hit publish | Marco Heine - Freelance Web Developer

I have days were I can write a well researched blog post in a few hours. And I have days were I don’t feel like writing. Or I want to add one more thing but don’t know how to speak my mind. So this is a reminder to myself: just hit publish.

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Building an inclusive, independent, open newsroom

The Quest for a Memex

Switching costs for an IndieAuth server

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fluffy rambles: VRChat continued

Proposal for a new-generation social reader concept

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did I just start an outline for a small essay on modern web and social readers?

this will be interesting, I promise


Indiewebifying a WordPress Site – 2022 Edition - Sunday Sun June 12, 2022

IndieAuth Spec Updates 2022 - Thursday Thu April 21, 2022

The week the open web won – Hi, I’m Heather Burns

So to me, this blog represents the original promise of the open web.

The one that’s here, and still is here, and always has been here, and is available to you.

Right now.

The one where you can speak the truths that you believe without the permission, or the editorial control, or the power dynamics, of anyone claiming to hold authority over you; or, perhaps, anyone keen to impose it.

Heather takes a break from her relentless crusading in favour of users against the idiocy of the UK government and reflects on the joy of doing it all from her own personal website.

And perhaps you should too, on your own blog, owned on your own hosting space, using your own words, and speaking your own truth. That sounds like a good little weekend project, don’t you think?

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Bridgy stats update

A new CEO for Medium

My indieweb real estate website (part two)

It looks like Kittybox is close to its finish line and general protocol-compliance goal. The only unimplemented parts are:

  • In-house IndieAuth (auth and tokens)
  • Webmentions
  • WebSub pings

Then it will reach full protocol-compliance status, and I could go on to develop other things like pretty UI for posting, the Microsub server (because I really want my own!) etc.


Time to traumatize myself by implementing the entire IndieAuth spec by hand. The newest version that seems to be twice as complex as the one from three years ago.

I’m not sure if I should draft a will first, it seems overwhelming to me... (but I’m sure that in the event that I succeed, I will reap major rewards from it)

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Notes: Why The Indieweb?

Importing check-ins from Ohai