Has anyone done anything interesting aside from cloud provider deployments with the #OIDC support in #GitLab and #GitHub? Thinking I may use it as a means to automatically publish notes to my site via #Micropub when publishing a new version of a library

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The startupification of tech

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The startupification of tech

🎂 Happy birthday Bridgy! Congrats Ryan (@schnarfed), contributors, users!

10 years of bridging #indieweb & #socialmedia. #POSSE posts, #backfeed responses. #Federate systems, like the web was invented to.

Stats & charts & more: https://snarfed.org/2022-01-08_happy-10th-birthday-bridgy
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Friendly Indie micro-publishers

From Patrick Tanguay:

A list of small micro-publishers — most of them run by one person — putting out great content through their websites, newsletters, and podcasts.

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Happy 10th Birthday, Bridgy!

I enjoy the IndieWeb pop-ups that have become popular in pandemic times. Easier to commit to a couple hours on Zoom than a full weekend. This month there’s Analog Meets Online and in February there’s Personal Libraries.

If I post notes to my site instead of Twitter, who will see them?

It’s not either or, it’s yes and.

Post to your Own Site, and Syndicate Elsewhere (to Twitter etc.) https://indieweb.org/POSSE

POSSE directly or use a service like https://brid.gy
Frank, did you ever track the bug down that was causing this issue? I've tried that same article with a few different Micropub clients and I'm not seeing any issues with respect to Post Kinds finding and displaying the correct/expected data. In fact, the Atlantic actually shows quite a bit more data than most sites do.

Perhaps it's your shortcut not actually sending a URL for it to parse? I've also seen issues when trying to post content that contains special characters or emojis which WordPress tends to choke on and not understand. When a post has an emoji in the title or the body somewhere, it creates the post, but doesn't save any of the data in Post Kinds' context-related fields.
I, for one, welcome all the independents speaking truth to power, criticizing organizations when they do or encourage harmful actions, especially in a systemic or global scope.

Even better when folks post said critiques to their personal sites. #indieweb

Everyone should blog

A blog is just a journal: a web log of what you’re thinking and doing. You can keep a log about anything you like; it doesn’t have to be professional or money-making. In fact, in my opinion, the best blogs are personal. There’s no such thing as writing too much: your voice is important, your perspective is different, and you should put it out there.

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Posting notes on your site is the “Hello World” of the independent web.

If you speak to the ideals of the #openWeb #decentralizedWeb #distributedWeb #federatedWeb #indieWeb or even #smallWeb, walk your talk: post your notes somewhere you control. Whether static HTML, server-generated from storage, or a service supporting your domain, choose a method that works sustainably for you, and stick to it.

Questions about options and when or why to choose one or another?

Ask: https://chat.indieweb.org/
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Happy 2022 friends!

12 years ago I began posting notes on my site before Twitter: https://tantek.com/2010/001/t1/declaring-independence-building-it

Have a site? Own your notes in 2022.

Be the #P2P #decentralization you want to see, instead of tweeting to the wind.

Questions? Ask #indieweb community:


2 years ago: https://tantek.com/2020/001/t1/10-years-notes-my-site
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2021 in numbers

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Newsblur could send to Micropub

Importing blog archive files

There will be a IndieWeb pop-up session in February about personal libraries: using alternatives to Goodreads, tracking books on your own site, and common formats we can use.

Old Web, New Web, Indie Web

The .new domains are pretty cool, and I am tempted to look at something like indieauth.new or oauth.new, especially to hook it into tokens-pls