Still pretty much torn about parts of the current #IndieWeb movement. While I definitely applaud some of the ideas and approaches, it sometimes has a difficult feel of "write-only" networking to it. Just like back then with all of us hiding behind our RSS feeds, maybe counting whether or not someone viewed our stuff but not really being into much reading of stuff published by others or wanting, digging into incoming interaction. Not sure this always is a good thing... but maybe I'm too pessimistic here.
I am convinced that ActivityPub is going to change the entire web.

@nazhamid I feel you on the slog with the 5, it’s absolutely mind-numbing. My cheat code was to take the coastal route and make pit stops at little beaches for my dogs.

By the way, your newsletter came up during the zoom call today for our little #indieweb group! A couple of people are making travelogues for local adventures like hiking Inspiration Point in LA, so I showed your latest issue as inspiration fuel.

Emissary is a revolutionary next-gen Web platform that lets you tinker with every little bit of it. It works with the #Fediverse, is built on #IndieWeb principles, and looks incredible.

The IndieWeb Concept

I often attach the tag #IndieWeb to my posts on social networks. Several years ago, this concept was a blur to me. Over time, I came to understand more what it was all about. In fact, IndieWeb can be defined by a list of concepts and perhaps every proponent of this movement has his or her own definition and list of concepts. So I'll try to define what I mean by IndieWeb when I use this word [...]

I finally have a new featured project on my site, my first attempting at creating a Diffusion-limited Aggregation #simulation ! It's been fun getting back into simulations, especially now that I've gotten so much better at grid-based programming over the years. Please give it a try, and let me know if you have any ideas on how it could be improved.

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Early today, I had a wonderful conversation with about #Microblog, #IndieWeb, and #ActivityPub. It will be released in a couple of days as episode 4 of my podcast, as well as a video on my YouTube channel.

Early today, I had a wonderful conversation with @manton about #Microblog, #IndieWeb, and #ActivityPub. It will be released in a couple of days as episode 4 of my podcast, as well as a video on my YouTube channel.

My entry for this month's #IndieWeb Carnival ponders about the benefits of doing things "good enough".


Great article by @nachtfunke:

📝 Craft vs Industry: Separating Concerns
Reconciling the differences between the craft of making websites and the industry that has grown around it.

> Handcrafted websites are made by humans for humans. This is what differentiates our craftsperson from the factory worker—what the craftsperson does is valuable to people, not businesses.

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There's a million ways to capture, store, organise, engage with, and publish notes. This is my current flow for notes that end up published on the web in various places.
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I’ve seen and talked to a number of people who don't feel that having a website is for them because they have nothing to share or put there ☹️. For many, having a website seems to mean having a "blog”, but I’m here to say that having a website *isn't* about blogging, it's about YOU.

Inside is a quick, hopefully mildly motivating writeup on things you can put on a personal website that have almost nothing to do with publishing "blog" content.

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The Analog Web - The History of the Web

Owning your own piece of the Internet (to borrow a recent phrase from Anil Dash) is itself a radical act. Linking to others at will is subversive all on its own. Or as Jeremy Keith once put it, “it sounds positively disruptive to even suggest that you should have your own website.” The web still exists for everyone. And beneath this increasingly desiccated surface, there is plenty of creators still simply creating.

People create these sites simply so that they exist. They are not fed to an algorithm, or informed by any trends. It is quieter and slower, meant to tether us to a more mechanical framework of the web.

This is the analog web.

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What is a good font combo for titles/body on a text oriented blog?

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I've only just discovered the #fediverse and found out #indieweb and #smallweb are what you call those cool, fun, real websites I've missed so badly.
I feel like I've just opened a door that I've only ever heard muffled crys of joy from the other side. It's completely bonkers in here. So much creativity. Am I late to the party or is it just getting started?

100 percent agree: we need to "rewild" the Internet. And the #Fediverse and #indieweb and #openweb are all part of that one big fight.

New scrap posted, Sic Erat Scriptum. Alternatively titled, Fun With the Curse of Knowledge!

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Basic-ish #jekyll stuff but I just posted a new #devlog about using Jekyll's powerful "collections" feature.

Using multiple collections and remembering to use collections whenever you can makes building new cool stuff for the site A LOT easier.

Also worth mentioning that in the #indieweb world, having multiple "types" of posts (i.e. "post", "note", etc…) is a valued characteristic (per #indiemark at least


The state of Indiekit