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...Compass offers an essentially friction-free experience for gathering basic location data. I got pretty far along all on my own, thanks to Aaron's clear instructions, and then ran into a brick wall...

Jeremy, is Compass php and mysql? In other words, should it be able to work on any basic hosting package? (Some of the more intriguing indieweb bits require more server access than I have on my hosting packages). And what was the brick wall about?

Setting Up WP Test Instances Forming an IndieWeb Test Network

Can “Indie” Social Media Save Us? | The New Yorker

This is a really great, balanced profile of the Indie Web movement. There’s thoughtful criticism alongside some well-deserved praise:

If we itemize the woes currently afflicting the major platforms, there’s a strong case to be made that the IndieWeb avoids them. When social-media servers aren’t controlled by a small number of massive public companies, the incentive to exploit users diminishes. The homegrown, community-oriented feel of the IndieWeb is superior to the vibe of anxious narcissism that’s degrading existing services.

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Take Back Your Web - Tantek Çelik on Vimeo

Tantek’s barnstorming closing talk from Beyond Tellerrand. This is well worth 30 minutes of your time.

Own your domain. Own your content. Own your social connections. Own your reading experience. IndieWeb services, tools, and standards enable you to take back your web.

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IndieWebCamp Utrecht

Another absolutely brilliant IndieWebCamp, this time in Utrecht. By now I feel like a bit of an old hand, and it was nice to see old friends and make new ones. The first day, as usual, was devoted to group-organised sessions on different topics. More this way ...

Just remembered I did this last night. Part of my contribution to the IndieWeb. Coming soon…

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Danke, Ton! Ich stehe noch ganz am Anfang, obwohl ich die IndieWeb-Plugins schon lange installiert habe. Ich würde dieses Gebiet gerne mit dir und deinem Netzwerk zusammen entdecken. Ich muss jetzt erst einmal die Probleme, die ich lösen muss, in eine Ordnung bringen. Zum Teil hängen sie damit zu...

Ja, ich merke immer wieder das ich immer wieder die unterschiedlichen Schichten der ganzen Lasagna auseinander ziehen muss: WordPress, WordPress Thema, Indieweb, andere Plugins, was im Database ist, und wie was gezeigt wird usw. Übrigens habe ich mittlerweile Jetpack ganz ausser Betrieb gestellt. Früher habe ich das für Besuchsstatistik verwendet. Aber da die meisten Funktionen von Jetpack über XML-RPC laufen, und XML-RPC blockiert wird von meinem Hoster wegen Sicherheitsrisiken, habe ich das Plugin abgestellt.

#IndieWeb in The @NewYorker!
Can “Indie” Social Media Save Us?
“Who owns the servers?

 everyone posting to @microdotblog does so on his or her own domain

 POSSE, for “publish on your own site, syndicate elsewhere”

Making Progress on Jekyll-IndieWeb v2

I've been working on v2 of Jekyll-indieweb and the main change is that its a gem based theme. What was holding me back for a long time was that only whitelisted theme gems were allowed on GitHub Pages, with no clear path to how a theme could get whitelisted. Then I found Jekyll Remote Theme… Read the Article
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Ich möchte konsequenter IndieWeb-Techniken benutzen...

Das freut mich sehr zu lesen, Heinz! Falls ich irgendwie behilflich sein kann, gerne. Auch kann es nützlich sein das wir unsere Blogs gegenseitig als Material für Experimente betrachten. zB bei Webmentiontests.

Alan Jacobs makes a good point: it’s a feature that the IndieWeb won’t exactly replace existing social media or replicate its worst features. It can scale by encouraging communities with standards, and no single Facebook-like point of failure (or control).

Watch and Learn

More on The New Yorker

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I joined the IndieWeb! What does that mean? For the long version, I recommend reading An Introduction to the IndieWeb. Here is a super short version...

Welkom op het IndieWeb Edwin! Mooie stappen. Last weekend we had an IndieWebCamp in Utrecht, the notes, videos and demo’s of which you might find interesting. And in September (28/29) there likely will be a similar event in Amsterdam. Btw, Sebastiaan Andeweg is also in Nijmegen, and has a ton of experience in coding indieweb stuff for your site. If you don’t know him already, I’d ping him for a drink if I were you 😉

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I really should start adding more of the sites I follow through RSS to Aperture

At IndieWebCamp Utrecht, Frank Meeuwsen created a nodejs importer for OPML into a microsub server like Aperture. To bulk import rss subscriptions from an RSS reader, and ease the transition.

Week Notes 19#20

#IndieWebCamp Utrecht, Day 2: Hack Your Web!

It’s a wrap! The first #indiewebcamp in Utrecht was a lot of fun. Thank you to all participants, @frankmeeuwsen for doing the heavy lifting (I had to bail), and Johan Adriaans for providing the venue this weekend! #indieweb See you at #indiewebcamp Amsterdam in September?

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Just pushed a new release of Yarns Microsub Server, which I’m very happy with. Significantly better UI for managing feeds, greatly improved endpoint code (contributed by @dshanske). Still some work to go, but this marks a big…

— Jack Jamieson (@jackjamieson) May 16, 2019

Indeed, much better. Thank you! Quick question, I had a look at the WP database, am I right concluding you store the fetched feeds in wp_posts? What’s the reason(s) for that choice?