Why don’t they teach the concept of abstract syntax trees in school? It’s such a great learning aid to understand how to apply syntax rules in natural language!

I for real did not understand how all these rules worked until I unknowingly constructed an incomplete, over specialized version of Lisp inside my brain and started applying syntax rules according to the way the spoken tongue would convert into an s-expression.

I would probably give an example here but my brain is fried and I need some food so I’ll wait until I make a Micropub client with edit support.

#Lisp #linguistics #programming #school

Introducing a Microformats API for Books: books-mf2.herokuapp.com

Announcing the Microformats translation layer for book data.
#microformats #micropub #reading #books-mf2

Week Notes 21#30

Week Notes 21#29

maybe this will work?

#webmention #test

This is so cool! Now I kinda want a thermal printer to have a live feed of webmentions on my desk... Having your internet life be reflected in something tangible feels interesting and engaging!

Test Webmention sending I guess

IndieAuth for WordPress 4.0.0 Released

I’ve recently discovered that it’s incredibly important to balance work and play. So I finished importing my webmentions archive from webmentions.io and decided to play some Genshin Impact to rest before I start fixing the bugs that prevented the rest of my webmentions from importing.

Currently it’s the fact that my software does not handle any redirects, which is obviously bad. I will need to set a recursive redirection resolver there.

Additionally I’ve discovered legacy behavior that wasn’t ported back into Kittybox with some URLs which may have broken some permalinks around the web. I will be fixing it soon so the permalinks won’t rot. They’re permalinks after all.

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Back to the Future with RSS

Nicky Case on RSS:

Imagine an open version of Twitter or Facebook News Feed, with no psy-op ads, owned by no oligopoly, manipulated by no algorithm, and all under your full control.

Imagine a version of the newsletter where you don’t have to worry about them selling your email to scammers, labyrinth-like unsubscribe pages, or stuffing your inbox with ever more crap.

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I still don’t quite understand if it’s the heatwaves that make me apathetic or I’m just having a depressive episode again. Judging by the fact that I still have some will to live remaining, it’s probably the heatwaves. Doesn’t make my life any better though.

I really need to buy some ice cream. I don’t care if it’s expensive af, I got money. But honestly I’d give up a lot if I could just live in a fridge... Oh wait, that’s just called "having an air conditioner" since it literally turns your room into a fridge. Sadly, the only thing I have is a fan, an overheating laptop and an overclocked Raspberry Pi that’s really unstable but works well enough for web browsing and videos.

I’d ask how do you survive the heatwave, but my site doesn’t have webmentions yet. I should really go build a webmention endpoint!

Time to finally succumb to my indieweb addiction once again

Oh, hello there. Looks like my new website is finally up and running. I’m still ironing out a few bugs here and there, and the templates are still work in progress - for example, like posts aren’t shown correctly, the webmention endpoint isn’t linked and other stuff. But it definitely does work like intended!

#IndieWeb #Kittybox

In case you don’t read my Twitter: I’ve decided to stop syndicating my posts there for a while. I think it simply becomes annoying for me to handle. I’ll use it to read, and maybe to reply sometimes, but I’m gonna shitpost on my own website like a proper #IndieWeb adopter.

Роскомпозор замедляет твиттер? а зачем нужен твиттер если есть собственный блог, в который можно постить как в твиттер только лучше? #IndieWeb #ownyourdata

#IndieWeb #ownyourdata

Week Notes 21#28

My serverless, headless, Micropub-powered, personal website

#serverless #cms #architect #micropub #indieweb #personal

Looking forward to the IndieWeb Microsub API pop-up session in a couple weeks. Micro.blog already supports Microsub but there’s more we could do.

Week Notes 21#27