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I have a wish: If your RSS feed only shows excerpts (I’m fine with that, usually click through anyways) please indicate that there’s more to the post than what’s shown in the feed. A link to the post at the end is great.

A lot of people have replaced Twitter with “microblogging” through their own platforms. Like I have. As shorter posts become the norm, it’s not always obvious at a glance that there’s more to the post than the lines included in your feed.

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Finding the IndieWeb

Bookmarked https://disassociated.com/now-we-have-indieweb-how-to-find/..

Blogrolls/links-pages, web directories, and web rings, are among ways to promote the work of other IndieWeb adherents. But you need to be within the IndieWeb realm in the first place, to go on the journey these aggregators will take you. They’re great for their members, but, unfortunately, overwhelming for newcomers

Been thinking about this lately. I don’t know the solution, yet, but I think it starts with normalising a life outside big tech’s walled gardens. People have become accustomed to opening their browsers, typing a certain URL and then just working their way from that.

For the #indieweb to become more maintstream, we have to figure out how to offer up that kind of convenience for the average person who just wants a hit of information of whatever.

Also, topical aggregators that are manually curated and easy to “plug in” to will probably play a big role in this hypothetical future. It, of course, paves teh way for a whole host of different set of problems, but none that even registers on the scale of significance compared to relying on BigTech’s algorithms.

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@inautilo time to bring back #smallweb and #indieweb.

Yup, that's us, #GenX

"[…] they all came of age during the personal computer revolution. 'We’re the bridge/translator generation,' says Lindsey Pollak, who writes about multigenerational workplaces. […] 'We grew up as latchkey children,' she says. 'We are independent and that means we are also very entrepreneurial.'"

Is it just me and my bubble, but isn't it us who currently dominate the #Fediverse and the #IndieWeb?


Reminder: You have until June 23 (tomorrow!) to submit your "tiny, homemade, personal webprojects", and, as a separate category, your "tiny, homemade multiplayer web projects":


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Happy 12 years of https://indieweb.org/POSSE #POSSE and
19 years of https://microformats.org/ #microformats! (as of yesterday, the 20th)

A few highlights from the past year:

POSSE (Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) has grown steadily as a common practice in the #IndieWeb community, personal sites, CMSs (like Withknown, which itself reached 10 years in May!), and services (like https://micro.blog) for over a decade.

In its 12th year, POSSE broke through to broader technology press and adoption beyond the community. For example:

* David Pierce’s (@pierce@mas.to) excellent article @TheVerge.com (@verge@mastodon.social): “The poster’s guide to the internet of the future” (https://www.theverge.com/2023/10/23/23928550/posse-posting-activitypub-standard-twitter-tumblr-mastodon):
  “Your post appears natively on all of those platforms, typically with some kind of link back to your blog. And your blog becomes the hub for everything, your main home on the internet.
Done right, POSSE is the best of all posting worlds.”

* David also recorded a 29 minute podcast on POSSE with some great interviews:  https://podcasts.apple.com/us/podcast/the-posters-guide-to-the-new-internet/id430333725?i=1000632256014

* Cory Doctorow (@craphound.com @doctorow@mamot.fr) declared in his Pluralistic blog (@pluralisticmamot.fr) post: “Vice surrenders” (https://pluralistic.net/2024/02/24/anti-posse/):
  “This is the moment for POSSE (Post Own Site, Share Everywhere [sic]), a strategy that sees social media as a strategy for bringing readers to channels that you control”

* And none other than Molly White (@mollywhite.net @molly0xfff@hachyderm.io) of @web3isgoinggreat.com (@web3isgreat@indieweb.social) built, deployed, and started actively using her own POSSE setup as described in her post titled “POSSE” (https://www.mollywhite.net/micro/entry/202403091817) to:
  "… write posts in the microblog and automatically crosspost them to Twitter/Mastodon/Bluesky, while keeping the original post on my site."
Congrats Molly and well done!

In its 19th year, the microformats formal #microformats2 syntax and popular vocabularies h-card, h-entry, and h-feed, kept growing across IndieWeb (micro)blogging services and software like CMSs & SSGs both for publishing, and richer peer-to-peer social web interactions via #Webmention.

Beyond the IndieWeb, the rel=me microformat, AKA #relMe, continues to be adopted by services to support #distributed #verification, such as these in the past year:

* Meta Platforms #Threads user profile "Link" field¹
* #Letterboxd user profile website field²

For both POSSE and microformats, there is always more we can do to improve their techniques, technologies, and tools to help people own their content and identities online, while staying connected to friends across the web.

Got suggestions for this coming year? Join us in chat:
* https://chat.indieweb.org/dev
* https://chat.indieweb.org/microformats
for discussions about POSSE and microformats, respectively.

Previously: https://tantek.com/2023/171/t1/anniversaries-microformats-posse

This is post 15 of #100PostsOfIndieWeb. #100Posts

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Post glossary:

microformats2 syntax


¹ https://tantek.com/2023/234/t1/threads-supports-indieweb-rel-me
² https://indieweb.org/rel-me#Letterboxd
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added my entry for the 32-bit cafe’s community code jam no. 4! take a peek into my travels with a little bit of sleuthing (and a not-so-subtle nod to one of my favorite games as a kid!) 💖


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For a while already, I've been designing how to make a good-looking, functional and interesting CV/resume/timeline to my own website that I could link to when companies want LinkedIn links during recruitment.

I think it's time to start building that.


I built my first blog as a teenager in the early 2000s and wrote two blog posts: one about small acts of kindness and one about castles.

For years, every time I got ideas for blog posts, I had forgotten my old blogs and started new ones, seeking for my niche.

Since 2018, I've been blogging regularly on my current blog and I've found a great creative outlet for myself.


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@Daojoan kirjoittaa mukavalla ja kauniilla tavalla RSS-syötteistä. Löysin itse syötteet uudelleen pienen tauon jälkeen ja ne ovat tehneet modernin webin käyttämisestä siedettävämpää.

Pidin erityisesti tästä: "It's the Marie Kondo method of information consumption - only content that sparks joy, delivered in a way that itself sparks joy."

Jos sinulla on blogi tai jotain muuta silloin tällöin päivittyvää sisältöä, harkitse sen tarjoamista RSS-syötteenä. Se antaa ihmisille mahdollisuuden seurata sinua juuri niin kuin he haluavat, ilman algoritmejä ☺️


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Happy 12 years of https://indieweb.org/POSSE #POSSE and19 years of https://microformats.org/ #microformats! (as of yesterday, the 20th)A few highlights from the past year:POSSE (Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) has grown steadily as a common practice in the #IndieWeb community, personal sites... tantek.com

Robots.txt isn’t enforceable and you have no fucking bot defense at all.

They. Will. Rip. It. All.

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Porkbun has a great domain service over there, and today (June 21) is the last day to get a .net domain for $3.51 (for a year) during this flash sale they've been having. Not that their prices aren't always low. But that's a killer deal if you wanna make a lil site.


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I'm interested in upping my web design for my sites.
What are some cool
#indieweb sites you think would be interesting or pleasing examples?
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Ando haciendo pruebas en el blog, necesito de vuelta los enlaces bidireccionales: https://cyborgspaces.com/2024/06/21/en-busca-de-enlaces-bidireccionales/

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Is it possible to have dynamic taxonomies in #hugo #gohugo? Like, extracting year from date?

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How do you "follow" blogs that don't have #Rss feeds? I've found several that I'd like to keep up with, but the #Pluma app doesn't recognize them.

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In den letzten Tagen habe ich noch ein wenig hin und her probiert. Ich habe das Activitypub- und das Friends-Plugin aktiviert. Dadurch bin ich jetzt im Fediverse auch unter marc@Marc.hannebrook.info erreichbar.

Durch Friends kann ich dort anderen Accounts folgen und auch mit deren Beiträgen interagieren. Damit habe ich vielleicht das, im vorherigen Beitrag erwähnte, „Friendica-Problem“ indirekt gelöst. Ich würde dann einfach nicht mehr mit dem Friendica-Account interagieren, sondern mit diesem. Die nächsten Tage werden zeigen, wie praktikabel das ist.

Überhaupt stellt sich die Frage, warum ich mit der Installation des ActivityPub-Plugins noch den Friendica- und den Mastodon-Account betreiben sollte, da diese Seite jetzt direkt mit dem Fediverse verbunden ist. Auch hier wird die Praxis in den nächsten Tagen (hoffentlich) Erkenntnisse hervorbringen.

Ich habe diese WordPress-Installation dann noch vom Webspace bei all-inkl auf meinen VPS übertragen, weil ich hoffte, dass das Login auf indieweb.org durch IndieAuth dann funktioniert  – bislang Fehlanzeige. Aber dafür kann ich jetzt per Friends auf Beiträge im Fediverse antworten. Das hat auf meinem Webspace vorher nicht funktioniert. Und das Teilen der Beiträge auf Mastodon und Bluesky funktioniert jetzt ohne vorherige Speicherung des jeweiligen Beitrages.


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