Testing out your webmention set up from another site. If this works, then congratulations!
A refback (remember those?!) today reminded me about this post: Non-technical IndieWeb: Fun, Creativity, Community, and “Content” https://boffosocko.com/2020/12/20/non-technical-indieweb-fun-creativity-community-and-content/
I should try to add more on #creativity and #fun to my IndieWeb Collection https://boffosocko.com/research/indieweb/

That feeling when you write a unit test using a library and then accidentally discover a bug in that exact library instead of your own code...

The bug in question, if you’re interested.

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Image previews with the FileReader API

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Changing with the times · Chris Burnell

I think, with the sheer volume of functionality available to us nowadays on the front-end, it can be easy to forget how powerful and strong the functionality is that we get right off shelf with HTML. Yes, you read that right, functionality.

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i really want to add webmention support and display into Kittybox right now so I wouldn’t be bored of not being able to see if someone interacts with me but i cant code for too much or i will blow a fuse in my brain become a dumb kitty for a week

so i will rest and play minecraft like a responsible person

see? im caring for myself!


Next thing I should do since I fixed the bug: webmentions. I really need to handle webmentions, and I think I actually will be able to do so rather easily now that I know my database doesn’t lock up anymore. I just need to attach an MF2 parser.

In general, what I would want to have in a perfect world is:

  • My own IndieAuth implementation
  • My own webmention acceptor (I already have plans but I need some extra software for it to work)
  • My own media endpoint (that autoconverts pictures to webp)
  • My own Microsub server
  • Editing posts in-band when logged in via IndieAuth
  • Make that second widget at the homepage do something interesting
@MuireallPrase Maybe this helps with context? https://boffosocko.com/2022/05/09/the-logos-ethos-and-pathos-of-indieweb/
I like your site; glad to virtually meet another who's interested in physics, math, and typesetting!
Kudos to @KevinMarks for his recent work on @Tumblr to add microformats to make it more IndieWeb friendly!

Mending what's broken, or how I discovered some broken links on my website

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good morning indieweb

i have returned somehow from having my site in semipermanent downtime

please don’t be gentle with it i need a little bit of sustained load so i can check a hypothesis

@edheil Because of the IndieWeb principle of plurality, you've got a tremendous amount of choice. Part of the issue is that there are SO MANY options and potential combinations of doing things.

What do you want the site to do? How much admin time to you want to spend on it? How flexible and modifiable do you want it to be? What skills do you have? What skills do you want to work on?

Both of the options you mention are excellent, though there's probably more immediate flexibility in WordPress with plugins. If you want something with no admin, but still some reasonable flexibility then micro.blog is a great way to go. (All three support a very broad range of all the IndieWeb building blocks. Of course, this doesn't even touch the custom-built or static site generator spaces which are also available options. And who's to say you should only have one site? ;)

This is a great question to ask in the IndieWeb Dev chat channel for advice from a bigger group of people with a tremendous wealth and diversity of building experience. https://chat.indieweb.org/dev
@edheil It creates a 1 to 1 correspondence between the post on your site & your post on Twitter to make it easier for Bridgy to match and sending responses. It also makes it easier to delete copies in the future because you'll know where else on the web you've posted things.

Settings at /wp-admin/admin.php?page=syndication_links will let you set syndication targets so you can use a simple checkbox for cross posting. I particularly love that it dovetails with https://quill.p3k.io/ if you use that with Micropub for posting short notes to your website.
@edheil Bridgy matches posts on your site to Twitter using one of a few methods so that it can backfeed the proper replies to the appropriate posts. Providing it with syndication links is usually easiest, and on WordPress try: https://indieweb.org/u-syndication#How_to_link_from_WordPress

David Shanske's Syndication Links plugin also should have a checkbox set up (non-Gutenberg) for more easily syndicating to Twitter and other services if you like. There are many ways to publish to Brid.gy without visiting it for each. Using Shankse's plugin which sends it Webmentions is probably the easiest, though it may require proper markup in your theme. For the technical part see: https://brid.gy/about#publishing which explains in outline how it works.

I think many of the options are documented either here or on related pages: https://indieweb.org/Getting_Started_on_WordPress

For other options and advice, it may be best/easiest to visit the IndieWeb WordPress chat at chat.indieweb.org/wordpress
@edheil Which of the various methods (manually, plugin(s), other) are you using? On fragility front, I'm not too worried as it is open source and has folks helping. It's also only a bridge as I can reply directly to your site.

Why blog? – Chuck Grimmett

Platforms come and go. Buy a domain and set up a permanent space on the web where others to find you and link back to. I have no idea what I put on Myspace back in the day, but everything I’ve published on this site since 2008 is still accessible and the links still work.

A personal website is a digital homestead that you can improve, tinker with, and live in for years to come. It is a home for your thoughts, musings, opinions, trials, and happenings, built in a way that suits you.

I like this little prompt:

What do you wish you had found via Google today but didn’t? Write that.

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At Homebrew Website Club watching with great anticipation as @KevinMarks adds microformats to the base Tumblr theme to help make it more IndieWeb friendly. #RedCups #Flickr
@ChengduLittleA You're not doing them all manually like this are you? https://aaronparecki.com/2018/06/30/11/your-first-webmention 😹
@omgmog@indieweb.social Glad to see others using Known and using it to syndicate to Mastodon!