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Ton, is it bad form to webmention multiple of your blog posts in this one? Is that like spamming?

No it’s definitely not bad form to mention multiple things at the same time. And even if, all would be forgiven as you provide me with the honorific ‘blogfather’ 😀

From your post the quote below I very much recognise. Not just because that web of connections is fun, also because I know it is important in dealing with a complex world. Yet as you say, others will get lost in trying to get your message.

Keep it concise. I’m gonna struggle with this one because I really like the giant web of connections that my brain makes around any topic.

The Crushing Weight of the Facepile—zachleat.com

Using IntersectionObserver to lazy load images—very handy for webmention avatars.

#intersectionobserver #lazyloading #images #facepile #webmentions #performance #weight #frontend #development
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I use Mastodon Autopost (github.com/simonfrey/mastodon_wordpress_autopost) for this. (I think originally came across it via Chris Aldrich). You can choose per post whether you want to post to your instance. I also added a couple of very hacky functions (github.com/ngm/semloop/blob/master/includes/syndication-targets.php) to add it as a Micropub syndication target.

For those with ideas for the IndieWeb Summit, check out https://indieweb.org/2019/Summit/Sessions! This way, we can surface them early and get to them sooner.

I was up working on some side projects when Andy Bell's note appeared on Monocle. He notes how the IndieWeb (outwardingly facing) is strongly a male-presenting environment. Which is true, for the most part. As far as I know, this has been the case but it's not a mission or goal to keep it this way - it's quite the opposite. Due to the dece...

#indieweb #building-blocks

Yeah; that’s part of something I’m writing out right now. The IndieWeb prides itself on https://indieweb.org/building-blocks, which is SUPER empowering since it gives you the final say but it can be tricky. I do suggest treating it like any other Web project - reporting issues, posting on your site (or Twitter) and keeping the conversation going. This’ll help surface it for others.

Definitely. There’s work by people in the community to make this stuff a bit easier. As with everything, there’s room for growth. What’s something you see about the IndieWeb tooling wise that took too long to find out? I have a bit of bias since I’m working on greenfield projects.

Work on that is being done on every turn. Biggest blockers are (perhaps) reach, interest and attraction to the concepts being portrayed. Def down to brainstorm more at https://indieweb.org/discuss!

Excited to announce that @JackyAlcine will speak on Making the IndieWeb for All @IndieWebSummit 2019! (https://v2.jacky.wtf/post/942cb7b0-edef-4b38-b3d0-8c432f68c1b4)

He is https://jacky.wtf/ the independent developer & creator of Koype for the #IndieWeb.

Sign-up: https://2019.indieweb.org/summit

I’ll be speaking at the IndieWeb Summit about what more we can do to make the IndieWeb more approachable for more people. Be sure to grab your remote or in-person tickets at https://2019.indieweb.org/summit; it happens in about two weeks!

I have a ‘recent posts’ and ‘recent comments’ section in the sidebar. This seemed to create problems with the processing of webmentions, specifically with Aaron Parecki’s Xray library for grabbing structured info from any URL. It would find an apparently improperly micro-formatted link in the sidebar and take that as the URL of the posting referred to. This would create faulty likes on other people’s sites, which then would send webmentions to the wrong postings.

As recent posts and recent comments are only a navigational aid when you’re looking at things like the front page, search results and archive pages, I looked into if I can show them on those pages only. Because if those sections aren’t present on the pages of individual postings, they cannot cause problems when parsed for structure. This being a WordPress site, of course there’s a plugin for it, Widget Context. I installed it, removed the offending widgets from individual pages, and it looks like the problem has been solved.

Yeah, I decided that I’m not going to work on ActivityPub support for Koype. I have my reasoning around it but it’s largely to avoid duplication of semantic work (Koype is tailored on the IndieWeb). I’ll have a method for supporting it but that’s to come in a later not.

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Looking into Discovery in the IndieWeb and Fediverse

Liked What is Networked Agency? | Roel.io

Roel kijkt mijn presa over networked agency van vorig jaar, en duikt in de betekenis van het woord agency. Herkenbaar, ik kom meer tegen dat mensen als eerste denken aan een marketing bureau ‘marketing agency’ of een overheidsagentschap ‘government agency’. Omdat het vaak op die manier gebruikt wordt, agentschap als organisatievorm. Ik heb het over agentschap (van agent, ageren) als individuele vaardigheid, als eigenschap en vakmanschap. Zelf vind ik het ook moeilijk er een een Nederlandse passende term voor te vinden die voldoende de lading dekt én herkenbaar is als zodanig.

Ah, en Roel (we gaan al heel lang terug online) heeft ook #indieweb WebMentions aan staan zie ik. Nice.

Happy to announce @Kitt will be speaking on “On Contractions & Expansions” @IndieWebSummit 2019!

Kitt is a brilliant developer, prolific writer, photographer, and posts at https://ki.tt/

Join us in two weeks!


It is. Most of us can get into it - lots of good reasons https://indieweb.org/why and some steps with using things like https://indieweb.org/Jekyll#IndieWeb_Support. I’m working on https://indieweb.org/Koype tho

Episode 24: What is the IndieWeb?

Looking into Discovery in the IndieWeb and Fediverse

Does anyone know of a WebSub server that does some level of reporting about the information coming in and out of it? This could be used to build niche communities and suggestions for discovery outside of the FAANG echo chambers.

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