Plaidophile: Two PSAs regarding IndieAuth

This bit around compiling and rendering sounds specific to the problems with using static sites. If it’s done completely remotely, to the level that something like Disqus or Commento could handle it, it’d just handle a fraction of what Webmentions are capable of. This, of course, requires time and effort to build. And since there isn’t a huge VC company backing such a notion, we won’t see it anytime soon.

A tapestry of humanity and what we know

I’m not explicitly sure but from the large demographic of people on Parler that seem to conflate the First Amendment to apply to social media companies and not who it’s intended for (the feds), I’d personally block that whole site from my IndieWeb setup.

going to part of the IndieAuth Pop-up Session
🗓 9:30-11:30am PDT, Sat 8/8

#IndieAuth is the most implemented decentralized #identity #protocol, built on #OAuth 2.

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#noBlockchain needed
#IndieAuth #identity #protocol #OAuth #IndieWeb #OpenWeb #WebIdentity #noBlockchain

For some reason specific to Bluebird, I can’t get the Microformats JavaScript library working. I can see how this would be a huge road block for anyone wanting to build IndieWeb stuff if a core component of it (Microformats) can’t be worked. Lemme see if I can reproduce this and figure out if it can be patched.

backfeed GitHub labels on your issues

Should we specify a MIME type / Content-Type for canonical JSON from parsed mf2?

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I’m thinking about Webmention feeds and I’m noticing now how special they might be compared to some other feeds. For example, if I wanted to do something that just spat out every Webmention I’ve received, that’d get noisy fast if I have a very busy stream of incoming Webmentions. I do want to consider generating a feed that’d resort itself based on the last recent activity but also provide context about the volume of activity that happened on said resource. Perhaps making the specific feed of activity of said resource be the target of the feed as well as linking to the resource in question would work. Lots of variability here to be honest and I’ve an interest in keeping the “how” this works very straight forward. This would be all stuff you’d see in a social reader, for some context.

I think I either want native “link quoting” / citations in my site and in Indigenous or someway to automatically do that. This hints back at a conversation in the IndieWeb channels about how posting interfaces have homogenized to be “intelligent” (in the sense that by setting certain fields, the post type can be inferred). I think it’s more constraint driven for sure but due to the hyper plurality of content types we’ve engaged with, it’s easier to throw users a kitchen sink versus providing more intelligent interfaces. We’re making strides towards that though!

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Kissa. Book. Launch. — Roden Explorers Archive

Own. Your. Nook. There’s power in owning your nook of the ‘net — your domain name, your design, your archives — and it’s easier than ever to do so, and run a crowdfunding campaign at the same time.

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Patched Lighthouse so it can allow you to resend Webmentions for a particular URL when provided. I had a moment when I noticed some Webmentions weren’t sent (due to being queued) and this helped bump it on the list.

Reminder that it's #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham tomorrow! I hope to see you there at 1730 for some website stuff!


Bringing back GitHub archiving

Need to patch Lighthouse to not have expiring tokens when attempting to send out Webmentions. I’m using JWTs (only because this inbuilt system is using that by default) and it’s a bit annoying to have this huge token string. Might consider implementing a simpler token that keeps data on the server so the client knows less

So I’ve been working on Koype Publish and I learned quite a bit on it. I’ve managed to build a UI that can be self-composing on the client side so I can send whatever I need up to the server. It’ll translate it into a Microformats payload. The goal of this over the last month was to see if I can use it to build everything for my site (edit my homepage, adjust custom pages and even adjust the layout of a feed’s markup). I know it’s doable. But now, I need to look into adjusting the editor UX so it can adaptive depending on the URL provided versus having to “select” what you need - the way it should be.

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also hi again, couldn’t break my #IndieWeb addiction, Twitter’s not helping anymore