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Happy 12 years of #POSSE and
19 years of #microformats! (as of yesterday, the 20th)

A few highlights from the past year:

POSSE (Publish on your Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) has grown steadily as a common practice in the #IndieWeb community, personal sites, CMSs (like Withknown, which itself reached 10 years in May!), and services (like for over a decade.

In its 12th year, POSSE broke through to broader technology press and adoption beyond the community. For example:

* David Pierce’s ( excellent article ( “The poster’s guide to the internet of the future” (
  “Your post appears natively on all of those platforms, typically with some kind of link back to your blog. And your blog becomes the hub for everything, your main home on the internet.
Done right, POSSE is the best of all posting worlds.”

* David also recorded a 29 minute podcast on POSSE with some great interviews:

* Cory Doctorow ( declared in his Pluralistic blog ( post: “Vice surrenders” (
  “This is the moment for POSSE (Post Own Site, Share Everywhere [sic]), a strategy that sees social media as a strategy for bringing readers to channels that you control”

* And none other than Molly White ( of ( built, deployed, and started actively using her own POSSE setup as described in her post titled “POSSE” ( to:
  "… write posts in the microblog and automatically crosspost them to Twitter/Mastodon/Bluesky, while keeping the original post on my site."
Congrats Molly and well done!

In its 19th year, the microformats formal #microformats2 syntax and popular vocabularies h-card, h-entry, and h-feed, kept growing across IndieWeb (micro)blogging services and software like CMSs & SSGs both for publishing, and richer peer-to-peer social web interactions via #Webmention.

Beyond the IndieWeb, the rel=me microformat, AKA #relMe, continues to be adopted by services to support #distributed #verification, such as these in the past year:

* Meta Platforms #Threads user profile "Link" field¹
* #Letterboxd user profile website field²

For both POSSE and microformats, there is always more we can do to improve their techniques, technologies, and tools to help people own their content and identities online, while staying connected to friends across the web.

Got suggestions for this coming year? Join us in chat:
for discussions about POSSE and microformats, respectively.


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me: $30 is way too much for 16oz of vegan cheese mix!

also me: **adds $60 of various powdered ingredients to a shopping cart in the hopes of recreating said cheese mix**
My new hobby is finding vegan mac and cheese sauce powder products online, and looking at the ingredient list and trying to recreate it
not going to win any awards for the photo, but I just made 6 jars of vegan mac and cheese sauce mix, just add non-dairy milk!

Some income would be nice

working on a new habanero hot sauce recipe
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