Haha, sorry for the in-line links! I was thinking of tag-reply posts from the receiving side, as a way of letting others suggest tags for your posts. Readers of your comics post tag-replies on their site, your site would receive them as webmentions and you could add them to the comic post or not.

It’s all IndieWeb building blocks, but it’s a lot of plumbing on your side (accepting webmention data into your tags, moderating) and theirs (making a post on their own site with markup, sending webmentions).

Homebrew Website Club SF!

17:30: Optional writing hour and quiet socializing 18:30: IndieWeb demos and hack night! Homebrew Website Club retro 1980s-style logo Topics for this week: IndieWebCamp Austin projects & demos! IndieWebCamp Online is this weekend! Sign-up! IndieWebCamp New Haven is this March 30-31! Sign-up! IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf is scheduled May 11-12! Sign-up! Demos of personal website breakthroughs Create or update your personal web site! Join a community with like-minded interests. Bring friends that want a personal site, or are interested in a healthy, independent web! Any questions? Ask in #indieweb Slack or IRC More information: IndieWeb Wiki Event Page RSVP: post an indie RSVP on your own site!

IndiewebCamp Austin Thoughts

Adding Check-Ins and Locations

Core Int on IndieWebCamp and business

It always feels good to catch up with #indieweb. I don't know why. Probably because I'm 100% sure the people I'm subscribed to are real.

Twitter will never understand this. Everyone may be a bot. Including your friends...

#indieweb #None://fireburn.ru/tags/indieweb
@rosemaryorchard enjoying the latest episode of Automators with @siracusa! I was thinking that you should do an episode on Hammerspoon - http://www.hammerspoon.org - which I utterly adore. I’ve even created a Micropub integration for Hammerspoon - https://github.com/cleverdevil/Micropub.spoon

Hey folx, if you are interested in working on your personal website or getting one set up for the first time, you should join us for IndieWebCamp Online, March 8–10! It's free and a great community that I'm proud to be part of: https://indieweb.org/2019/Online

Friday March 1st, 2019 18.52

I'm going!

Another IndieWeb meetup at The Bean! The web is the social web, so come work on your personal website project with us!

Happy March!

It’s an arbitrary boundary, yet I’m relieved February is over. That month was meh overall. January too.

Yes there were a few bright spots** (#NPSF sunrises, #jazziversary, #PublicDomainDay, 30k PR (green trail runs in general), #IndieWebCamp Austin)

Can we (re)start 2019 in March, like years used to?


“Many other cultures and religions still celebrate the beginning of the New Year in March.” (citations would be nice)

#2019 #Gregorian #March #LEGO #month #calendar #startagain #newnewyear #nofilter

**bright spots:
* tantek.com/2019/027/t3/three-npsf-sunrises-sunday-sunset
* tantek.com/2019/025/t2/grand-public-domain-community-microformats-indieweb
* tantek.com/2019/043/t1/sfrc-clouds-hills-muddy-trails
* tantek.com/2019/048/t1/finshed-chabot-redtailridge-30k-pr
* tantek.com/2019/050/t3/corona-heights-green
* https://indieweb.org/2019/Austin
#jazziversary #PublicDomainDay #IndieWebCamp #2019 #Gregorian #March #LEGO #month #calendar #startagain #newnewyear #nofilter

Testing Webmention Issues

This is a test, to figure out a potential Webmention issue.

Sending a regular webmention to Frank’s posting on testing webmentions.

Sending an in-reply-to webmention to Frank’s posting on rebuilding webmentions.

If this doesn’t work well, I will do another test where my posting has a title and slug. I seem to remember that postings without title have caused issues with mentions before.

Replied to Een nieuwe start by Frank Meeuwsen on Digging the Digital
..ik wilde al langer overstappen van Jekyll naar WordPress. Niet omdat Jekyll nu zo verschrikkelijk is, maar omdat ik merkte dat ik tegen iets teveel hobbels liep in Jekyll. Hobbels die vaak in WordPress al wel goed zijn genomen. ...

Goed te horen dat je naar WP bent overgestapt Frank! Dat maakt dat we met de hobbels die we tegenkomen wat meer samen kunnen optrekken, want ik gebruik ook WP.

Over die webmentions: in plaats van importeren in de WP database, kun je ze toch ook allemaal opnieuw sturen naar jezelf? Je hebt zeg je de database van webmentions die je op je Jekyll blog hebt ontvangen. Wat je daarvan nodig hebt is de webmention source (url van de bron van de link) en de webmention target (url van jouw posting die genoemd wordt) Die kun je ‘voeren’ aan je eigen webmention endpoint, precies zoals het formulier dat onder iedere WP posting van je staat voor het handmatig indienen van een webmention doet (waarbij de target al is vastgesteld). Het is immers niet zo dat alleen de site die jou noemt een webmention daarvan kan sturen. Iedereen kan dat naar jouw endpoint, en dus ook jij zelf. Dat is het mooie van webmentions. Webmention is je importer. Ik gebruik het wel om webmentions toe te voegen van sites die dat zelf niet versturen. Jouw WP ziet ze dan als nieuwe mentions binnenkomen en plaatst het in de eigen database, en verwerkt ze verder t.a.v. opmaak. Et voila, geïmporteerd.

Automatically save to Internet Archive

Write on your own website | Brad Frost

Writing on your own website associates your thoughts and ideas with you as a person. Having a distinct website design helps strengthen that association. Writing for another publication you get a little circular avatar at the beginning of the post and a brief bio at the end of the post, and that’s about it. People will remember the publication, but probably not your name.

#writing #sharing #identity #indieweb #personal #publishing #medium #blogs #blogging
Thanks for the warm welcome @btconf!

Longtime fan, looking forward to contributing & sharing the stage with so many great folks (like @sonniesedge 👋)!

Also excited for #IndieWebCamp May 11-12 beforehand — sign-up now!

RSVP: https://btco.nf/DUS2019indiewebcamp

I added a help page with an introduction to IndieAuth for Micro.blog developers. This is best for web apps and desktop apps where the user is often already signed in.

@benwerd Two thoughts: 1. Micro dot blog is a great, IndieWeb-friendly platform that is accessible to consumers. Not fully there yet, but a good model. 2. I like the idea of something like serverpilot.io, which separates the underlying infrastructure from the management.

50 episodes of Micro Monday