Just testing my micropub endpoint still works 😉

People of Brighton who have websites: remember that this evening—and every Thursday evening—it’s Homebrew Website Club Brighton in the @Clearleft studio from 6pm to 7:30pm:


Want to hear @zeldman and me talk #webstandards #CSS #microformats #independentweb what to do about the #toolchain rift(s) and latest advances in the #indieweb?

1hr+ raw & uncut @TheBigWebShow № 186: http://5by5.tv/bigwebshow/186

#webstandards #CSS #microformats #independentweb #toolchain #indieweb

There's also indieweb.xyz which is more broad, topically.

Ok. that was the last test. I give up on posting images via Micropub on WordPress. I’ll be moved by morning. This domain will probably go dormant while I move, then still not sure if I’ll continue to blog here. 🤔 I’ll make sure to post a new feed link for the one or two who may be following that way.

New features: saved drafts on Micro.blog, updated macOS app, Tumblr import

IndieWebCamp Utrecht

What I Did Mar 18th - Mar 24th

Yes: Looking forward to attending my third consecutive IndieWeb Summit in Portland, OR!
IndieWeb Summit registration is open! 🎉 Come join an amazing group of people working towards an independent web!

📅 June 29-30, 2019
📌 Portland, Oregon
🎟 https://2019.indieweb.org/summit
#indieweb #indiewebcamp

Always Own Your Platform

Stop giving away your work to people who don’t care about it. Host it yourself. Distribute it via methods you control. Build your audience deliberately and on your own terms.

#indieweb #platforms #control #publishing #distribution

Week Notes 19#12

Benjamin Parry Offline Homebrewing

Two of my favourite things: indie web and service workers.

This makes me so happy. I remember saying when my book came out, that the best feedback I could possibly get would be readers making their websites work offline. The same can be said for the talk of the book.

#serviceworkers #goingoffline #homebrew #website #club #indieweb #clearleft #frontend #development #javascript #talk #presentation

Hacking away at Homebrew Website Club Brighton! https://indieweb.org/HomebrewWebsiteClub#Brighton

Reminder: it’s Homebrew Website Club Brighton this evening (and every Thursday) in the @Clearleft studio from 6pm:


Everyone welcome!

01:42 suspended per Twitter email: "abusive behavior" and "targeted harassment of someone"
18:36 restored per "account got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake"

My tweets are pretty boring. Running pics. #IndieWeb #CSS

One comparing Twitter to the Matrix about an abstract “someone”. Does Twitter’s automated system think “harassment of someone” literally means referring to the literal text “someone”? Is one offhand tweet considered “harassment”?

HWC NYC Wrap-Up 2019-03-20

#HWC #NYC #IndieWeb #wrap-up

Sunlit 2.4 now available

Brightonians with websites: Homebrew Website Club Brighton is now happening every Thursday evening in the @Clearleft studio:


Show up from 6pm and we’ll mess about with our websites.