Just testing my micropub endpoint still works 😉

People of Brighton who have websites: remember that this evening—and every Thursday evening—it’s Homebrew Website Club Brighton in the @Clearleft studio from 6pm to 7:30pm:


Want to hear @zeldman and me talk #webstandards #CSS #microformats #independentweb what to do about the #toolchain rift(s) and latest advances in the #indieweb?

1hr+ raw & uncut @TheBigWebShow № 186: http://5by5.tv/bigwebshow/186

#webstandards #CSS #microformats #independentweb #toolchain #indieweb

There's also indieweb.xyz which is more broad, topically.

Ok. that was the last test. I give up on posting images via Micropub on WordPress. I’ll be moved by morning. This domain will probably go dormant while I move, then still not sure if I’ll continue to blog here. 🤔 I’ll make sure to post a new feed link for the one or two who may be following that way.

New features: saved drafts on Micro.blog, updated macOS app, Tumblr import

We’ve rolled out some more improvements to Micro.blog. For blogs hosted on Micro.blog, you can now save a post draft to Micro.blog, then come back later to edit and publish it. The macOS app has been updated with support for drafts and a new “Posts” section to make editing or searching your existing posts much easier.

Here’s a short video of the new feature on the Mac:

Saving drafts works on the web version of Micro.blog or from the macOS app. We’ll be updating the iOS app soon.

You can also now import from a Tumblr blog. Choose Posts → Import to upload the export file you receive from Tumblr. Micro.blog will import any photos in the archive and add them to your own domain name hosted on Micro.blog.

Micro.blog’s posting API has been updated with support for additional Micropub API features: retrieving a list of your own posts, marking a post as a draft, and updating the title or text in an existing post. This should make it easier for apps to support editing.

IndieWebCamp Utrecht

Frank Meeuwsen en ik hebben een datum geprikt en een locatie gevonden. IndieWebCamp gaat door, op 18 en 19 mei in Utrecht in de ruimte van Shoppagina.nl, Kanaalweg 14-L in Utrecht. Een rudimentaire site met aankondiging vind je op IndieWebCamp, en dezelfde info vind je in de IndieWeb wiki.

Er is plek voor maximaal 35 mensen. Dus als je heel graag aanwezig wilt zijn, mail mij of Frank dan alvast even. De inschrijving gaat binnenkort open. We zoeken nog wat ondersteuning, zoals een sponsor voor de lunch op zaterdag en zondag. Als je iets bij kunt of wilt dragen laat het weten!

What I Did Mar 18th - Mar 24th

  • Watched Pi
  • Got kicked in the face
  • Played catch-up in writing up notes from crafting
  • Ugraded my site to Bootstrap4 and made some nice tweaks to the layout
  • Added mathematical typesetting to my site so that I can add maths to posts

$$v(s) \gets v(s) + \alpha \delta z$$

  • Played Inside
  • Drafted a sweater pattern

kongaloosh.com what i did math dev indieweb
Yes: Looking forward to attending my third consecutive IndieWeb Summit in Portland, OR!
IndieWeb Summit registration is open! 🎉 Come join an amazing group of people working towards an independent web!

📅 June 29-30, 2019
📌 Portland, Oregon
🎟 https://2019.indieweb.org/summit
#indieweb #indiewebcamp

Always Own Your Platform

Stop giving away your work to people who don’t care about it. Host it yourself. Distribute it via methods you control. Build your audience deliberately and on your own terms.

#indieweb #platforms #control #publishing #distribution

Week Notes 19#12

As we near the end of Q1, this was a week that felt sluggish, slow like swimming in syrup.

  • Created some rolling forecasts (liquidity, acquisition, time allocation, and projects) with my colleague Jochem. As we are entering a different phase with my company (e.g. more people), it is becoming more important to have some key things easily visible to my partners.
  • Worked on a project plan for a Malaysian client, current starting data estimated to be in June
  • Provided some input on data granularity to that client, for training they were providing this week to data holders
  • Monthly phone conference with the director and deputy director of Open State Foundation (of which I’m the chairman of the board)
  • Decided on a location for the IndieWebCamp Utrecht in May
  • Spent a day with my company’s partners discussing our course for the next nine months
  • Worked on a project for a Dutch province
  • Voted in the provincial elections and the water authority elections ( Netherlands’ oldest democratic institutions). These were the first elections since we moved into this region 2 years ago, so had to orient myself on what’s what and who’s who.
  • Loaded up on new books, as it is national book week.
  • As weekly hack or rather odd job, with help of the little one, I repaved the roof terrace where most tile stones were askew

Benjamin Parry Offline Homebrewing

Two of my favourite things: indie web and service workers.

This makes me so happy. I remember saying when my book came out, that the best feedback I could possibly get would be readers making their websites work offline. The same can be said for the talk of the book.

#serviceworkers #goingoffline #homebrew #website #club #indieweb #clearleft #frontend #development #javascript #talk #presentation

Hacking away at Homebrew Website Club Brighton! https://indieweb.org/HomebrewWebsiteClub#Brighton

Hacking away at Homebrew Website Club Brighton!


Reminder: it’s Homebrew Website Club Brighton this evening (and every Thursday) in the @Clearleft studio from 6pm:


Everyone welcome!

01:42 suspended per Twitter email: "abusive behavior" and "targeted harassment of someone"
18:36 restored per "account got caught up in one of these spam groups by mistake"

My tweets are pretty boring. Running pics. #IndieWeb #CSS

One comparing Twitter to the Matrix about an abstract “someone”. Does Twitter’s automated system think “harassment of someone” literally means referring to the literal text “someone”? Is one offhand tweet considered “harassment”?

HWC NYC Wrap-Up 2019-03-20

New York City's second Homebrew Website Club of March met at The Bean at Cooper Union on March 20th, with me playing host.

Here are some notes from the "broadcast" portion of the meetup!

dmitri.shuralyov.com — Working on his notification system, specifically tracking (un)read status of notifications from Gerrit. Today was exploring pieces of the system he'll have to modify to get this to work and now has a list of which pieces need updates. In his previous notification system, any fetch of a notification marked it as read, but that will change because it gives him more control over the system. Also made an update to the Homebrew Website Club main page to make the event description clearer, using text that we include on individual HWC event pages now.

martymcgui.re — Did a lot of digging into what's possible with MediaWiki templates, with the goal of simplifying the creation of Homebrew Website Club event pages on the IndieWeb wiki. He was able to get an "hwcdate" template together that outputs the date portion (2019-03-20) of event pages like events/2019-03-20-homebrew-website-club-nyc. Maybe created some tech debt, given how that locks in our URLs, but hopefully it will save some copy-paste-tweak labor.

rootedfromnature.com — Got stuck on a train and super delayed! 😭

Other discussion:

  • MediaWiki and its relation to Wikipedia and as an open source project. Many mediawiki installs become stale quickly, for some good reasons! Finding documentation on parts of mediawiki can also be confusing, as the common terms may point to similar but unrelated topics, may be outdated, may refer to plugins or extensions you don't have, or may refer to functionality available in newer versions of mediawiki.
  • How we learn and modify the tools we use to write and edit code. The trade-offs between using something we're comfortable with versus trying to pick up and become proficient with new tools. Sublime and vim and emacs and VisualStudio Code and all their plugins and ways of integrating with services and supporting different languages.
  • The Language Server Protocol for standardizing how editors can provide "smart" features like autocomplete for different languages and projects.
  • Synchronizing work-in-progress code. Is Git too much overhead? Maybe! Dmitri likes using Dropbox.
Marty and Dmitri smile at the camera, sitting in front of a brick wall.Left-to-right: martymcgui.re, dmitri.shuryalov.com

Thanks to everyone who came out! We look forward to seeing you at our next meetup on Wednesday, April 4th at 6:30pm!

#HWC #NYC #IndieWeb #wrap-up

Sunlit 2.4 now available

The new version of Sunlit is now available in the App Store. You can download it for free and use it with Micro.blog or to publish photos to an existing blog like WordPress.

Why does controlling our own photos matter? As I wrote in this post about the way out of the mess created by massive social networks, having posts at our own domain names unlocks a few very important features:

  • Open standards mean interoperability with multiple tools. I can use IndieWeb tools like OwnYourGram to automatically copy Instagram posts to Micro.blog, or use traditional blogging apps like MarsEdit to upload and post photos.
  • Content ownership gives the flexibility to move photos between hosting providers. You can host on Micro.blog or WordPress or some future blogging platform without URLs breaking.
  • Smaller social networks get us away from ad-based businesses that sell our data. Because Sunlit is powered by Micro.blog, you can even follow Mastodon or PixelFed users and see their photos in the Sunlit timeline.

I’m very excited about this release and hope you like it. It’s time to move away Instagram. If you need help importing your photos, check out this video I made about batch importing from Instagram to Micro.blog-hosted blogs.

Brightonians with websites: Homebrew Website Club Brighton is now happening every Thursday evening in the @Clearleft studio:


Show up from 6pm and we’ll mess about with our websites.