Great to hear about last weekend’s IndieWeb Summit from @tomwiththeweather at tonight’s Homebrew Website Club (aka IndieWeb Meetup). The rain let up just in time to sit outside at Mozart’s Coffee. Next meetup in Austin is August 7th.

Was hoping to have this ready in time for the IndieWeb summit but maybe before my birthday will suffice!

Great question! I talk to Aperture via the Microsub API. You can check out the code that I use here:

First Known Open Collective meeting

Each time I read one of Jeremy’s posts on how he handles POSSE, Webmention, or other neat Indiewebby things – I get the urge to write some code for my site. But then I get into it a little and get overwhelmed. Too much work to support all these social networks. I do, however, want to improve how my webmentions look on other people’s sites. I need to fix that.


I just released a completely rewritten version of Gimme A Token, which hopefully does a better job of explaining the IndieAuth flow as you go.

My email inbox was so backlogged after @IndieWebSummit that I missed the emails I was getting that was about to expire! I've renewed it, so it'll be back up and running shortly!
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OStatus is very IndieWeb-esque in some ways, but the WebFinger account discovery spoils it and Salmon makes it worse - using URLs is actually much better than any of this.

Following IndieWeb

IndieWeb Summit 2019

The IndieWeb Summit last weekend left me with so many ideas and potential for things we can do to help foster a people-focused version of the Web. There’s like 6 blog posts I’m working on but I’m going to put some polish to first to demostrate one of the ideas. Very excited!

Bridgy for Webmentions with Brotli—

This is good to know! Because of a bug in Google App Engine, won’t work for sites using Brotli compression on HTML.

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Gezocht in Amsterdam: ruimte voor #IndieWebCamp op 28 en 29 september.
Benodigd 3 ruimten (1 max 35, 2 max 10-12), waarvan de grotere op beide dagen, de anderen alleen de 1e dag. Budget: liefst gesponsord door gebruiker v.d. ruimte(s). Bijv. kantoor/vergaderruimtes tech-gelieerd bedrijf? #indieweb

@atmlutter It was great meeting you this weekend! I didn't realize until last night that you were from Toronto. Maybe you and @jackjamieson could start up a Toronto #indieweb meetup? :)

See you later, Portland! It was a blast hanging out with friends old and new at the IndieWeb Summit. I’m hoping to write a recap on my flight! Thanks Delta for the upgrade 😍

IndieWeb Summit hack day

IndieWeb meetup in Austin this Wednesday: Homebrew Website Club at Mozart’s, 6:30pm. Join us to catch up on some of the sessions from IndieWeb Summit over the weekend, or to have time to work on your own blog. ☕

Curating A Design System Newsletter

Some time ago I was going through the backlog of around 90 unread articles on Design Systems. About 80 of those were Medium articles and about 40 of those took me to either their user-hostile “you ready a lot and we like that” pop-up or their money-grabbing “you’ve read lots this month, pay us to read some more.”, it turns out that Medium only likes you reading things when you give money to do so.

Therefore I’ve started to add a little warning notice to each article that’s on Medium.

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Fake Is Easy, Back Up Your Words With Hyperlinks