Microsub specification says that notifications channel should get handled separately from others (that’s why it has a known UID and is the first). Cool feature of Java (and Kotlin) that allows me to do it: I set my Notifications fragment (that is separate from feeds) to a subclass of MicrosubChannelFragment that sets “uid” to notifications. This prevents duplication of code, makes my channels pretty and saves effort!

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Your Website is Your Castle

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Frank Chimero · Redesign: Wants and Needs

Websites sit on a design spectrum. On one end are applications, with their conditional logic, states, and flows—they’re software.

On the other end of the design spectrum are documents; sweet, modest documents with their pleasing knowableness and clear edges.

For better or worse, I am a document lover.

This is the context where I fell in love with design and the web. It is a love story, but it is also a ghost story.

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Week Notes 20#01

What About 2020

Thoughts on what I will and won't do in 2020: reclaiming attention and quality time.
RSVPed Attending IndieWebCamp London
IndieWebCamp London 2020 is a gathering for independent web creators of all kinds, from graphic artists, to designers, UX engineers, coders, hackers, to share ideas, actively work on creating for their own personal websites, and build upon each others creations.

Happy New Year! 🎉 Hope everyone’s year is off to a good start so far. We’ve got a couple IndieWeb Austin events coming up in early 2020: the meetup is next Wednesday, 6:30pm at Mozart’s, and the 2-day IndieWebCamp is February 22-23.

Bookmarked: A brief year in review of my website, domain, online identity, commonplace book, journal, diary, etc.

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Bookmarked: Joining the Indieweb, the web that's been here all along

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What I Did Last Year

10 years ago today: started posting notes on my site instead of Twitter: https://tantek.com/2010/001/t1/declaring-independence-building-it
Then 25 days to auto-syndicate, catch up: https://twitter.com/t/status/8228455558

Have a site? Start posting your notes there in 2020.

Just start. Ask the #indieweb community and we’ll help.

Start with static note permalinks and a script to update your homepage & feeds.
Then start auto-syndicating (POSSEing https://indieweb.org/POSSE) and you can replace your tweeting with your own website.



5 years ago: https://tantek.com/2015/002/t1/notes-replies-faves-before-twitter-ownyourdata

Reply to https://jlelse.blog/micro/2020/01/2020-01-01-frviz/

I’m kinda testing stuff in production again. BTW no new frontend ‘cause I need to set up gitlab runners. BTW happy new year IndieWeb I love you ❤

Year end

TODAY: Donate, and renew arts & science memberships:
@ACLU 2x
@PPact 3x
@InternetArchive 3x

Donate/renew NOW for 2019+2020 for 2-3x matches, and keep funding science! Why:

Why you must act TODAY (everyone)

Several of the above charitable organizations have matching donations that will increase your donation 2-3x IF you donate by end of day TODAY 2019-12-31 US Timezones.

See the 2x/3x next to the @-names for which organizations and how much.

Why you must act TODAY (US friends)

It’s the last day of 2019. By donating today, you may be able to itemize your donations and deduct them from your 2019 Federal taxes (IANAA, talk to your accountant regarding itemizing vs using the standard deduction).

You can donate to all of these organizations online and get an email receipt in minutes (I am donating/renewing to all the above personally).

See each Twitter profile above for their site/donation URLs, except @CalAcademy inexplicably doesn’t link to theirs: https://www.calacademy.org/support-the-academy

**Disclosure: I work for @Mozilla, on & with open web standards & communities @indiewebcamp @microformats @W3C @WHATWG supported by @Firefox to provide a more human-centric, private, and secure web for all users. #fightfortheuser

Previously: tantek.com/2018/365/t2/today-donate-renew-arts-science

2019 in numbers

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Bookmarked: The People's Web

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The People’s Web

Every day, millions of people rely on independent websites that are mostly created by regular people, weren’t designed as mobile apps, connect deeply to culture, and aren’t run by the giant tech companies. These are a vision of not just what the web once was, but what it can be again.

This really hits home for me. Anil could be describing The Session here:

They often start as a labor of love from one person, or one small, tightly-knit community. The knowledge or information set that they record is considered obscure or even worthless to outsiders, until it becomes so comprehensive that its collective worth is undeniable.

This is a very important message:

Taken together, these sites are as valuable as any of the giant platforms run by the tech titans.

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This was fun, I was working on improving my Micropub config support and realised it was a good point to fix my brid.gy flow too...

The button on the left just sets your account as being able to publish via brid.gy, the button to the right uses the brid.gy API to start the sign up process with Twitter. Previously trying to syndicate a post to Twitter without having a brid.gy account just reported an error.

The other change is that dobrado now shows menu options for syndicate and destination settings from your Micropub config. You can try them out by logging in at unicyclic.com.

Words I wrote in 2019

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