#HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham is on Zoom tonight, courtesy of the wonderful #IndieWeb organisers - you can find all the events details on https://events.indieweb.org/2020/03/online-homebrew-website-club-nottingham-anniversary-edition--Rcujt5SykHv1

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Cameron Moll | Don’t call it a comeback. I been here for years.

Cameron’s blog is back, and very nicely redesigned/aligned it is too!

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Happy birthday to me! A lovely start to the morning opening cards with a champagne flute of Tango, with the wonderful https://annadodson.co.uk and #Morph

If you visit my site today you'll notice birthday balloons that I copied from Aaron Parecki this weekend at #IndieWebCamp London

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I'm going!

Let’s try an online IndieWeb Meetup!

Watch the event post on events.indieweb.org for a Zoom meeting link! We will try to get it going about 15 minutes before the 6pm start time.

81: Chris Aldrich, aka @c

It is with regret (but pragmatism!) that I announce that the #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham anniversary meal on Wednesday (https://events.indieweb.org/2020/03/homebrew-website-club-nottingham-anniversary-edition--Rcujt5SykHv1) is postponed.

We'll instead meet on https://technottingham.com/slack - and will plan to do so for the forseable future.


IndieWebCamp London

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I would like to add webmention to my blog. And I am testing it out now! Why you should own your content? Because we have full control of our appearance and interaction with people on the internet: No more losing content due to closing of websites No more privacy issues, no more hidden tracking Cause...

I am a „Human of WordPress“

Week Notes 20#11

Nice to see you adding webmentions
At IndieWebCamp London hack day today (virtually) – working on some events-related stuff.

Following on from the OwnYourRSVPs session, I’m going to try and decouple myself a bit from Meetup. I can get a feed of events in my social reader, and RSVP to them via the support Jamie added to brid.gy for Meetup.

I’ll also try to publish my ‘agenda’ page (like Seb’s) for others to discover events, and maybe set up an RSVP iCal feed for my own use.

Been a great day at #IndieWebCamp London - thanks for some great conversations. Got several things I may work on at tomorrow's hack day, so will have to see what I end up doing

Liked Introducing a Microformats API for Meetup.com: meetup-mf2.jvt.me by Jamie TannaJamie Tanna
Announcing the Microformats translation layer for Meetup.com events.

Nice! If you manage to come along to #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham we'd be happy to have you to come work on your site 👍 The next one (https://events.indieweb.org/2020/03/homebrew-website-club-nottingham-anniversary-edition--Rcujt5SykHv1) is likely going to be a meal out, so https://events.indieweb.org/2020/04/homebrew-website-club-nottingham-UpVd9JZeVzx6 will be the next one (but I may make it remote-only due to #coronavirus)

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Really enjoying the online sessions from IndieWebCamp London. Kevin has discussed IndieWeb building blocks and Jamie has described how he uses Micropub to publish straight into a git repo as part of building his static site.
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I may not be able to make it to the first session at #IndieWebCamp London - #Morph has decided that he is my new laptop

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