This is huge! @ThreadReaderApp can post your Twitter threads to your blog using Micropub! #indieweb
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I realized that I stopped posting to my site because of the broken flow of Webmentions for my site, which in turn, means I can’t get my content to Twitter. I’m glad that I’m aware of that in myself because it makes me ask “why do I care that I can’t get to Twitter?”

A colleague from the NGO on the board of which I serve is changing jobs, to the editorial board of a public broadcaster. Rather bizarre to see how their announcement of it to their online network along the lines of ‘hey I’m changing jobs, and I’m happy about the new opportunity’ causes a wave of disparaging comments, conspiracy theories, vague suspicions, and downright insults by those outside that personal network. Watching from the sideline I blocked a range of bird-site accounts whose only raison d’etre seems to be to heap bile on others. It’s an experience that reinforces my notion that these type of platforms are ultimately unsustainable because of their algorithmic amplification of sewage. Blocking is of course troll feed in a sense (Censorship!), but I see no moral obligation to allow bile in my timeline, nor do I reduce anyone’s freedom of speech by letting their speech pass me by.

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I’m looking forward to the virtual IndieWebCamp West this weekend. You should join us if you’re interested in creating or updating your personal site and advancing the independent web. It’s free!

Cassie Evans’s Blog

Cassie’s redesign is gorgeous—so much attention to detail! (And performant too)

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I'm going!

I absolutely laughed out loud at this naming. Looking forward to chatting with some IndieWeb folks late Friday night!

going to IndieWebCamp West - Eat Your Own Cooking Pre-Party!
🗓 8-10pm Friday!
🎟 Details:
✉️ Join us from your dining table, coffee table etc!
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going to IndieWebCamp West this weekend!
🗓 9am-6pm both Sat & Sun
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✉️ Join us for keynotes, and pop-in for sessions thru the weekend!
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A slightly quiet #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham - but I managed to make some headway into a Micropub client for my site


I wrote up some thoughts on how I’ll have Koype handle Webmention configuration remotely over its IndieWeb wiki page. Right now, it’s a bit theortical but this will work well since it’s based on the work of the Micropub specification. I almost put it in Micropub but that seemed like I was overloading Micropub’s capabilities and this’ll allow it to be agnostic from one’s ability to use Micropub.

Lemme know what y’all think.

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Hard Disk Full

Reminder that it's #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham tomorrow! See you there for some website stuff

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There’s a great feature of having a live conference that people can attend! But it’s extremely difficult to do properly especially when people are ten hours away. I wonder if we, in the IndieWeb, can take this opportunity to distribute this. There’s probably prior art on this - I haven’t seen it yet.

The idea is to have people pre-record talks and information to be about 4 - 5 hours worth, total. Then we can have a live streaming server play this playlist on loop about 6 times so (ideally) everyone can see them as if they were watching it for the first time. After the loop is done for about 6 times, we could then make individual video pages, similar to how conferences publish videos after a talk.

What does the community think? I’m hoping this would reduce the pressure to agree/find on a time and distributes it out for people. We’d need people in at least 4 different zones to help make sure that the videos are looping correctly (but that shouldn’t be too hard). I think TwiT does a good job of this.

Week Notes 20#25

Rewriting #blogblaze drafts on #Deno. I’m having progress! The ability to load ES6 modules by URLs instead of using npm to install them is nice. I kinda miss the dev-dependencies and the tools that are usually used with Node, like #eslint etc.

#kittybox #indieweb #js

#kittybox #indieweb #blogblaze #deno #javascript #eslint

Something I think about a lot is how to prevent people from messing with the IndieWeb. It hasn’t been a huge concern as of yet because thankfully we can trust everyone in the community so far. But if we were to go 10x in size right now, how do we stop people from posting something, editing it and making it seem as if the original post changed? We give people a lot of trust into the content they publish.

I know any solution towards this would have to be backwards-compatible with how we do things now and shouldn’t impede progress but I do think that I’ll be working very hard on making this a required function for my readers. And I think I have an idea for one (as well as a way to make this work for everyone without causing too much headache - it’s a bit like DKIM but with less moving parts).

I am contemplating rewriting #blogblaze for #Deno. Well, not rewriting, rather adapting it to Deno. It looks like a promising piece of software! #kittybox #indieweb

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