Bumping this because it was mentioned in chat about finding checkins, bookmarks and other types. https://chat.indieweb.org/dev/2020-07-25#t1595651715928500

I'm going!

Looking forward to some discussion on the future of Micropub!

Blog Sources, July 2020

Sunlit 3.0 beta and source

Interesting how WordPress treats Instagram posts, Twitter messages and Mastodon messages if you just paste in the URL in a posting. It started with a message by Victor Venema saying pasting a Toot’s URL into your WordPress makes it display as embed.

So I tried it myself with his message. That didn’t work as the URL he’s on, bonn.social ‘doesn’t allow it to be embedded in another page’. So that is something else I learned, apparantly you can make that happen from your server.
Then tried it with a Toot by myself.


that just shows the URL, so apparantly not recognised as a Mastodon instance.

Then I tried another one, simply pasting https://cybur.nl/@systeemkabouter/104564177512563566 into WordPress shows as an embed:

It’s a much bigger area than needed, but it shows as an embed.

If I do the same with a Tweet, pasting https://twitter.com/ton_zylstra/status/1052631885489287168 it shows not as an embed, but as a block-quote for me.

Are you on #Mastodon? Find me at https://t.co/O0ifvedQcq #fediverse #decentralized #activitypub

— Ton Zijlstra (@ton_zylstra) October 17, 2018

A search on wordpress.org suggests it’s because I have tracker blockers in my browser, causing it to be shown as block quote (Mastodon messages don’t come with trackers), and if I wouldn’t block trackers it would show as an embed.

I didn’t know WordPress does this type of parsing. Not sure what I think of it even, but it’s an interesting behaviour.

Curious to see how it ends up in the RSS feed as well.

This is a RSS only posting for regular readers. Not secret, just unlisted. Comments / webmention / pingback all ok.
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We got one in the IndieWeb at https://xn--sr8hvo.ws/ and a collection of ones we’ve seen at https://indieweb.org/webring#Examples

#indieauth #indieweb

Oh, I already post on my own site first (IndieWebinng)- Twitter could disappear today on my experience wouldn’t change!

Autonomy, digital self-determination, agency

Reminder that it's #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham tonight! I hope to see you there at 1730 for some website stuff! https://events.indieweb.org/2020/07/online-homebrew-website-club-nottingham-J6rKyTq3khYa


Nothing’s stopping you! What makes a reply a “reply” is mentioned at https://indieweb.org/reply with a section on markup. You could make it “invisible” by making it a link with no text (any IndieWeb site should recognize that and rank it over an article when one attempts to run post type discovery https://indieweb.org/post-type-discovery

Coming up this Saturday, there’s a Micropub discussion session over Zoom. We’ll be reviewing some of the Micropub extensions people are using (including Micro.blog). Details on the IndieWeb events site.

I'm always interested to hear how other folks approach their (IndieWeb) architecture - this is a good read!

@b_cavello, been reflecting. "immunity" not the goal. "#decentralisation" has been colonized by #blockchain snakeoil

* agency+community instead of corp dominance
* humble interop, choices, direct practices
Like end of tweet #IndieWeb post links
which allow us to write and post more on our own sites,
and link to more resources like:
* https://indieweb.org/principles
* https://indieweb.org/why
* https://indieweb.org/start

We reject traditional "fast growth" capitalist narratives, and instead humbly encourage slow sustainable growth across numerous projects that interoperate with each other.

Longevity & dependability directly benefit the people participating, instead of shortterm excitement which typically only benefits investors (sometimes "serial" entrepreneurs).

Would love to chat more about these topics: https://chat.indieweb.org/ (There’s a Slack link there too to use Slack to join).
#blockchain #IndieWeb

Week Notes 20#29

Those worked but since it was also done for every form of content, it began a bit burdensome to maintain as I begun this larger refactor. This is also part of my motivation to encourage more work on social IndieWeb readers :)

It’s already under way. We have the protocol that can give us this (AS2 + Git): https://github.com/forgefed/forgefed. Just need a company vested on actually working on actual community tools and not a brand https://drewdevault.com/2018/07/23/Git-is-already-distributed.html https://twitter.com/nomadtechie/status/1284218230870085634. Some IndieWeb magic would help too.

I will try to make it to “Micropub Pop-Up Session.” I may be a bit late.

Why you should have a blog (and write in it) | Leticia Portella

Having your independent blog is an excellent way to share what you think in a decentralized way, independent of any major company that may add a paywall to it (Medium, I am looking at you).

#indieweb #independent #publishing #blogging #writing #blogs #sharing #learning #teaching

Oh, and I can load content from a post! https://micropublish.net/, I’m coming for ya, lol.

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