Finished Future Histories by Lizzie O’Shea

#100days 91 - Did a bunch of work on the PostrChild extension and made a lot of big improvements, including

  • Loading the browser action popup way faster
  • Editing support
  • Restoring new posts from local cache
  • Get contact suggestions from the micropub endpoint

So it's now significantly closer to being ready for use, but I did break the autosuggestion UI, so I need to fix that again.

How would I improve RSS? Three ideas (Interconnected)

Matt has thoughts on RSS:

My sense is that RSS is having a mini resurgence. People are getting wary of the social media platforms and their rapacious appetite for data. We’re getting fatigued from notifications; our inboxes are overflowing. And people are saying that maybe, just maybe, RSS can help. So I’m seeing RSS being discussed more in 2020 than I have done for years. There are signs of life in the ecosystem.

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ongoing by Tim Bray · Meta Blog

But aren’t blogs dead? · Um, nope. For every discipline-with-depth that I care about (software/Internet, politics, energy economics, physics), if you want to find out what’s happening and you want to find out from first-person practitioners, you end up reading a blog.

Dense information from real experts, delivered fast. Why would you want any other kind?

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Why Medium is Not the Home for Your Ideas – The Hulry

Some good blogging advice.

Building a blog for the long run? Avoid Medium.

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I'm going!

Mo’ IndieWeb specs, mo’ pop-ups!

Working Draft 435

It gives users a way to react and engage with the content they see in their feeds. Microsub also helps to simplify the act of fetching feeds from anywhere. I’m open to helping, I have comfort with C++ and have kdesrc setup.

#100days 87 - I have been working a little on a new start page for Together which adds quicker access to all the channels and some key actions.

There were also lots of recent Micropub spec improvements which I'd like to work on integrating with Together and PostrChild.

Micropub improvements

Week Notes 20#30

Liked Micropub 2.2.0 for WordPress Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske
Micropub 2.2.0 has one major change in it. IndieAuth client code was removed. This code now lives in the IndieAuth plugin. This means that Micropub does not check for scopes. It uses the built-in WordPress capability system to determine if an action should be performed. The IndieAuth plugin limits c...
Liked IndieAuth 3.5.0 for WordPress Released by David ShanskeDavid Shanske
Earlier in the week, I noted the release of IndieAuth 3.5.0, but I didn’t explain the major under the hood changes that occurred here in a post, which I need to do as at least one person is experiencing issues(probably necessitating a 3.5.1 as soon as I figure out why.) I also noted I forgot to de...

Going to look into implementing the response bit at

Going to track progress on my implementation of this at

Will look into implementing this. Tracking ticket will be

Quickly hopped into the Micropub popup for the IndieWeb!

Note to self: filter out Webmentions that come from my own site to posts. It’s useful to display but not to use in my notifications context.

Very excited for the #IndieWebCamp Micropub pop-up session today - come join us to talk about the open standard for CRUD functionality on web tooling