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Some suggested that the digital garden was a backlash to the internet we’ve become grudgingly accustomed to, where things go viral, change is looked down upon, and sites are one-dimensional. Facebook and Twitter profiles have neat slots for photos and posts, but enthusiasts of digital gardens reject those fixed design elements. The sense of time and space to explore is key.

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@channyun Hi, I'm in Seoul for a 3 months business trip and wanted to reach out to you because I saw that you're the author of the Korean translation in the IndieWeb wiki. I'm interested to see if you guys perhaps have a Homebrew Website Club and if you'd be interested in recording a podcast together with me like I did with Martijn

IndieWeb East 2020

18 Years of Blogging, The Stay at Home Edition

Feature request: support IndieAuth for federated sign-in

Week Notes 20#44

Liked Open Social 2007 – IndieWeb 2020 by Ton Zijlstra ( )
Thirteen years ago today I blogged about Google launching Open Social, an API that would allow developers to tap into multiple social networks at once. It was supposed to be an answer to Facebook (who then had opened up their platform silo for developers to build small applications (since removed as...

Open Social 2007 – IndieWeb 2020

I tracked down the <code>org-html-convert-region-html</code> method in the org source. Thusly, I am going to try posting HTML formatted notes from Emacs to my site via my micropub elisp thingy, and have them also syndicate to Mastodon via Bridgy. </p> Also on:

Reminder that it's the last #Hacktoberfest themed #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham tomorrow! I hope to see you there at 1730 for some Open Source or website stuff!

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Week Notes 20#43

"Put it on your website" #Debates2020 #IndieWeb
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My kitty is guarding my workspace whenever I’m not sitting in my chair! #catsofindieweb

I agree with @manton’s comment. The only case I can see for more advanced responses would be if it was expecting it in some alternative format like ActivityStreams because a client could represent those posts inline more easily than Microformats2, for example.

Providing Hints for Autoconfiguring Micropub Clients

Enhancing my Micropub Server and autoconfiguring Micropub client with the support for hints. #micropub

Week Notes 20#42

Creating an Auto-configuring Micropub Client

Announcing support for my Micropub Client configuring itself based on support in my server. #micropub

Not much #Hacktoberfest at tonight's #HomebrewWebsiteClub but I did manage to almost get my auto-configuring #Micropub editor set up so it'll provide me a way to create content for any posts that are supported on my site! This uses q=post-types and works really nicely, from some limited local testing

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Great tips! I’m a big fan of NextJS, and it’s lovely to see webmentions made so easy for that ecosystem.
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