Reminder that it's #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham this Wednesday! I hope to see you there at 1730 for some website stuff!


Week Notes 21#17

Updating my Tor mirror to Onion Service V3

#tor #site-update #onion

In case you don’t read my Twitter: I’ve decided to stop syndicating my posts there for a while. I think it simply becomes annoying for me to handle. I’ll use it to read, and maybe to reply sometimes, but I’m gonna shitpost on my own website like a proper #IndieWeb adopter.

Publish untappd check-ins to

@BiswasSholanki I've wanted to try out Ghost, but this part has been a blocker. might be a place to look for some inspiration. I'd invite you to join us for this upcoming event which will certainly touch on your topic:
@sillygwailo Until there are consuming use cases for it, it's not relevant, but basic text with `h-product` and a `dt-published` for first dose datetime and `dt-updated` for subsequent boosters might make sense based on existing work? See:

Week Notes 21#16

@AndreJaenisch Sonke Ahrens' book How to Take Smart Notes about Luhmann's method is very solid ( Lots of systems out there to implement it. I like @obsdmd, but other platforms listed here:

No Wrong Notes · Matthias Ott – User Experience Designer

A personal website ain’t got no wrong words.

#indieweb #personal #publishing #words #writing #sharing #music #piano
I'm going!

Looking forward to this IndieWeb Popup! Despite my occasional salty-sounding post about Webmention I am very optimistic about their power as a tool for the web.

How does even work?

Home · castastrophe/wc-theming-standards Wiki

I really like the idea of a shared convention for styling web components with custom properties—feels like BEM meets microformats.

#css #custom #properties #theming #naming #webcomponents #conventions #styling #frontend #development

Week Notes 21#15

fluffy rambles: Shoulder, unpacking, gardening, etc.

@jaybearca The Webmention plugin only does notifications. You also need the semantic linkbacks plugin for the parser which will give you the richer data you're looking for. RSVPs with Webmention

Reminder that it's #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham tonight! I hope to see you there at 1730 for some website stuff, and maybe playing around with some of the stuff I mentioned at #TechNott!

#homebrew-website-club #tech-nottingham

How to Sign Users In with IndieAuth

This post will show you step by step how you can let people log in to your website with their own IndieAuth website so you don't need to worry about user accounts or passwords.
#indieauth #indieweb #oauth

Looking forward to this Webmentions pop-up session next month.