New #indieweb libraries: taproot/micropub-adapter and taproot/indieauth!

Finally put the finishing touches on these two closely-related libraries, which make it very easy to add Micropub and IndieAuth support to any PHP app which uses PSR-7.

Feedback appreciated, either as replies, GH issues, or at

It’s like an IndieWeb thing probably!

Week Notes 21#24

Building on the books API

I usually avoid posting about sensationalist topics and feeding the rage algorithms. I left FB for a reason after all. But this anecdote I found hard to just ignore for how weird it is to me.

A neighbour works for the Dutch government institute for public health and environment. This neighbour works for the environmental part, while the public health part is the main scientific advisor for the pandemic response, and leads the vaccination programme. Vaccination is voluntary of course, so people are receiving invitation letters in the mail when their year of birth is up for making an appointment. My neighbour told me that last Thursday a small group of people showed up at the front door of the institute’s offices to publicly burn their invitation letters.

It’s an invitation, not a summons. You can discard the invitation. And you’re burning it in front of a public building where there’s hardly anybody around. People, including from this institute, mostly work from home after all. I don’t understand what they’re protesting by burning an optional request. Also, if you’re protesting and nobody knows you’re doing it does it actually protest anything?

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I hooked up my bookmarks from Notion to automatically post to my site via micropub. The micropub standard makes this really easy. And Known lets you subscribe to just the content of your choice - so if you want just my posts, or just my links, you can get that.

Week Notes 21#23

PHPUnit’s HTML code coverage reports don’t play nicely with GitHub pages “main branch /docs folder” by default, as they store CSS, JS and icon assets in folders prefixed with underscores.

Here’s a little bash script to run tests with code coverage enabled, then move the assets around:

rm -rf docs/coverage/
XDEBUG_MODE=coverage  ./vendor/bin/phpunit tests --coverage-filter src --coverage-html docs/coverage
mv docs/coverage/_css docs/coverage/phpunit_css
mv docs/coverage/_icons docs/coverage/phpunit_icons
mv docs/coverage/_js docs/coverage/phpunit_js
grep -rl _css docs/coverage | xargs sed -i "" -e 's/_css/phpunit_css/g'
grep -rl _icons docs/coverage | xargs sed -i "" -e 's/_icons/phpunit_icons/g'
grep -rl _js docs/coverage | xargs sed -i "" -e 's/_js/phpunit_js/g'

That allows you to use GitHub pages to show code coverage reports as well as docs, as I’m doing for taproot/indieauth.

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Week Notes 21#22

I think IndieWeb is an example of Nested-I and Ubuntu Rationality as per Free, Fair and Alive.

Not unrelatedly, Jack Jamieson’s dissertation on the IndieWeb is called Independent Together: Building and Maintaining Values in a Distributed Web Infrastructure.

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Dopplr in OPML

Replied to (
Yea that looks like a cool site! I hope it catches on, but we also have IndieNews and and those have never really had huge usage.
Yea I think showing the replies inline makes it more interesting than just an aggregator to me. I hope it might stimulate some blogchains (

I kicked one off, if you’re interested! –

Hometown says on its wiki: "Also, if Hometown is going to be a universal reader, you’re going to need better control over organizing your feeds." That’s really interesting – same as the social reader idea in IndieWeb presumably. (I’ve imagined before a social reader in the Mastodon/TweetDeck style.)

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Week Notes 21#21

When did you join the IndieWeb?

Using Tailwind CSS with Microformats 2

#tailwind #css #microformats

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Reminder that it's #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham tomorrow! I hope to see you there at 1730 for some website stuff!


I had some fun using the open standard #Microformats2 to update my CV to be machine-parseable - you can check it out at and there's a bit more info on