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Week Notes 21#32

Working Around Post Kinds Plugin Lock-In





Working to the tunes of Danish artist KOPS this morning as a gradual return to work. I heard them sound-check in Tivoli last Friday just before we left the park, looked them up. They seem to have only YT en FB presences.

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Week Notes 21#31


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Such good fun to catch up with our friend Henriette over dinner tonight. As usual we came up with crazy plans, and talked about our lives and friends we missed seeing these past years. This is why I missed travel, not the tourism, but (next to seeing different things by way of inspiring contrasts) the connection to the people around the world we wove into the tapestry of our lives over the years.

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Why don’t they teach the concept of abstract syntax trees in school? It’s such a great learning aid to understand how to apply syntax rules in natural language!

I for real did not understand how all these rules worked until I unknowingly constructed an incomplete, over specialized version of Lisp inside my brain and started applying syntax rules according to the way the spoken tongue would convert into an s-expression.

I would probably give an example here but my brain is fried and I need some food so I’ll wait until I make a Micropub client with edit support.

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Introducing a Microformats API for Books: books-mf2.herokuapp.com

Announcing the Microformats translation layer for book data.
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Week Notes 21#30

Week Notes 21#29

maybe this will work?

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This is so cool! Now I kinda want a thermal printer to have a live feed of webmentions on my desk... Having your internet life be reflected in something tangible feels interesting and engaging!

Test Webmention sending I guess

IndieAuth for WordPress 4.0.0 Released

I’ve recently discovered that it’s incredibly important to balance work and play. So I finished importing my webmentions archive from webmentions.io and decided to play some Genshin Impact to rest before I start fixing the bugs that prevented the rest of my webmentions from importing.

Currently it’s the fact that my software does not handle any redirects, which is obviously bad. I will need to set a recursive redirection resolver there.

Additionally I’ve discovered legacy behavior that wasn’t ported back into Kittybox with some URLs which may have broken some permalinks around the web. I will be fixing it soon so the permalinks won’t rot. They’re permalinks after all.

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Back to the Future with RSS

Nicky Case on RSS:

Imagine an open version of Twitter or Facebook News Feed, with no psy-op ads, owned by no oligopoly, manipulated by no algorithm, and all under your full control.

Imagine a version of the newsletter where you don’t have to worry about them selling your email to scammers, labyrinth-like unsubscribe pages, or stuffing your inbox with ever more crap.

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