Meet the Self-Hosters, Taking Back the Internet One Server at a Time

Taking the indie web to the next level—self-hosting on your own hardware.

Tired of Big Tech monopolies, a community of hobbyists is taking their digital lives off the cloud and onto DIY hardware that they control.

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IndieAuth Popup – August 2021 - September 9, 2021

Geohash within walking distance

IndieWeb Events: Gardens and Streams II

September 25th, online:

We’ll discuss and brainstorm ideas related to wikis, commonplace books, digital gardens, zettelkasten, and note taking on personal websites and how they might interoperate or communicate with each other. This can include IndieWeb building blocks, user interfaces, functionalities, and everyones’ ideas surrounding these. Bring your thoughts, ideas, and let’s discuss and build.

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Week Notes 21#35

I’ve updated my IndieWeb wiki profile page to better reflect my recent projects.

My love-hate affair with technology | Read the Tea Leaves

A very open and honest post by Nolan on trying to live with technology without sacrificing privacy.

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Week Notes 21#34

Right now I'm attending the #IndieWeb #IndieAuth pop-up to look at further improving the specifications, and making it easier for folks to implement and integrate

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Week Notes 21#33

Micro Camp has wrapped up, but there are IndieWeb online events about once a month. I’ll be attending the IndieAuth popup session next week!

@vv4rner While I love what RSS enables and there's a huge ecosystem for it, I am against it for DRY reasons. It's stable in the fact that no one has iterated on it in over a decade. It also helps that WordPress core handles a lot of the admin tax for me on maintaining it, but it has caused metacrap issues for me in the past.

So what to do to replace RSS? If you look at most of my content, I've got the HTML marked up with (richer) microformats for those who'd like to consume that directly without needing a side file for it. There's an existing ecosystem of microformats parsers and even social readers that use microformats over RSS. Incidentally microformats are also part of the semantic layer that makes site-to-site converstions on IndieWeb-based sites work better.

Thank You For Reading - Jim Nielsen’s Blog

Your attentive kindness doesn’t get picked up by any analytical tool I’ve got other than my heart and my memory—however short lived.

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RSVP’d Attending IndieWebCamp Gardens and Streams II

Looking forward to this, to follow up on the earlier discussions, and my small attempts to change the shape of this site to ‘not a blog, not a wiki, but something in between’.

fluffy rambles: Planet Planet

Just under four decades ago, in the early eighties, I wrote an essay in secondary school on the Soviet presence in Afghanistan, which by then was a few years old. As a proxy war it set the stage for much of what happened later.

Two decades ago E and I were at Penn Station in NYC, when the news broke that the air strikes on Afghanistan had begun, in retaliation against the terrorist attacks on the US a few weeks before that. A wave of murmurs suddenly went through the station. People yelled. People started crying. Some sagged to the ground, others fell to their knees. Camera crews showed up and tried to get vox-pop statements. We walked into a sportsbar where all the screens switched to showing what was going on.

This week Afghanistan is front and center in the news once more.

It didn’t make much sense to me forty years ago, as I got told as a pupil by my teacher.
It didn’t make much sense to me as a response 20 years ago.
It doesn’t make much sense to me now.
I did and do know it was and is awful and terribly sad.

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Interesting first today on my Mastodon account: a conversation not being responded to in good faith by someone who’s been following my account a good while, and immediately getting trolling style responses. I”ve no interest to be someone’s projection mirror. As I run my personal instance, it was a 1-click goodbye.

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Week Notes 21#32

Working Around Post Kinds Plugin Lock-In