RSS / Atom / WebSub, IndieWeb, and ActivityPub aside, am I missing actively-used open protocols and standards for subscribing to published content?

Owning my Hashtags

Why I decided to treat hashtags in my (syndicated) content as tags on my site.

Advent of Bloggers 2021: Day 3 | James’ Coffee Blog

James is featuring a different blog every day of Christmas and he chose mine for day three. What a lovely project!

I love writing this series. For the last three days, one of the first things on my mind after waking up is “what blog am I going to feature today?” I have seen so many interesting websites in the last few years. If you ever feel like the web is all the same, I’d recommend checking out the IndieWeb or clicking through the websites I feature in this series. You’ll realise there is still a great deal of creative content on the web written by independent bloggers: you just have to know where to start looking.

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Simon Collison | Stream on

Writing has been essential for focus, planning, catharsis, anger management, etc. Get it down, get it out. Writing is hard, but it’s also therapy: give order to a pile of thoughts to understand them better and move on.

I concur! Though it’s worth adding that it feels qualitatively different (and better!) to do this on your own site rather than contributing to someone else’s silo, like Twitter or Facebook.

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Recording for future reference: I need easy access to creating new channels in Kittybox. The update for the top bar has made all of the channels accessible, so I want to separate my feeds to keep some of the in-the-moment things out of the main feed - for that I need to create a channel, and I don’t know of any Micropub clients that are capable of creating feeds the Kittybox way (specifically, posting an h-feed with a name property as a JSON object).


Inspired by the mess I’ve made through the years and’s post I have decided to make all of my previous posts unlisted. The permalinks are not broken - I have preserved what I currently have in the database.

So, I guess I might as well introduce myself once again.

Hello. I’m Vika. I’m currently residing in Russia and I’m the developer of Kittybox, an IndieWeb-enabled all-in-one blogging solution. My favorite thing is homemade burgers and one of the most hated things in my life is all the mild inconveniences caused by capitalism crawling into our lives like a Ctulhu horror. They really add up.


Open Web?

IndieAuth Popup 2 2021 - November 27, 2021

Just pushed a bug fix: During install it now adds the role "indieauth". Assign this role to any users that should be able to authenticate / authorize IndieAuth clients. The README has been updated accordingly.

Replied to

[[Thanksgiving]] [[Plan]]
1. Understand the [[indieweb]] to it's fullest
1.2. and how @loopdouble's doublescores theme connects to it
1.3. and then begin implementing it for myself
2. make a @lesswrong reading list
2.2. I swear I will do this

— Evan (@Scaledish) November 23, 2021
Happy to help with this! My theme mostly adds microformats (which other themes also do, I just wanted to customise my looknfeel a bit). Majority of the IndieWeb heavy lifting comes from the IndieWeb WordPress plugins. Also on:


Saving the Caturday with a video proxy

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Why I write and why I won’t

This is the best description of what my own website feels like to me:

A search engine for my mind

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Nice to hear you are enjoying the series! (It turns out to be a series.) It also feels really good to have finally found a form again where I can cycle between writing code and writing blog posts about the code.

Looking forward to read your article && yaay it worked!

Edit: lol, next topic really is Webmentions: I had to manually send this one because I am certainly not parsing HTML with regex (I would never) and your rel has no quotes around it.

Next up must be Webmentions, I feel. I just posted this article with a lot of backlinks to old posts, but since I send all Webmentions in a synchronous way on first-post-visit, it took ages, and I actually got a 502 Bad Gateway out of my site. But I also need weekend, so we will see.

IndieAuth without



Showing incorrect IndieAuth redirect_uri to the user

Yak, strangling PHP with Phoenix and NGINX

Homebrew Website Club London

attending @IndieWebCamp #Düsseldorf!
🗓 11/11
📍 #Zentralbibliothek

On holiday in Germany, popped over to see friends @btconf & help with the #IndieWebCamp side-event!

More on the #IndieWeb wiki:
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