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How is all this social? It’s just slow social. If you want to respond to me, publish something linking to what I said. If I want to respond to you, I publish something linking to what you wrote. Old school. Good school. It’s high-effort, but I think the required effort is a positive thing for a social network. Forces you to think more.

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How to fix a problem with Gregwar/Image

co-organizing @IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf this weekend with @marcthiele @calum_ryan @jkphl!
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📍 @cgi_global

Also excited for the @btconf main event!
@u_map_prop I remember a few years back trying to talk @johncarlosbaez into supporting this sort of syndication and webmentions on his site when he was irked at Google+ shutting down. Glad to see more people getting it working.


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fluffy rambles: Twitter alternatives

@alexwilliams is an inexpensive turnkey IndieWeb friendly solution for doing something like that. Bring your own domain or subdomain and you're off to the races with all the benefits and none of the overhead or work.
@wynlim Your site is awesome. I love the design/simplicity, ideas, & writing. I'm seeing so many topics/collections I love including digital gardens, notes, IndieWeb, etc., and you're following so many people I know and read myself. Such a small world.
@okikio_dev This is a good place to start:
There are lots of implementations in many languages you can use as examples or borrow from. Ask in for pointers/advice/help to cut through documentation and jargon.

The lost thread

Twit­ter’s only con­clu­sion can be abandonment: an over­due MySpace-ification. I am totally con­fi­dent about this prediction, but that’s an easy confidence, because in the long run, we’re all MySpace-ified.

What Robin said.

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@lauren_n_roth I'd buy! I can't wait to see what you come up with...
I've been helping to collect some prior art, examples, and UI patterns here if it helps to jumpstart your research/work:
Not sure why, but seems like a lot of people on Twitter are sharing this link about downloading an archive of your data:
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Die (Twitter) Posse

IndieAuth Spec Updates 2022 - April 21, 2022

IndieAuth Spec Updates 2022 - April 21, 2022

IndieAuth Spec Updates 2022 - April 21, 2022

Always nice to see more webmention support. Did you hook up to get tweets too?
elon can have twitter but he can never have my website

A Web Renaissance

Thanks to the mistrust of big tech, the creation of better tools for developers, and the weird and wonderful creativity of ordinary people, we’re seeing an incredibly unlikely comeback: the web is thriving again.

Smart analyis from Anil, though I’m not sure I’d agree with his emphasis on tools and frameworks—it’s the technology built into browsers that has really come along in leaps and bounds, allowing people to do more with less code.

But then there’s this:

So if we have the tech, then why hasn’t it happened already? The biggest thing that may be missing is just awareness of the modern web’s potential. Unlike the Facebooks and Googles of the world, the open, creative web doesn’t have a billion-dollar budget for promoting itself. Years of control from the tech titans has resulted in the conventional wisdom that somehow the web isn’t “enough”, that you have to tie yourself to proprietary platforms if you want to build a big brand or a big business.

True! Anil also points to an act of rebellion and resistance:

Get your own site going, though, and you’ll have a sustainable way of being in control of your own destiny online.

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