Since ~2021* I’ve redirected /github to my GitHub profile to own my links to GH repos like

Apache htaccess code to #OwnYourLinks:

RedirectTemp /github

change /tantek to your GitHub /username

More on this technique:

@lordmatt I'll have to watch this post to see where it goes.
This Twitter search for a common pattern will find lots of sites

I tried sending again with the form and got the general error "There has been a critical error on this website."

This is the post I'm trying to send in case you want to debug or try re-sending the webmention:

No worries! I had another Webmention issue sending to both your site and @openmentions. I tagged you in a GitHub issue.

If you’re interested, IndieWeb has a WordPress chat channel with a helpful group of people, including the plugin authors:

Open Mentions is an interesting addition in the category of IndieWeb aggregators that use Webmention. I wonder if microformats2 could be used to include the machine-readable metadata, especially since Matt’s thoughts noted “this should reflect the information that the user sees on-page.”

Some other interesting sites like this are and

Hi, Matt! It has been several years but I remember you from back in the Nucleus CMS days. Lovely to see you getting into indieweb. I have really enjoyed that community and the cool things they’re doing! Have you joined any of their virtual meetups like Homebrew Website Club?

[Note] Just updating my … hmm, well, not sure exactly to be ho…

@lordmatt I'm not aware of a centralized collection (yet). Some, but not all, of the projects and sites you'll find at have some resources for finding people who can send/receive webmentions. Everyone on @microdotblog certainly can.
Testing out your webmention set up from another site. If this works, then congratulations!
A refback (remember those?!) today reminded me about this post: Non-technical IndieWeb: Fun, Creativity, Community, and “Content”
I should try to add more on #creativity and #fun to my IndieWeb Collection

That feeling when you write a unit test using a library and then accidentally discover a bug in that exact library instead of your own code...

The bug in question, if you’re interested.

#programming #microformats

Image previews with the FileReader API

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Changing with the times · Chris Burnell

I think, with the sheer volume of functionality available to us nowadays on the front-end, it can be easy to forget how powerful and strong the functionality is that we get right off shelf with HTML. Yes, you read that right, functionality.

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i really want to add webmention support and display into Kittybox right now so I wouldn’t be bored of not being able to see if someone interacts with me but i cant code for too much or i will blow a fuse in my brain become a dumb kitty for a week

so i will rest and play minecraft like a responsible person

see? im caring for myself!


Next thing I should do since I fixed the bug: webmentions. I really need to handle webmentions, and I think I actually will be able to do so rather easily now that I know my database doesn’t lock up anymore. I just need to attach an MF2 parser.

In general, what I would want to have in a perfect world is:

  • My own IndieAuth implementation
  • My own webmention acceptor (I already have plans but I need some extra software for it to work)
  • My own media endpoint (that autoconverts pictures to webp)
  • My own Microsub server
  • Editing posts in-band when logged in via IndieAuth
  • Make that second widget at the homepage do something interesting
@MuireallPrase Maybe this helps with context?
I like your site; glad to virtually meet another who's interested in physics, math, and typesetting!
Kudos to @KevinMarks for his recent work on @Tumblr to add microformats to make it more IndieWeb friendly!

Mending what's broken, or how I discovered some broken links on my website

#kittybox #indieweb

good morning indieweb

i have returned somehow from having my site in semipermanent downtime

please don’t be gentle with it i need a little bit of sustained load so i can check a hypothesis