Blog as if there’s an #AI being trained¹ to be you based on your blog posts.

And what if it was trained on your Universal Outbox²?

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This is day 34 of #100DaysOfIndieWeb #100Days

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@wjmaggos @tchambers Would this be possible with simple HTML sites? WordPress seems very dominant already?
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I'm very happy for @pfefferle : he's been working tirelessly on lots of #IndieWeb and #Fediverse open-source software over many years. Now Automattic hired him to better integrate Wordpress with ActivityPub, and he got a Techcrunch article to boot!

@aswath : So you are proposing to 1) have a personal website #IndieWeb-style, and 2) use it to #IndieAuth into all #fediverse accounts you have on various Fediverse apps, and 3) somehow (rel=me, maybe?) claim ownership of all of them, so people can understand that's all you "elsewhere"?

What about people who don't have or don't want a personal website, for whatever reason?

/cc @thelaughingmuse

(updated from my last intro)
New server, new #introduction

Hi, my name is Coby and I like to play videogames, make music and write words and code!

Non-coding stuff:
Lately I have been trying my hand at some casual #speedrunning of Metroid Dread and looking for other games to learn glitches for.
Sometimes I write about nothing in particular on my blog which you can find in my bio.

Coding stuff:
For work I am working on tools for decoupled #JavaScript / #TypeScript front ends for headless CMS solutions aka #Jamstack things. At home I have been working on #IndieWeb things like #Webmentions and a blog engine built on #Obsidian.

I went through a coding bootcamp in 2020 and I'm interested in helping underrepresented people get into the industry, please don't hesitate to reach out!

I feel all fuzzy seeing a younger generation embracing all the fun of making a Web 1.0 #neocities website and just completely geeking out over animated GIFs and stuff like I used to back in the day 😁 #yesterweb #retroweb #indieweb. The web was fun and not boring back then! I really miss that vibe.

I don't normally waste time thinking about Elon Musk, but when I read about Meta working on an ActivityPub-compatible social media network, I did, just for a brief moment, wonder whether it's finally dawning on him that Mastodon's not his real enemy.

That what he's up against is an idea, about a better web, free from people like him. Hm.

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IndieWeb Plugin Testing and Suggestions Project

I am testing some IndieWeb plugins and finally decided on how I could go about this. I am going to get the description and all of the features. From there I will test the features if I can. I don’t use the classic theme, therefore there are a few things that I won’t be able to test.

Day 29 of #100DaysofIndieWeb, #IndieWeb, #ProjectJournal

IDPlugin Name or Reference PageCategoryShort Description/FeatureTest StepsResultsComments\Suggestions1IndieWeb PluginAuthors Matthias Pfefferle,  David Shanske, WordPress Outreach Club“Adds rel=me and h-card to your user profile; bundled installer for core IndieWeb plugins.”2IndieWeb PluginDescriptions (IndieWeb)“The WordPress IndieWeb Plugin is a plugin that helps you establish your IndieWeb identity by extending your profile with rel-me and h-card fields, as well as helping you install additional IndieWeb plugins.”3IndieWeb PluginDescriptions (“The IndieWeb Plugin for WordPress helps you establish your IndieWeb identity by extending the user profile to provide rel-me and
h-card fields and optionally adding widgets to display this. It also includes a bundled installer for a core set of IndieWeb-related plugins. It’s
meant to be a one-stop shop to help WordPress users quickly and easily join the growing IndieWeb movement (see below).”4IndieWeb PluginDescription (GitHub)“Helps you establish your IndieWeb identity by extending the user profile to provide rel-me and h-card fields. It also includes a bundled installer for a core set of IndieWeb-related plugins.”5IndieWeb PluginSuggestionSuggest making the descriptions correspond. Seeing different descriptions, for a new user, could be confusing.6IndieWeb PluginSettingsGetting Started PageWordPress > IndieWeb > Getting StartedPassed: The Getting Started page displayed.As a new users, this page was a little daunting back when I first read it. I believe that some of the items that I suggest for the FAQ might be beneficial here.7IndieWeb PluginSettingsOptionsWordPress > IndieWeb > OptionsPassed: The settings page opened.The title of the page is Identity Settings and not Options. The IndieWeb Plugin options page is a little confusing. I understand that it is trying to get to the point of whether the site is for multiple users or a single user. But it might be good to help the user understand why this is important. Also for users that are using a block them, the h-card information isn’t accessible, it might be good to say that. Why does the rel=me matter here? Can this additional informatino be added to the plugin’s FAQ or maybe to the settngs page?8IndieWeb PluginFeatureextending the user profile to provide rel-me fieldsWordPress > Users > Profile or WordPress > Users > Edit the UserPassed: The additional fields are present.9IndieWeb PluginSuggestionSuggest adding to the FAQ how to get to the IndieWeb plugin Settings page.10IndieWeb PluginFeatureextending the user profile to provide h-card fieldsEnter information in the extra fields in the User profile such as Twitter username, Mastodon link, add a photo, and description. 2. Test on using the h-card validation.Pass: I was able to enter additional information.11IndieWeb PluginSuggestionSuggest adding LinkedIn as one of the social media options in the profile settings.12IndieWeb PluginSuggestionSuggest adding 3 or 4 additional non-specific fields to the profiles list for additonal sites.13IndieWeb PluginFeatureoptionally adding widgets to display h-card fieldsNeed Instructioins.14IndieWeb PluginSuggestionSuggest adding to the FAQ the name of the widget for classic theme users and how to add.15IndieWeb PluginQuestionIf my photo is coming from Gravatar, does the widget h-card pull in that photo in a classic theme?16IndieWeb PluginSuggestionSuggest adding to the FAQ a statement  that the h-card widget is not available in block themes.17IndieWeb PluginFeatureoptionally adding widgets to display rel-me fieldsNeed Instructions.18IndieWeb PluginSuggestionSuggest adding to the FAQ how someone can use the additional profile fields in their h-card if they are not using a classic theme. I had a typo in my Github username and specifically added to my h-card. When I used it pulled both URLs. So I wonder if the information in the profile is actually being used?19IndieWeb PluginFeaturebundled installer for a core set of IndieWeb-related plugins.WordPress > IndieWeb > Extensions > Install Each PluginsPassed: Plugins installed.Suggest adding the mf2 plugin if it benefits the users

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Important question:
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Pretty sure this article made me get off my butt to build my current blog, and then researching led me to #Indieweb principles that I applied to the site.

I’m looking for the comic where on panel one a guy sets up his little house blog and invites people to visit and on the next panel he gets enticed to move by Facebook to this massive condo and gets his guests to visit there instead. Later, he gets locked out because Facebook took away his things and his visitors unless he pays to get a fraction of them back.

This gets posted often around here and I can’t find it. It’s a perfect illustration of what may happen with the Meta fediverse project.

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IndieWebCamp Düsseldorf planning, federated formatting, and BlueSky’s beta is brewing. It’s your < 10min update on the #IndieWeb community!

This Week in the IndieWeb audio edition for March 4th - 10th, 2023.

This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition • March 4th - 10th, 2023

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On POSSE and IndieWeb via Joel Auterson. #IndieWeb

I should probably make some sequence diagrams. My setup is a bit of a Rube Goldberg machine, but it's surprisingly robust and really convenient to use. For example, sharing photos happens right in the iOS photos app because shortcuts integrates into sharesheets. #indieweb

I'm really enjoying my POSSE setup. I publish to my micropub endpoint using my own iOS shortcuts for photos or study sessions (as events). For plain notes and bookmarks I typically use Omnibear.

The micropub endpoint pushes to a repository on GitHub, and an Actions workflow picks them up and syndicates photos, notes, and bookmarks to Mastodon. The workflow is fast enough that stuff frequently reaches Mastodon before Netlify has finished building my site. #indieweb