@rebeccafinn just gonna merge these two here stream like... that...


There. Done. Welcome to the fight for fully open, decentralized, and accessible web

going to the #SocialWeb CG meeting @W3C #w3cTPAC tomorrow (2023-09-12) at 09:30 CEST.

Looking forward to seeing @evanp.me (@evan@cosocial.ca @evanpro) and many others!

So many advances in #ActivityPub, #Webmention, Micropub, #IndieAuth etc. that it may be time to restart the #SocialWebWG to officially update all our active specifications.

We can & should also reach out to #Bluesky & #Nostr communities to work together on shared semantics and bridging protocols to continue growing a heterogenous #fediverse built on the #OpenWeb.

We know it is possible. We worked hard in the Social Web working group to align a lot of semantics across #ActivityStreams and #microformats2. The fruitful results of that are services like http://fed.brid.gy/ which I myself use to send a Webmention when I make a new post (like this one) and have #BridgyFed automatically federate it via ActivityPub using my personal site identity to #Mastodon followers and others.

@snarfed.org wrote up a recent comparison of top #decentralized #socialProtocols that can help inform a lot of this discussion: https://snarfed.org/2023-09-04_50856
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Finished coding my #Neocities simple Links page in Brackets today - awesome app! The page is just a blogroll. But the app UX and setup are super handy.

Downloaded my whole HTML site, opened offline in Brackets, saw real-time edits in the browser live-preview, then uploaded the file to my blog. So good.


#indieweb #html #blogging

Check out the Link Cache that @mavica_again started - a simple collection of links -- a great concept that I'm a fan of. It's one solution against a search monopoly that's degrading daily thanks to garbage AI search results. (And as we know, link pages are how the web USED to work before everyone became too reliant on Google.)


#links #IndieWeb #PersonalWebsites

@Steve Bate

Now looking at #^https://github.com/ckolderup/postmarks a bit closer i see just functionalities which can be done easy with out an extra app and installation

We would do this all in #Hubzilla simple with a separate channel where you just publish bookmars with descriptions marked with hashtags. This way all your contacts can follow your list easy.

A #Hubzilla Account can have as many channels as you want.. every channel as an own FEDI address / ID

Check it out... Hubzilla has also the tools for the #indieweb under one account.

Now looking at #^https://github.com/ckolderup/postmarks a bit closer i see some other functionalities here...

We would do this all in #Hubzilla simple with a separate channel where you just publish bookmars with descriptions marked with hashtags. This way all your contacts can follow your list easy.

A #Hubzilla Account can have as many channels as you want.. every channel as an own FEDI address / ID

Check it out... Hubzilla has also the tools for the #indieweb under one account.

@Jupiter Rowland

@Tim Chambers @Mike Weston @Shoq @{vitriolix@mastodon.social}
@Andy Piper @Troed Sångberg
#hubzilla has a #bookmarking app ingratiated for a long time. It is mend first for personal Bookmarks you like to collect form your Fedi contacts but you can also publish them open everybody

If a link is formatted with #^ in front of https:/... ( #^https:/... ) adding a link to the personal bookmarklists can be done in HZ with just a clink on this link.

But in HZ you can also add a Bookmark to this Lists if you go to https://hubziall.tld/bookmarks

there is also this javascript code to do it automated:


replace "https://hubziall.tld/" with the URL of your HZ hub and save the code as FF / Chrome Bookmark and click this Bookmark when you are on a webpage you want to mark. The code will oben a window to add the webpage as a HZ Bookmark

Basically the Bookmarks are stored here as HZ Webpage menu links. You can publish a HZ Webpage menu also public of everybody by putting the code [menu]menuname[/menu] into your HZ page by the HZ PDL editor

This way you can easily share your HZ Bookmarks also public to all who came to and visit your channel page.

Check it out... Hubzilla has also the tools for the #indieweb under one account.

@Tim Chambers @Jupiter Rowland @Mike Weston @Shoq @{vitriolix@mastodon.social}
@Andy Piper @Troed Sångberg

> My ideal here is one super-plugin that posts to my entire list with a minimum of fuss.

Kinda goes against the “do one thing and do it well” kinda mantra that I’ve been trying to stick to for the Share on Mastodon/Pixelfed/IndieNews/Twitter plugins I have built.

Then again, I 100% broke that rule for IndieBlocks, my “one-stop #IndieWeb” solution for #WordPress.

“The State of API-Powered Publishing to Social Media Networks”


The previews of links to my website don't show an image on #Mastodon.

Here is one link for an example:


I added "og:image" yesterday to my base template, but it is still not showing an image:


Am I missing something?

#IndieWeb #Selfhosting

i like the concept of #indieWeb #microFormats and whatnot but all the resources seem to be about a specific type of web presence that simply does not work with how i do web

like, the only thing that connects something i write on my website to the rest is a tiny almost imperceptible link at the end saying "go home", where the fuck am i supposed to put rel-author there?

h-card that has your full name and occupation and gender and profile picture (which must include your face)?? im sorry? the only mention of my
nickname is on my email address i explicitly tell people i probably won't respond to.

(that said there are some v cool parts i'm definitely gonna look into now that i don't do static site generation and actually have some server side code running)

Every now and again it’s worth writing a re-introduction as it’s a nice exercise to sharpen the mind and decide where you are headed in life. I spend a lot of time in the online world one way or another. My day job with a RegTech company building their online web apps for one, my social media activities are another. I have a few different spaces on the web where I publish my creative content, photography, writing and music. The trouble is as I joked in a previous post, I’m feeling a bit lost right now. The big names in the online game are all falling apart or just not appealing, trustworthy etc. Is it worth going totally “Indie” as in #indieweb style? Static pages for posts, to be shared here, Buttondown instead of Substack? Dropbox for sharing music? I’ve already started that. I’m also on Hive and you’ll find the links for that in my bio. Have a nice Saturday!

Great post by @chriscoyier, listing the different options to automatically publish links to your (WordPress) blog posts on various social media sites.

TL;DR: The glass is half full.😅

#IndieWeb #syndication #SocialMedia #personalsites

Wow. For a moment there, I didn’t think it’d be this simple, but I seem to have found a way to “dynamically replace” a Post Excerpt block with a Post Content block.

Why? So I can show excerpts for most posts, and the full content for “notes” (a custom post type). In, e.g., search results or tag archives.

Example: https://ochtendgrijs.be/?s=FIRE

#indieweb #microformats #wordpress


Kagi Small Web: like StumbleUpon, but for the small web.


#SmallWeb #IndieWeb

Do people still fuck with Spacehey or was it just a meme that's a ghost town now? It looks like a lot of fun, although I'm probably better off scratching the web nostalgia itch with Neocities.

#Spacehey #OldWeb #WebRevival #SocialMedia #Neocities #IndieWeb

I haven't shared this that much here, but I've gotten into indie web/web revival stuff recently, and I have a website I've been working on for the last few months! You can check it out here if you'd like :D https://punkwasp.leprd.space
Recently I've added a system page, pages about bisexuality and pansexuality, and some other neat stuff!
#WebRevival #IndieWeb #OldWeb #Neocities

@rosareven @villasbc @pfefferle arguably one could be part of the #IndieWeb by "owning" their own platform. No tokens, webmentions, Indie Auth, etc. are needed to qualify--and anyone telling you otherwise is gatekeeping.

That said, they are some very lightweight standards that are simple to implement. So they're typically the first tool I reach for when I'm missing something.

🤞 Let's hope the smart people that use @eleven_ty can help me out so I can syndicate my content to multiple platforms (POSSE).