The second FediForum is this Wednesday and Thursday! Two half days. I’ll be doing a quick demo of how fits in with the fediverse, including recent Pixelfed integration.

Can any #IndieWeb experts point me in the right direction? Using the Post Kinds plugin for #WordPress I'd like to automatically update my website with books I read/check out of the library since I rarely buy books these days and just use the library. Is there a way I can automate this process? Like authenticate my Hoopla/Libby account and then it fetches my shelves every week or similar and just updates my read post kind? Also,

I'm looking to move my wish list to my website so people wouldn't have to go to third party services to browse my wish list. Any plugins/services that can do this with WordPress?

The books plugins are all about publishing books on my website rather than tracking reading, at least, from what I can see in the WP directory.

First blogpost is up! I share my impressions from OSCAL 2023, how I came about building this blog, and some plans for what's to come. check it out

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Heya, just wanted to introduce my personal blog to the #Fediverse and #IndieWeb at large... Feedback is encouraged & much appreciated plus you can comment right from your #Mastodon client.

@pfefferle Hello too! 👋

Also congrats Matthias, you've single-handedly brought the fediverse to millions, I hope you appreciate that, because I sure as heck do!

The #indieweb and #fediverse are so lucky to have you ❤️

only 24 hours and we have so many residency applications for ! i am so excited, y'all—the enthusiasm is so motivating!

finishing up the tutorial and early adoption form. emails to early adopters should be going out by tuesday at the latest!


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@marsedit I expect if it were going to happen it would have happened by now, but I’d love for MarsEdit to support #Micropub.

I'm currently using @paulrobertlloyd's IndieKit to expose a Micropub endpoint for my blog, and would love a polished Mac app to publish to it.


Your attention is finite resource.  You must decide how to spend your attention wisely.  Media, both valuable and distracting, is increasingly plentiful and easily accessible.  Certain technologies empower users to make these choices, and certain technologies are designed to inhibit the users’ agency, to varying degrees, either through restricting certain actions or prodding the user, covertly or overtly, to act in a certain way.

Respect your attention, respect your autonomy.  Put yourself back in control of how you spend your time and attention.  Opt out of the attention economy.



Rely on self-curation over algorithmic curation.  Curating your own content feed is the only way to ensure you only see what you want to see, and avoid the excessively distracting and provocative.

Avoid apps and websites with infinite scroll.  Infinite scroll is a trick to induce FOMO by pretending that there is always more attention-worthy media out there; however, there is only so much media that is relevant and attention worthy to any individual person.

Use attention respecting reading and curation apps.  Reading apps that will always hold onto unread content to let you access content whenever you decide.

Don’t use technology that encourages surface level reaction.  Tapping or clicking a button isn’t a meaningful interaction.  Writing a response or reply is.  Don’t mistake interaction with connection.

#IndieWeb #SocialMedia #Technology

We are finishing up our work on our fork wiki! We know a lot of you really want to see refreshed and hopefully better Minecraft Wiki, we are getting really close to it now.

Meanwhile, give Indie Wiki Buddy a try:, it's a browser extension giving independent wikis more visibility by informing you when visiting their unfriendly equivalent.

If you are confused, see our previous post on what a fork is:

#MinecraftWiki #Minecraft #wiki #fork #IndieWeb

Finally, another installment in my much self-anticipated series of maintaining a custom LMS. Not much technical details yet, mostly just documenting the emotional turmoil that the past few weeks have been.

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Blogging, old-school style, with a call for you to consider submitting something to the IndieWeb Blog Carnival, now on its fourth successful month.

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IndieWeb Blog Carnival Reminder

so excited to announce my webhosting project! part webhost, part collaborative project, part visual search engine of the personal web.

marigold town is now taking residency applications, especially those interested in becoming early adopters:

#indieweb #webdev

And......IT'S UP!!!!!!!!!! 🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉🎉

This must have taken a few days, it felt like I was supposed to do more than I actually needed to, but I'm really glad that the process of making this was so clean, and not messy like before.

Go to the website link in my profile to check this thingy out!!!!!!!!!! 😆😆😆😆😆

#webdev #indieweb #ididit

What drives me bonkers is that I did find a video walkthrough of installing on and even directed someone to it. I should've saved that link, but I thought I could find it again, but nooooah. #Indieweb wiki is a maze lol.

Still haven't gotten past this drama. Honestly, I think I'm just hungry for classic #wuxia and there's so little of them these days.

Also, I'm reposting this because I'm testing Somehow I've set it up incorrectly and I can't for the life of me figure out how. However, apparently if I publish a post via, the comments will appear beneath the blog post. Mysterious.

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Mysteriously, is now backfeeding comments to my blog post. Maybe it just takes time or something. Huh. Yet, when I try to manually fetch webmentions, it says that it failed. We desperately need proper documentation for this lol.