Testing Bridgy publishing, crossposting and all that #indieweb #fediverse goodness with this post.
(Does Bridgy support “+” tagging @snarfed.org?)


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Woo, finally got automatic posting from my site to Mastodon going (POSSE)!

Frankly, I probably should have just used https://webmention.app, but I wanted to try without adding yet another tool (even a *very nice* tool).

I'll probably write this up later... #indieweb

For all the WordPress geeks out there. This little nifty plugin lets you display blocks conditionally referencing the WP conditional tags directly in the block editor.

Very handy!

From: @me

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@keenan @robb Yes do a podcast about the #indieweb!

Been sitting at home all morning and making some final tweaks and adjustments on the back end of the site. I kept having PHP errors and updates were giving me issues and I could NOT understand why. I got them working, though, and adjusted the layout and design! Feeling very accomplished. #indieweb #wordpress

そうしないと、いつも他人の土地を耕すことになる。」" #indieweb



開発者のManton Reece氏が書いたインディーマイクロブログについての説明書かつ思想書的な文章である「Indie Microblogging」がなかなか興味深かったので軽く読んでみた。


“The most valuable of all talents is that of never using two words when one will do.”
— Thomas Jefferson


  • 独自ドメインを使っての発信が前提 (Part1)
  • 個人のドメイン名でブログを書くことは、Web の将来への一種の投資である
  • WordPressとTumblrについて
  • マイクロブログの投稿にタイトルをつける必要ない
  • 独自ドメインを使用する人が増えれば、必然的に Web の分散性も高まる
  • 最高のブロガーは、まず自分自身のために投稿する。
  • ブログへのコメントは、ブログの文章自体と同じぐらい重要
  • テクノロジーは世界を良くも悪くもする力でもない。
  • 偶然、またはほとんど注意せずに開発されたアルゴリズムは、間違いなく道を誤る。なので気をつけなければならない



  • Better features. Learning from the user interface innovations of social networks — both the good choices and what we can do better.
  • Open standards. How the work of the IndieWeb and even older blogging APIs can improve interoperability and freedom on the web.
  • Content ownership. Why nearly everything starts with personal domain names.
  • Smaller social networks. The technical overview of Micro.blog, Mastodon, and pushback against massive social networks.



「必要なウェブを選択するのはあなたです。」 —ブレント・シモンズ


The Internet may work better when it’s spread out, as originally designed.




Om Malikの言葉も最後に。




・個人ブログを取り戻せ! -Fediverseとブログのこれから-





Recent thing on my website, Artificial Divide Buzz https://robertkingett.com/posts/6481/ #IndieWeb #SmallWeb

I don't know who needs to hear this, but Ghost now has import tools for Substack, Medium and Mailchimp content.


I don't know who needs to hear this, but Ghost now has import tools for Substack, Medium and Mailchimp content.


For this month's Indie Web Carnival, I wrote about my anonymous, asynchronous friendships I've built with people in the Internet.

Many of my best friends I've become friends with online and some of them I have never met or seen, despite us having been friends for more than a decade.

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New blog post! Random brain dump!

Some Thoughts and Things - Cool As Heck



I really like personal homepages and have quite a list of them bookmarked. I'll post one every week until I don't. So here's Cool Personal Homepages #CPH Vol. 4: Mycophobia's Web Site https://mycophobia.org/

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Just jumped off the default server, and am liking it here more already!

I'm a Product Designer focusing on being more active on my blog, usually posting about tech, design, and whatever else comes to mind.

Here's in an depth guide on how I used automation to grow an Instagram account to 100k+ while ignoring it completely.

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One of my goals this years is to blog more, which has made me think about the process of choosing what to write about.

I'm trying to keep it simple, so this framework of writing about Technology, Stories and Thoughts should be able to capture everything.


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Today was a good day. I wrote two blog posts (one for #IndieWeb carnival and one as an invited guest writer) and rewrote two messy scripts to be more like CLI tools with proper interface and better documentation.

When considering modern web development, I keep these two images in mind.

The factory image captures how many devs approach creating websites: constructing an enormous, gleaming, automated system that can produce complex artifacts on a massive scale.

In contrast, an individual artisan working in a studio directly creates something simple but useful using their own hands and understandable tools. To me this second image captures the #smallweb / #indieweb spirit.

@zef Perplexity is good and getting better fast. I'm still preferring Kagi though, for more and slightly more relevant results; and for their focus on prioritizing #smallweb and #indieweb sites.