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I am almost done with the Witcher Saga!

「But the biggest problem at this point is CD Projekt. We’ve got the games which take place after the books. We know that all the destruction, that everyone is talking about, will not have real consequences. But even if this makes the entire series a bit pointless, it is still a pleasure to read.」


the urls are getting longer, the way it was intended.

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Added a page to my site about setting up a personal search engine with YaCy. https://orchid.pink/yacy/ #indieweb

Creative process can be a vulnerable one. Sometimes to get things started, you need to close the door and think, work and tinker privately.

I love the zine that Bob created for this month's #IndieWeb Carnival


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Nostr Journalism Accelerator

Why publishers are preparing to federate their sites

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RSS blogrolls are a federated social network · Blogrolls as a decentralized way to discover content https://ilo.im/15yyy5

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Recent thing on my website, On TTS audio description https://robertkingett.com/posts/6567/ #IndieWeb #SmallWeb

How should #rss handle expanded, modified and rewritten content? With blog focus, it’s rare than update is worthwhile. You just write a new version, add a link in the old page and voila. But I don’t want this. I wa t to publish longer pieces, chapter by chapter. Or is the idea Teri me from the get go?

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"When it comes to my muses, they can strike in any place at any time."

Sometimes the creative environment is everywhere and you'll never know when inspiration strikes.

Mel ponders this topic in this #IndieWeb Carnival entry.


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Does anybody know of a nice lil flat-file #PHP guestbook script?

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After a few days of exploring and tinkering with a couple different static site generators, I've decided to go with #Hugo. It's hosted on Github Pages. I'm in the process of moving old posts from Scribbles over there. It's pretty bare bones for now but I'll be learning, customizing, and adding more in the coming weeks and months.


New RSS feed: https://cool-as-heck.blog/index.xml

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I neglect my personal website too much!! This is gonna change soon (tm).

In the meantime very overdue Now update:


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AI を使用しない Google 検索を使いたい場合に便利な、

&udm=14 | the disenshittification Konami code


スマホでGoogle AIの概要表示をオフにして、

Ten Blue Links How to Turn Off Google AI Overview and Set "Web" as Default https://tenbluelinks.org

非AI生成コンテンツ宣言ができる「not by AI」

購読なしで有料記事を読める「Paywall Reader」



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Does anybody know of a nice lil flat-file PHP guestbook script? #indieweb

To demonstrate that Origami is a good language for building #smallweb / #indieweb blogs, I built a fun sample site reenvisioning Henry David Thoreau has a modern influencer with a lifestyle blog about off-grid living. #BuildInPublic https://pondlife.netlify.app

Creating a site in Origami is completely different than creating a site in any other tool I know of.