An absentee webring steward returns

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after about a month on mastodon one observation i’m absolutely enamoured with is how many techy folk (women especially) knit/crochet. it’s such a complimentary, artsy hobby to the plucky build-it-yourself #indieweb #Fediverse attitudes that prevail here.


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@adele I’m not sure I’m confusing the words necessarily, though language is of course not static. I heard about #SmallWeb from this article: which is what I’m basing my definition on. #IndieWeb from what I can find is a community building tools empowering people to own their social networking data:

Are #SmallWeb and #SmolWeb synonyms?

A static site generator can generate sites with JavaScript on them for instance. This is static for the server to host, but I don’t think a site is 100% static if it gets mutated on the client.

That would be my distinction between #SmallWeb and #StaticWeb anyway. :)

What if we worked together

Week 11. In this weeknote, I mentioned Eloquent JavaScript, Indie Microblogging, some blog ideas and a few links I found interesting.

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Refreshed my site, be gentle. Occasionally slow and has rough edges. But in any case I now have a base of operations to work with again. Not WordPress, but something hand-built using a few libraries.

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I’m looking for scifi-focus indie sites. Something akin to Quin’s Ideas, but as text.

The older the owner the better. The more the autor doesn’t care about superhero comic, the even better. Old-school geeks, are you there? Broaden my knowledge!

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Just in time for WWDC, I started a blog! It’s nothing much, but I’m enjoying myself so far. If you like tech and tech news, feel free to check it out, I’ll appreciate it a whole lot.
And of course, shout out to @viticci and all of @macstories, I absolutely love their work and they have been a huge inspiration to go and put myself out there.



Blogs and longevity | James’ Coffee Blog

When I write a blog post, I want it to live on my blog, rather than a platform. I can thus invest my time thinking about how to make my blog better and backing it up, rather than having to worry about where my writing is, finding ways to export data from a platform, setting up persistent backups, etc.

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I'm getting back into #indieweb stuff as I dust of this old proposal and start making it real!

Hello IndieWeb folks!

@orsvarn I think that there is a confusion with #IndieWeb.
#smolweb is about standard used client-side. IndieWeb concerns web produced and hosted by the author

A static web (from Hugo, 11ty or handcrafted) could include Google tracker and a server generated one (with php, go, nodejs or whatever server-side) could produce clean html code

I get some remarks about the fact that recommends to not use JavaScript at all.
I'm conscious that it is a strong constraint and that, sometimes, it could help to build better sites. But opening the door to JavaScript is access to bloat websites, user tracking and a whole world of abuse.

Would it be a good idea to label as #smolweb a website including JavaScript if it guarantees that it will still work if the browser disables JavaScript?

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Yes if it also works without JS
No because user does not think to disable JS

I know what I will be doing! Making an audio game with this new engine! #Gaming #GameDev #Games #IndieWeb #SmallWeb #WebDev

During one of the discussions at one of the dinners after #CSSDay I did mention that there are indie search engines, and at least one of them is kinda good for searching for #CSS stuff. At the time I forgot the name, but now remembered, here it is:

I need to find more time for digging into these indie search engines. While they do not work for everything, they are really nice for looking through #IndieWeb.

Today I wrote about capturing a kitten!

Spoiler: kitten photo on the page.

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The IndieWeb approach is about owning your own content. Making over one's web presence in such terms might also be about fashioning a whole self in the face of the fracturing that corporate siloes and algorithms incentivize and create. That's too much to ask of a little blog, I know, but I'm noticing how the #IndieWeb perspective is helping me feel better about my online life in the present moment.

Today I wrote about capturing a kitten!

Spoiler: kitten photo on the page.

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Today I wrote about capturing a kitten!

Spoiler: kitten photo on the page.

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