I've been looking around at the #IndieWeb and #Yesterweb movements and it's very amusing to me that the IndieWeb folks are all interoprability! open source! microformats! and meanwhile Yesterweb are faithfully recreating neon animated gif geocities gore and look like they're having much more fun.

Excerpt feeds

I have a wish: If your RSS feed only shows excerpts (I’m fine with that, usually click through anyways) please indicate that there’s more to the post than what’s shown in the feed. A link to the post at the end is great.

A lot of people have replaced Twitter with “microblogging” through their own platforms. Like I have. As shorter posts become the norm, it’s not always obvious at a glance that there’s more to the post than the lines included in your feed.

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Watched the talk by Ryan Dahl on jsr. Sounds like a thing I'd like to try out. But in general, I would prefer a more independent and federated thing. Like, don't use a centralized service but publish ESM javascript modules on their own websites. Like, inspired by how #indieweb works ☺️

If you liked Trunk Writings my feed URL is https://robertkingett.com/feed/ #RSS #IndieWeb #SmallWeb

Today I read a LOT of simple, text-based, indie websites and blogs. It was quite refreshing to see all the different ideas, stories, and meanderings - particularly on sites with no comments box, no social buttons, no bulk, no bs. Yeah. Maybe there's hope.

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Link at end. How would this work on my blog/website? For example, where do I put this so Mastodon can read and interpret it? <meta name="fediverse:creator" content="username@domain" /> https://github.com/mastodon/mastodon/pull/30398 #Mastodon #ActivityPub #IndieWeb #Fediverse

I really want to start seeing websites be lightweight and efficient again, and to stop having everything need its own dedicated app


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Working with the Threads API reminds me of how frustrating it was to work with Facebook’s main app API years ago, and any silo API that requires manual approval like the App Store. The bureaucracy is at odds with Meta’s claim of supporting the open web and fediverse.

Imagine it’s January 2025. You encounter a young writer that is completely new to #POSSE web publishing. They find the concept fascinating and want to create such an online space to publish articles, podcasts, some video’s even. What CMS would you recommend this young content creator?


Once the company becomes profitable, significant portions of revenue will be redirected to the climate emergency and #indieweb creators.

I put up a basic /Watching page that uses the Trakt.tv API to display what my wife and I are watching on Plex. All without paying for Trakt VIP.


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OK, how about a quick FOSS graphics tutorial? How to Draw Arrows in KolourPaint: https://www.friendlyskies.net/notebook/how-to-draw-arrows-in-kolourpaint

I hope this one is helpful to the screenshotters and diagrammers out there. Please boost to support the FOSS graphics community. Thanks!

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Webnotes: a simple replacement for comments, pingbacks, and webmentions:


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I’m removing comments, pingbacks, and webmentions from my website in favor of what I’m calling Webnotes.


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Yesterday at the #IndieWeb Front End Study Hall event we talked about some older computer animation techniques which can inform how we do CSS. This #HTML and #CSS demonstrates basic “color cycling.” https://codepen.io/artlung/full/jOoZQRe

Finding the IndieWeb

Bookmarked https://disassociated.com/now-we-have-indieweb-how-to-find/.

Blogrolls/links-pages, web directories, and web rings, are among ways to promote the work of other IndieWeb adherents. But you need to be within the IndieWeb realm in the first place, to go on the journey these aggregators will take you. They’re great for their members, but, unfortunately, overwhelming for newcomers

Been thinking about this lately. I don’t know the solution, yet, but I think it starts with normalising a life outside big tech’s walled gardens. People have become accustomed to opening their browsers, typing a certain URL and then just working their way from that.

For the #indieweb to become more maintstream, we have to figure out how to offer up that kind of convenience for the average person who just wants a hit of information of whatever.

Also, topical aggregators that are manually curated and easy to “plug in” to will probably play a big role in this hypothetical future. It, of course, paves teh way for a whole host of different set of problems, but none that even registers on the scale of significance compared to relying on BigTech’s algorithms.

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