On and off for a few hours here and there over the last year, I’ve been working on a way to post updates and photos to my site (which is federated). I’m using Hugo (static site generator) as my CMS but the process was never super fast - especially for things like status updates (that you’re looking at now).

I had the crazy idea a while back that I could use a bat file to help in the process, ultimely to:

  1. Quickly make a page in hugo with the right categories and tags .
  2. Build the site.
  3. Deploy it.
  4. Send a webmention.

This morning after a complete overhaul of the BAT file, this is my first automated post. If this doesn’t work, then I’m going to walk away until next weekend and bang my head some more then. If this makes it out there, then I’m going to work on a post on how I pulled this all off. (Its long overdue)

Hi all - Just a short note to say I have moved accounts and my username to now follow is @dalereardon - My old handle was @dalereardon@mastodon.social #Disability #NDIS #MentalHealth #WordPress #IndieWeb #Tourism #Travel #Marketing

New post and old Roblox thing!

I published the script for that old Roblox video tutorial I plan to make, so even though there's no video and it's still a pretty solid resource. Not much info on this stuff online, so hopefully I can change that one drop at a time?

I also published it for motivation reasons - releasing bits at a time encourages me to keep going. Because I know if I start working on an actual video I will get lazy and stop.. oh well.



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@oligneisti@linux.pizza @jsit That last paragraph really resonates! From a solo creator's POV, even with bulk scheduling tools that can post across platforms, it's a headache to manage and detracts from content creation. I'm also pro- "own your content on your site", à la #indieweb #POSSE (Publish on your own site, syndicate elsewhere).

That said, an #RSS reader lacks the ability of, say, #activitypub to comment and interact directly with video content, creators, and other users. (1/4)

Would be it fun if indie web blogs have section of every post that is basically nonsense as AI poison contents? #AI #indieweb

An alternative to complex and privacy invasive Google Analytics. With key 3 metrics: unique visitors, pages visited most, and where visitors came from.

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I’m very busy and far from home this week (more on that later), but I have finally finished to convert my personal website from good old PHP to @astro ! Which means that it’s sitting on a better server and will be way easier to update going forward (no more drag and drop in Filezilla :c_hap: ).

If you haven’t yet I invite you to have a look!

Some highlights are my Art Gallery, the Grand Book of Quotes, and if you enjoyed the website you can leave a message on the Whiteboard :)


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Should I remove this blog from Google Search? · To delist it, or not to delist it, that is the question https://ilo.im/15zaxe

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It's interesting to see how divided people are about comments section in a blog. Any wants to reply of why you're for or against it, feel free.

It's so I know what to include or not for my blog.
#IndieWeb #Blogging


Migrated from Discord to using a local install of https://thelounge.chat, we’ll see how that goes. Still in the same #PHP and #IndieWeb channels, just on the other side of the bridge now.

Feature request: IndieWebify should support h-feed validation

website updating today!
i'm trying out a new design with a new sidebar on the right, and making the sidebars be floating panels. i'm using the right sidebar to display additional info like tags and table of contents.
i'm still figuring it out but all in all pretty swag!
also odonata!!

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My initial release of a slashdot /games page.



Little mobile accessibility note; by just adding 1 line of html for the viewport tag you can already make your site much more accessible and readable!

This makes the text on the screen scale with the device's screen size which enlarges it, making the websites text larger. This gets your site on mobile from "wow tiny text" to "eyy, can read this" :blobfoxcofe:

#webdev #webaccessibility #indieweb

Hey #Indieweb I know about /uses and /now but is there a slash page for games I’d recommend? /plays or /games?



・Why you should have a website | rscottjones











Why you should have a website




i finally got around to adding my garden plants catalogued and photographed for the gardening section in my hall of favorites:


i've really grown to love gardening, so i love being able to share this aspect of my hobbies with you!

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Here's why Puss in Boots is my hero: he made something from nothing, and so can we.

This article was part of the June 2024 IndieWeb Carnival: DIY - Something from (almost) nothing, hosted by Andrei. There's a great roundup of the submissions.

Why not take part in the Carnival? July's theme is Tools https://writingslowly.com/2024/06/29/something-from-nothing.html

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I'm using an Slack Theme on Hugo and added alt-text through a markdown file. I noticed that it generated an

tag below the image as well as applied alt-text to the image.

Would this be alright for screen-readers or would it be annoying for them?
#WebAccessibility #IndieWeb

Hi #fediverse, #indieweb, #amateur #webdev s and all those who own their #website !

Decided that I would allow inspection of the source code of all my website's pages!

Not the html source everyone can already view. But the original, "native", source code. The one I write. Before the static-site compilation/building stage.

Would love to know what you think about it.