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Working from the couch today under a very sleepy @indiewebcat

Rendering Micropub Client Data on Posts

Sharing more information about Micropub clients that have created a post, if possible.
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Meetable: Updates for Virtual Events

Week Notes 20#19

A garden with a water feature

ngl I do not understand why Twitter and Facebook have two different “markup” systems that give the same jist of info. like is it solely business - it can’t be a markup thing

microformats or json-ld would do the same (though json-ld requires depublication of content)

This weekend might be the one of cranking out the service. Resolving the links is very important. After that, I’ll want to do some sort of ranking to see how viable each link is and might hold that info for like an hour. From there, I can then send and queue up Webmentions! I think I might go even further with a stretch goal with allowing pass through endpoints so you can use this service as a relay! Get all of the benefits with minimal migration efforts!

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#100days 8 - Set up the new feeds plugin on my site so I've got rss, atom, json feed, jf2 and microformats json feeds for my content.

It could probably do with some more filtering, like options for post types to show up in the main feed and add feeds for individual types and categories.

Going to go (early!) live around nowish continuing work on my hosted Webmention service! Pull up to https://jacky.wtf/twitch around then (and turn on notifications)!

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And I’m live! Taking a different path today, going to work on making a IndieWeb-centric Webmention service that should be plug-n-play for other people to use (long-term goal is to have my site use it!)

Join me at https://jacky.wtf/twitch!

Ten years ago the death of Blogger FTP two days before inspired introducing “the indie web” as a definite noun phrase:
> Blogger turned off FTP May 1st [2010] Who/what will step up for the indie web?
http://tantek.com/2010/123/t2/blogger-turned-off-ftp-what-indie-web-diso (https://twitter.com/t/status/13329370781)

“The indie web” was a name given to the collective us that used and still uses our domains for our actively independent web presence, a practice Blogger FTP helped enable for many years, for many people. Our sites worked (were at least viewable) without requiring (truly independent of) another web site or service being actively up & running.

Blogger FTP was a nice-to-have, even if/when it was down, your site and permalinks were still browsable, and you could still manually FTP and edit your site, your blog, on whatever generic web hosting service you were using. You could migrate your blog by FTPing your static storage files from one web host to another. Without any database export/import/(re)configuration.

Subsequently of course https://indiewebcamp.com/ was founded, eventually (and currently) https://indieweb.org/, recognizing a pre-existing practice by naming it and giving it a community focus. A community to discover & find each other, to actively collaborate, building on each other’s ideas & building blocks, evolving our sites, innovating the practical peer-to-peer web with a plurality of approaches, designs, interoperable implementations, and sustainable solutions.

Creating a 'Firehose' Feed

Splitting out my content feeds, so it's (hopefully) more applicable and less noisy for consumers.
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my cat is constantly obnoxiously meowing at night trying to annoy people, I don’t know how to stop it, it wakes up the whole house, plz send help #cats #catsofindieweb

Week Notes 20#18

Building a Day Log Habit

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Liked Displaying Webmentions on TiddlyWiki (BoffoSocko)
I've got a few mental models about how one might implement showing Webmentions in TiddlyWiki, but it may take some more thinking to figure out which way may be the best or most efficient.