Autogenerating Postman Collections for IndieAuth Servers

Creating Postman collections programmatically for a user's IndieAuth server.
#postman #ruby #indieauth #indieauth-postman

I have updated my human and machine readable OPML blog roll with the latest export from my feed reader of the feeds I’m subscribed to. (Here’s a description of how you can create one too)

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Checking out all of the people who’ve publicly joined the online chat community for the IndieWeb at Looking for some slight inspo. Down to see other sites. Big requirement is mobile-first design tbh.

Reminder that it's #HomebrewWebsiteClub Nottingham tomorrow! I hope to see you there at 1730 for some website stuff!

I really love posting straight from iA Writer now that micropub is fixed in Known. It's beautifully simple.
#indieweb #microformats

Week Notes 21#04

Micropublish now supports the proposed Micropub extension for Channels. If your server’s endpoint responds to ?q=channel, or your config has a channel property, you can use the new field.

While my current site doesn’t use channels, I’ve designed page management in my new, work-in-progress server to use the new proposal.

#micropublish #micropub

Implementing the Refresh Token Grant in my IndieAuth Server

Announcing support for long-lived refresh tokens as part of my IndieAuth server. #indieauth #oauth2

Well it looks like I've now got refresh tokens working nicely on my #IndieAuth server - expect a write up tomorrow! #indieauth
@TYLTK Mine's back up, and from what I see in the Known chat, you should be back too. Details about the issue here:

Projekt 26

@Cambridgeport90 You need to tweak the theme so that Jetpack isn't included in the div with e-content.
You can use to test. Bridgy also has a preview option at

Week Notes 21#03

Some Thoughts on Commenting

fluffy rambles: webmention.js 0.4.0

The new set-up is working, after moving manually.


As the M1 Macs don’t support more than one screen, have just 2 USB-C ports, and my regular set-up consists of two additional screens, I had to make some adaptations. I added a StarTech USB-C Dual HDMI Monitor Docking station (not visible in the image, as it is at the foot of the left lamp, hidden from sight by the laptop), that also has 3 USB-A, one USB-C, a Gb Ethernet and audio port. That connects to one of the USB-C ports on the Mac. Currently I’ve attached the two screens, my USB keyboard and the 4TB external HDD I’m using to move from my old laptop to the new one.

The docking station is DisplayLink compatible, and combined with installing the DisplayLink manager on my laptop makes the two external screens work. At first one screen went dark for a second every few seconds. DisplayLink suggested this may have something to do with cable quality. Sure enough when I switched the two screens’ cables the other one had the problem. So I tried another cable I had lying around, and then it worked.

My Wacom Intuos pen tablet needed a new driver installed, found in the download section of Wacom’s site. There should be a next version, better suited to the new Macs, available early February, but this one works too. The Wacom is connected to the other USB-C port on the Mac through an adapter that splits that USB-C port into a USB-A, HDMI and USB-C port, the latter one used for the power supply.

I also migrated my 113 Alfred snippets, so my keyboards shortcuts all work again in the way my fingers’ muscle memory knows them.

I’m now ready to fully work from the new laptop, as the most important things are done. Next comes a number of weeks of re-adding tweaks, migrating archive-stuff (old e-mail, images, books, music etc.), and things like my locally run webserver and its related databases and html files.

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I'm going!

IndieWeb-friendly personal sites can work together to provide all kinds of social features to the web. Likes, replies, bookmarks, GIF responses, reaction videos, and way more!

But should our sites do this? Recreating the dopamine-hit, engagement-maximizing, abuse-inviting patterns of the social silos is likely not the answer.

How can we make the web social while protecting one another?

Let’s start a conversation and find out in this IndieWebCamp Popup!

Stumbling – Lucy Bellwood

Our footpaths converged around the same 5-10 platforms, each with its own particular manner of communication. I have learned, unintentionally, to code switch every time I craft a new post. It’s exhausting, trying to keep track of all those unspoken rules shaped by years of use.

But I don’t have rules like that on my blog. I turned off stats. There are no comments. No likes.

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