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But most importantly, always write your most important thoughts on your own site. You can share the link on as many platforms as you like and have conversations with anyone who wants to connect with you and your work. But nobody can take it from you. You are in control. Forever.

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Thinking about leaving Twitter

This is how I feel when I open up my feed reader—it feels like the opposite of opening Twitter:

The web remains a sea of interconnected ideas, across a kaleidoscope of forms and sources. Spending most of my time on just a handful of billion dollar sites squanders the possibilities and runs contrary to my values. There’s so much to be said for diversifying inputs, but there are only so many hours. It makes sense to economize.

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#TwitterMigration, first time?

Have posted notes at since 2010, syndicated tweets & an #AtomFeed.

Added one .htaccess line, thanks to #BridgyFed, if you use #Mastodon, you can follow my #IndieWeb site:

Which demonstrates both the redundancy & awkwardness (it’s not a clickable URL) of such @-@ (AT-AT) usernames.

Like why make me type or show “” twice like that?

Why can’t Mastodon follow a username of “”? Or just “”?
And either way expanding it internally if need be to the AT-AT syntax.

Why this regression from what we had with classic feed readers where a domain was enough to discover & follow a feed?

Also, why does following show a blank result?

Contrast that with classic feed readers which immediately show you the most recent items in a feed you subscribed to.

Lastly (for now), I asked around and no one knew of a simple public way to “preview” or “validate” that actually “worked”. You have to be *logged-in* to a Mastodon instance and search for a username to check to see if it works.

Contrast that with which you can use without any log-in to validate that your classic feed file works.

Why these regressions from the days of feed readers?
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I have no reason to leave twitter because my twitter is already just a shadow copy of my website, but if you want to find me elsewhere, you can follow me from Mastodon and and others:

Get Blogging!

Your easy guide to starting a new blog.

A blog is an easy way to get started writing on the web. Your voice is important: it deserves its own site. The more people add their unique perspectives to the web, the more valuable it becomes.

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I broke the rules. - Manuel Matuzović

A reminder that silos like Twitter can suspend your account without warning for no reason.

Having your own website is good.

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The end of Twitter

My bookmarks process

Micropub for Bridgy Publish

It seems that with the recent improvements to ActivityPub support one can use as a Fediverse instance, Micropub client and Feed reader. How cool is that?! It’s certainly the most convenient “IndieWeb timeline” on mobile.

Continuing to fine-tune our Mastodon integration, but should be running more smoothly. My biggest fear with all the pieces — feeds, ActivityPub, Webmention, cross-posting from M.b to Mastodon to wherever! — is that I will create a posting infinite loop and destroy everything.

Acquiring random bits of knowledge and experience allows one to comprehend concepts one would be unable to ordinarily comprehend and utilize due to lack of perceived usefulness.

For example, actor frameworks in asynchronous systems. I thought that actors were extraneous entities that aren’t relevant to the problem space; and yet this concept has a use!

By segregating responsibilities of the app and allowing actors to communicate in strictly predefined messages, one can improve the separation of the application modules and ease refactoring.

Maybe I should try using this in a project to feel out the concept. Actually, I do have a pet project: I always wanted to write my own Microsub server...


Big improvements to ActivityPub on

Reading, watching, playing, using: September, 2022

My internet eras


I believe strongly in the indieweb principles of distributed ownership, control, and independence. For me, the important thing is that this is how we get to a diverse web. A web where everyone can define not just what they write but how they present is by definition far more expressive, diverse, and interesting than one where most online content and identities must be squished into templates created by a handful of companies based on their financial needs. In other words, the open web is far superior to a medium controlled by corporations in order to sell ads. The former encourages expression; the latter encourages consumerist conformity.

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Since Kittybox (or more precisely, its IndieAuth library) doesn’t support omitting PKCE, I found myself unable to log into some apps like Together. Kinda sad, but that’s the price of being on the bleeding edge of the spec, with almost no support for legacy clients.

Had to add authorization_endpoint and token_endpoint links into the header though, because it might be that I am pretty much the only one to use the newest spec and properly implement it. For now.

Next step could probably be actually making webmentions work...

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if u see this i have implemented indieauth and can now do stuff



Meridian finds places based on a user’s latitude and longitude - and is open source and distributed. Useful for all kinds of purposes, not least indieweb checkin apps. #Indieweb