Time to #BuildInPublic: #Indieweb -izing my web presence.

✅I've had johnbeales.com forever.
✅Fresh new Mastodon account.
🔲 Set up rel="me" so my Mastodon link gives me a green check.
🔲Make sure my h-card is set up right.

End goal: own my microblogging, mostly on my own site, while still participating in the fediverse, and not overwhelming longer-form blog posts.

A web-based science fiction literary journal

I’ve created a Mastodon RSS feed for my blog for POSSEing. It’ll change the toot depending on whether I’m publishing a post, note or link, add an optional comment and even add properly-formatted tags. I should write something on this…

🏷 #indieweb #jekyll #mastodon #posse #rss

You should probably not add “No Title” to your titleless “IndieWeb” notes. Even if your site’s front end doesn’t show these “titles,” your RSS feed still might. Which would cause feed readers to display these notes as “articles,” i.e., _with_ a title (equal to “No Title”).



I am really loving how webmentions are working on my website 😍

#IndieWeb #Websites

It's 2023: Students Hate Movies


I really didn't think I'd ever be doing this. Open to any and all feedback!

#technology #education #teaching #edtech #blog #indieweb #hugo #film #movie #youtube #tiktok

Eleventy 2.0 first beta is out! Consider giving it a try: https://www.11ty.dev/blog/eleventy-v2-beta/ #webdev #webperf #indieweb #web1

When you setup your site with Bridgy Fed^1, it creates a dashboard with a form for others to follow you site. E.g. mine: https://fed.brid.gy/user/tantek.com

Copying that Follow form to your site sets up cross-instance following directly from your #IndieWeb site!

Starting with the Follow form markup on the dashboard, copy it and make any necessary changes for its HTML & CSS to fit in with your own, e.g.

<form method="post" action="https://fed.brid.gy/remote-follow">
 <label for="follow-address">🐘 Follow
  <kbd>@tantek.com@tantek.com</kbd>:<br />
  enter your @-@ fediverse address:</label>
 <input id="follow-address" name="address" type="text" required="required"
        placeholder="@you@instance.social" alt="fediverse address" value="" />
 <input name="domain" type="hidden" value="tantek.com" />
 <button type="submit">Follow</button>

After adding the Follow form to my site, I added more instructions and screenshots to the IndieWeb wiki to hopefuly enable more developers to setup Follow buttons:
* https://indieweb.org/Bridgy_Fed#How_to_add_a_follow_form

See that section for a sample rendering of the form, and what happens when someone else clicks the Follow button on your site while they’re logged into a Mastodon instance.

They get prompted to FOLLOW you, and when they click that button, they get a follow confirmation.

A functioning cross-instance “Follow” button is one step closer to a universal cross-site “Follow button”.

This is day 19 of #100DaysOfIndieWeb #100Days, written the night after.

← Day 18: https://tantek.com/2023/019/t5/reply-domain-above-address-and-silo
→ 🔮

^1 https://tantek.com/2023/008/t7/bridgy-indieweb-posse-backfeed
#IndieWeb #100DaysOfIndieWeb #100Days
@elizabethtai.com (@liztai@hachyderm.io) Thanks! It took us a while to come up with #POSSE too! Both the concept and name.

Roughly conceptually described in a 2010-05-26 interview^1:

 1. Publish on your own site, own your URLs, your permalinks, and
 2. Syndicate out to other sites. Your text updates to Twitter, your checkins to Foursquare, your photos to Flickr etc.

A few months later in a whiteboard architecture diagram^2.

Then *two years* after that @willnorris.com (@will@willnorris.com) and I finally came up with the name/acronym POSSE!^3

^1 https://web.archive.org/web/20130312135439/http://www.monkinetic.com/2010/05/26/tantek-celik-diso-20-brass-tacks
^2 https://www.flickr.com/photos/tantek/5301870765/
^3 http://tantek.com/2012/173/t1/posse-core-indieweb-approach

Current social media position: Hoping Twitter doesn’t cut off NetNewsWire’s API access before most people move to Mastodon and NetNewsWire implements Mastodon integration in the meantime. While POSSEing anyway. C’est compliqué. #indieweb #netnewswire #rss #posse

Mastodon Autopost Test

Hello? Is this thing on? Can you hear me Fediverse?



2023 event planning, new community members, and free image banners. It’s your < 10min update on the #IndieWeb community!

This Week in the IndieWeb audio edition for January 14th - 20th, 2023. https://martymcgui.re/2023/01/20/this-week-in-the-indieweb-audio-edition--january-14th---20th-2023/

This Week in the IndieWeb Audio Edition • January 14th - 20th, 2023

#podcast #IndieWeb #this-week-indieweb-podcast

@tmichellemoore Oh I see! Man, 100 days is a lot 😅 But interestingly after starting a linkblog using #Indieweb principles, I'm actually posting at that pace. Hmm!

I think sites like #Wix #Squarespace may not be suitable for #IndieWeb folks.

You may own your content, but it'll be really hard to migrate out from these services.

For wordpress.com, all I have to do is download the XML and import it into a #wordpress .org host provider. There's even a program where you can convert XML into markdown files.
There are very few options for web builders, & I think that's intentional. 2/2

Currently moving from #Squarespace to wordpess.com. Instead of using importing my content via XML, I'm copy and pasting.

I know I know! It's a long story, but the Squarespace XML file introduced so much of weird code blocks & doubled all my images. To get a clean export I would have to remove them from the posts one by one. It would be far quicker to copy & paste. This is the last time I use a service that uses a proprietary web builder :blobfoxangry: 1/2

#Website #IndieWeb #Websites

Today, I am continuing reading the Articles on the Webmention page. I am a little tired this evening so I might not get far. This is under the task to:

* Learn About Webmentions a Little More Deeply.

Day 13 of 100 #100DaysofIndieWeb, #IndieWeb, #ProjectJournal, #WordPress (https://tmichellemoore.com/?p=152164)

It's an obvious one but I'm certainly getting some pleasure out of using Webmentions as a way of updating posts or other artefacts when I forget to do some thing obvious such as add a link for something - I've always hated update in place. #indieweb #webmention