Prueba a comer lo que cocinas en tu propia web (usa lo que haces)

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If I want a static HTML site to show up as a followable #ActivityPub actor, what would I have to do to make it happen? 🤔 I seem to remember having seen someone pull off something like that a little while ago. #WebDev #IndieWeb

Today, I diverged just a little bit to test my Micropub implementation using Micropub.Rocks. According to the site it will “** _Micropub Rocks!_** is a validator to help you test your Micropub implementation. Several kinds of tests are available on the site.”

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## Project Journal: IndieWeb Webmentions: Planning – Learning Day 6 (

One of our #IndieWeb principles is Use What You Make^1. We use the metaphor Eat What You Cook^2 to more broadly relate to creators^3 of all kinds, the chefs & cooks of the IndieWeb.

Cooks often taste their dishes while cooking, and modify them accordingly. Some even prepare entire dishes or meals to try themselves first, before preparing them for others.

On the IndieWeb, some of us do the same by first testing our own code changes in production^4 on our personal sites, before publishing them more widely. Sometimes we let our changes simmer on our own sites for a while, before serving our code for others to consume.

I myself have been most recently testing in production my at-mention auto-linking updates^5 on my site for over a week now. They seem to be working well, and I haven’t noticed any errors or regressions, so I’ll likely roll at least some of those changes into the CASSIS GitHub repo soon.

While testing in production may be a reasonable & good practice for personal sites, it’s often a bad idea for corporate or critical web sites or services, and there’s no shortage of such examples.

I have been wanting to write about our IndieWeb “test in production” practices for a while, and finally created a separate page on the IndieWeb wiki accordingly^4, organizing content from other pages, and adding examples beyond the IndieWeb as well.

Do you write code for your website that you test there in production before sharing it more broadly on GitHub etc.? Add yourself to the examples section^6

Thanks to Chris Aldrich ( for the eating what you cook banner image.

This is day 20 of #100DaysOfIndieWeb #100Days, written two days after. I have some double days ahead of me.

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^2, much more palatable than prior "selfdogfood" or "dogfood" metaphors from other open source related communities.
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So I'm participating in #100DaysOfIndieWeb #100Days where I post 1 post a day in the #Indieweb way*.

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*I mean I think that's what the challenge is all about but lemme know if I'm wrong

@rynltylr @pluralistic I enjoyed the heck out of this article. But it does make me wonder if people are going to forget, and go back into the ecosystem, or will the #indieweb grow after the Twitter saga? Having free things, and convenience is such a pull.

The language that grew up with me

You know those kid’s bikes that you can upgrade from a balance bike to a something that will take your child to elementary school? CSS did something like that for me.

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How I manage posting #indieweb likes from various devices and platforms to my website.

Just wanted to give a shoutout to Bring Back Blogging & Ash Huang, as it's been my main source of motivation to start my blog. 1 more to go! ✊

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@jnwlrvn Naast het ‘fediversum’ (dat tegenwoordig vooral op ‘ActivityPub’ draait en waarvan Mastodon deel uitmaakt) bestaat er ook zoiets als de #indieweb-beweging. (Er is overigens flink wat overlap tussen beide, al gaat het ‘IndieWeb’ toch vooral over ‘eigenaarschap’ en [dus] het hebben van een eigen website [waar vervolgens heel wat ‘sociale features’ aan kúnnen worden toegevoegd], daar waar het fediversum vooralsnog [vooral] om ‘apps’ lijkt te gaan.)

Today, I had to move on but I will continue reading the Articles on the Webmention page. I read the Webmention-Developer page on the website. This page discussed the protocol summary, how to send, receive, and test. It provided links to libraries. But most importantly referred us to the Testing tool. I successfully tested all except… Read more >> Day 14 of 100 #100DaysofIndieWeb, #IndieWeb, #ProjectJournal, #WordPress

testing 22:03:45


Post Own Site Using Mastodon.

I just made that up.

Describes [my] practice of writing things as Mastodon posts first.


Either copying & pasting,

or RSS-ing

What you, okay I,

Wrote in those Mastodon toots/posts onto one's self-hosted website or blog.




Sometimes people created tweet-threads as public drafts of potential blog posts.

Replies to tweets in the thread might end up in one's blog post on their own site.

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We align ourselves with the #POSSE (Publish -on your- Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) philosophy that is based on. that the contents must first be hosted on your own website, and then publish copies or share links with third parties. For this reason, from now on the videopoccast HECHO CON BLOQUES (MADE WITH BLOCKS), which had been released as a newsletter here on LinkedIn, will be published for the first time on my blog.

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Nos alineamos con la filosofía #POSSE (Publish -on your- Own Site, Syndicate Elsewhere) que se basa en. que los contenidos deben alojarse primero en tu propio sitio web, y luego publicar copias o compartir enlaces con terceros. Por eso, desde ahora el videopoccast HECHO CON BLOQUES, que se venía estrenando como newsletter aquí en LinkedIn, se publicará en primicia en mi blog.

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En el afán de independizar mi presencia en Internet, este año decidí retomar mi blog y configurarlo siguiendo el ejemplo de la comunidad #IndieWeb [1].

Acabo de usar por primera vez #IndieAuth [2] para iniciar sesión, y la sesión fue autenticada usando mi propio sitio web 🤩


Whoo-hoo! Fixed my Jekyll error and got my personal website updated for that sweet, sweet validated profile bling.

(Also removed the 'Share to Twitter' links and updated the disclosures.)

Turns out, if you just start deleting random folders you don't recognize, you too can make progress! (Something was amiss with my .jekyll-cache, but is all better now).

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