WordPress blogs can now be followed in the fediverse, including Mastodon

Hmm this could be a potentially useful guide for brid.gy. Whatever it is, maybe I need to flex my #TechnicalWriting skills by writing a dumb-as-a-rock guide for wordpress.com users, because that's what they need. I find tonnes of guides for static websites and WP.org, but not many for wp.com. The users for the latter are really not coders, so a guide would be very important.

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Seriously, #Indieweb, is there a simple how-to page for brid.gy? It shouldn't be so hard to find 😅


#ActivityPub est maintenant activé sur mon site https://laculturedelecran.com, vous pouvez le suivre sur posts@laculturedelecran.com ! (Bon on a rien posté depuis des lustres, mais on va relancer tout ça prochainement)
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Well, the very lovely dev of https://boredreading.com/ emailed asking for people to promote it. It's fun, it looks great, and works well, so consider this a promotion - if you want to read some interesting stuff, give it a go

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This starts an experiment publishing my own code snips. Migrating off GitHub is daunting, but this is an easy step.

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I got the itch to fiddle around with another #jekyll theme for my personal website. There goes the next three days of productivity.


This Saturday on my independent #IndieWeb streaming channel: Watch Manos: The Hands of Fate and One Step Beyond on Movie Night #47 starting at 5:30pm Pacific. https://retrostrange.com/2023/watch-manos-the-hands-of-fate-and-one-step-beyond-on-movie-night-47/

General Articles: The average Mastodon user age

"big data at indieweb". Isn't that an oxymoron?


An update on Sup, the ActivityPub API

Literally me in a date: proceeds to explain E2EE and Metadata privacy
More me: rant about privacy and big tech escaping difficulties
. #firefox #indieweb @signalapp https://jj.isgeek.net/2023/09/14-015933/

The Micropub spec is fascinating. I might build a server in Go to try it out. Are there any good micropub clients? #IndieWeb

Has anyone successfully modified the Grav CMS inbuilt blogging plugin to post to an API upon saving of a post? I'm about to begin building the POSSE feature for blog posts on my indieweb-site.
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#POSSE https://www.dfoley.ie/notes/id:c001b95a4cf4553a332b9bbaa243b6bc

4th iteration!!! I tore up the last one because I thought it looked ugly, and then I realized: "Wait, doesn't my current homepage look just fine with a lot of space?"

Simplicity was the key after all! Trying too hard to cram stuff onto the page made everything looked cluttered and haphazard. This appearance is minimalist and manageable, while still being pretty, and retaining the original "business card" idea.

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“Utilities for interpreting mf2 data.”

Ugh how did I miss this package when implementing webmentions. This looks like it could replace large swaths of my code.


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Help me get this proposal the love it deserves! https://github.com/whatwg/html/issues/8693

You can read the motivation behind it in my blog post https://www.yieldcode.blog/post/the-need-for-a-more-semantic-web/

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Finally, there’s also distributed tech for authorisation called #ucan which could plug the gap of addresses on IPFS (“CIDs”) being hard for humans to remember.

With #ucan, your DNS provider could delegate auth’z to update the DNS pointer from your old “latest site” to your new one.

I’ve covered a lot, briefly, badly—please ask questions if any of this is interesting! I love the potential of #IndieWeb and the distributed web, but I agree with you that it’s only accessible to tech folk today!

@thelonelyghost @rebeccafinn Are you folks familiar with mmm.page? I’m really excited about where it’s going in exactly this direction — very easy to make and FUN sites (early days yet, but vision here: https://paper.mmm.dev )

Then with https://micro.blog, nicely #IndieWeb supporting personal space online, and https://Neocities.org, I feel like we already have multiple routes down the don’t _need_ HTML skill path!