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after much configuration and long build times, I have managed to upload the 130+ albums from my :bandcamp: Bandcamp page to Faircamp, the amazing site generator by @freebliss for music catalogs by artists and/or labels.

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Found an interesting plugin for Obsidian called Webpage Export Really interesting for building simple static websites. You'd build you things in Obsidian as usual, click export et viola you have static html to upload wherever you want. I'm still considering where it will fit in my online life. I may rip and replace everything or just add on as a digital garden. #indieweb #obsidian

@writingslowly wrote a brilliant entry for #IndieWeb Carnival, discussing how our notes and the tooling we use to write them, acts as a creative environment. The aesthetics of our writing experience can affect our creativity!

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Question for my #indieweb pals - are there times where you just want to start over? Like I keep itching to just clear the slate with my site and begin again but then I really don't want to.

Maybe it's just an itch to start a new site or project. But I'm not even sure if I want to do that!


I'd like to create a /Listening page on my blog, and embed a "now playing" widget, as well as a listening history. 🤔


Happy to see my little site's reached 10k unique visitos in the last 30 days on a Monday morning.

It probably includes tons of bot traffic, but it's nice anyway.

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What about using #Usenet 1 again? With small servers like leafnode 2 we can make it work as an #IndieWeb .

The IndieWeb’s next stage? – Tracy Durnell on making a more inclusive alternative to corporate silos with fewer technical hurdles.


Stract is coming along really well!

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J0. I’m looking for Web 1.0 (pre-blog era) personal sites. Things like or

I don’t care if they are updated this century.

I’d appreciate any links or leads :-)

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New blog post.

「 I have to admit to toying with the idea behind the site more than with the site itself. But wasn’t it always the point? This site is trying to sell me; I don’t write articles about what would interest a headhunter. It’s place I love to tinker with. It’s fun, because computers should be fun! 」

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My contribution for this month’s #IndieWeb Carnival theme, Creative Environments, hosted by @hamatti

For #IndieWeb Carnival, @birming wrote about how his situation with creative environments has changed over time and how important it is to feed the creativity by being active and curious.

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